Friday, July 24, 2020

Another #Sweepstakes Win

Another win.  This one is from Quacker products.  I was one of many winners so not sure what all.  Here is the blurb.   

I am one of 500 winners in the Quaker Chewy Camp Chewy Sweepstakes.
$250.00 multi-merchant gift card, select Quaker Chewy products of Sponsor’s choice , and Quaker Chewy “Camp Chewy” items, which shall include the following:Camp Chewy Sign, Two Camp Chewy Logo Patches, Camp Chewy Snack Sack/Fanny Pack, Camp Chewy Mini Lantern, Tie Dye Kit Inflatable Bowling Set, Stomp Rocket, Portable Bags Set 

If anyone is a Packers fan let me know.  I have an easy contest from the Greenbay Packers.

I'm back on mornings again and I really love it.  My blood sugar was just right the other morning and I did a half dozen chores I'd been needing to do.  I understand now what they mean when they say that sense of accomplishment when you get up early and get to it.

Its been pretty muggy and uncomfortable here but at least that heatwave broke.  I can't imagine what my utility bill will be this month and next.

Tropical Storm cautions are out as a slight possibility.  I need to start stacking up on my bottled water and other supplies.  My grocery already runs out of bottled water at times so add storm preparations to the mix and it will be impossible to find bottled water. 

I've spent a lot of time doing contests because the TV has been so pitiful.  My sister, BIL and her daughter came over Sunday and bought me so plants and lunch.  I really didn't want them to come but I guessed she needed an excuse to get out so I went along.  I kept my mask on.

Speaking of Masks, I saw a City Bus drive by, and on the digital signboard above the windshield it flashed back and forth between the name of the route and "masks are required."  I think it is already a state or city ordinance but I thought it was interesting to see.

Another mask story, I saw a City Garbage Truck, the kind with the long arms that reach out and dump the garbage in the back, and supposedly no personal interaction is needed between the driver, the garbage cans, and their owners.  The driver, the sole occupant, was wearing a mask.  I guess it is part of the City health ordinances.

I don't wear mine in the car because no one is with me.  I have it on walking to the car and then I take it off until I get ready to exit the car.  Do you wear your mask in the car?

I guess you have heard the bruhaha that the school Barron Trump goes to will not be open for face to face for the coming school year.  What does that say about the Prez trying to force schools to open everywhere else.  I'm sure he will say something about it being a private school over which he does not have control.   I guess this case that what is good for the goose is Not good for the gander.

I shouldn't spread this but I will.  If you ever go on Twitter, check out #IfMomsRan2020.  I haven't read all the posts but there were some cute ones and some whose opinions I agree with.  Thank goodness I'm not a Mom of small children now.  My heart breaks for all they go through.

You've heard Texas is still one of the hotspots.  I'm so thankful to say I do not know anyone who has been hospitalized or died from COVID.

I liked Princess Beatrice's wedding dress.  I'm a little plain so it might just be my type of dress, plus I like that it was her Grandmother's dress.

More later ....


  1. Glad you found a way to entertain yourself. You're so right about TV not having anything to offer. I went from being a TV junkie in the pre-pandemic days, having it on from the minute I got up to the minute I went to be to now, just seeing about 3 hours a day.

  2. We ditched cable tv a couple years ago and bought the least expensive Apple TV box. We subscribe only to Netflix and Brit box and have nice things to watch there and on pbs. We also just bought the Disney subscription for one month so we could watch Hamilton this weekend. Original cast! We’re so excited to be able to do it as we could never afford the real performance. This way it was, i think, $6.99 for the two of us.
    We’re a hot spot, too, 3rd in the world for Covid cases per capital. We don’t go anywhere indoors and pick up our groceries and prescriptions in the Wal-Nuts parking lot. Take our masks off in the car as there is only the two of us.
    Have a good day.

  3. Yeah, it's not necessary to wear a mask if you're alone in the car. I always take mine off right away once I'm back behind the wheel.

  4. Masks are becoming a thing here too these days. I don’t wear one in the car either.

    I loved the drees Beatrice wore too. It looked better on her somehow. What did you think?

  5. Congrats, you are truly the queen of the contests. Fortunately for me baseball has started up so I now have entertainment every day.
    Hope you don't get too much of that storm. Its that time of year unfortunately. We are usually spared the Gulf storms unless they they hit around Louisiana. Stay safe.

  6. I thought it was wonderful that Beatrice chose to and was able to wear her grandmother's dress. I recently read "The Gown" novel about the making of the queen's wedding dress, so was very happy to see a loving tribute to it by a granddaughter. And I personally would much prefer her pandemic wedding than a big for the books.