Monday, May 30, 2022

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips

Yep.  Righteous Brothers and Top Gun, in case you didn't snap to that right away.  I went to see the new Top Gun movie on Sunday of Memorial Weekend.  It was fitting and appropriate.  I'm neither big on nor dislike Tom Cruise.  I did rewatch Top Gun (I) in preparation for (II).  (I) has withheld the test of time I thought.  The chemistry between Cruise and Kelly McGillis was probably the best on-screen chemistry I have seen Cruise have.  In the new Top Gun Jennifer Connelly is the female interest.  Both are kind of natural looking women and Jennifer looked good.  Somehow her eyebrows were toned down.  Meow but I just had to make that comment.  They have always bothered me. 

I really enjoyed all the flight scenes, which was most of the movie, and to see how the air force has advanced since I haven't really kept up with the armed forces as a whole.  I enjoyed this movie as much as the first.  

One of the interesting parts about going to this movie is that I went with my daughter and her Meet Up Group.  At the urging of her wife, Daughter started her own movie group, and we were joined by three ladies and a man, so 7 in total, and went to a nearby place for lunch afterwards.  It was a very enjoyable experience and it made me realize that I might need to get out more since I am feeling better.  I am looking for other groups I might like.  

Someone parked in the parking space closest to my apartment and hasn't moved all weekend.  It really irritates me.  I like assigned parking spaces.  I guess it's part of the repetitiveness in life I enjoy.  Or maybe I'm getting to the gripey old lady stage. 

I picked up a boogie board (do they still call them that) in anticipation of going in the pool.  There is a lot of action around the pool area - kids in the day and adults at night.  I like that ladies of all sizes show up in their suits.  Makes me feel comfortable in my body too. 

My new patient assistance insulin came in for my pump use.  So thankful to have a doctor that knew about such things.  I have a bunch of novolog insulin (common for both Type 1 and 2, I think).  I would like to share this insulin since I received it for free but don't know how to reach out.  You can't advertise over facebook or free sites, I don't think and I don't know anyone else who needs it.  Any ideas to find someone in need.  This stuff is quite expensive and I hate for it to go to waste. 

More later ... 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Quick Update

 Well, my new job is over.  The Boss tried switching and/or reassigning different responsibilities and I ended up with a job I absolutely didn't want.  Apparently, my displeasure was quite apparent, which I did not mean to show, but I was very nice when asked I told her this was not the job I applied for and not the type of job I wanted.  There was all kind of technical difficulties involved which is a big problem when everything is remote and there is no IT available. So, I am mostly glad.  I will miss the money. I forgot how much fun payday was, but now I don't have to worry about making too much money for the affordable living apartment I am in line for.  

So, on the way home from handing over my keys, I decided to drop my car off at the shop because the air condition I just had fixed wasn't cooling.  I take an Uber home across town for $30.  A little while after I get home, they call and tell me they ran a diagnostic and it was cooling to 64 or some such something.  So, I take another Uber back to the garage.  The young fella wanted to charge me for running a diagnostic, but the owner waived it.  It pays to be a repeat customer.  We discuss how it could be that it didn't cool for me.  Obviously, I do know how to work my own AC. Oh well, about froze me out on the way home so it must have been some kind of error on my part.  (insert: Me shaking my head) 

Then I notice as I am about to get on the freeway that my Empty light in on.  I always keep gas in my car and don't know how this happened either.  I take one of these paid expressways to go downtown and there is no getting off and on, so I'm clinching my shoulders and behind - that's how worried I was about running out of gas.  I make it to the first gas station I see and gas is $4.59 there.  Ouch.  The card reader is out but I have a $20 bill so I buy that much. One-half tank?  What?  I have a small tank too.  Oh well, I didn't run out in the middle of the expressway so I'll take it as a win.  

Man on man, what a day.  I had three of those midget candy bars when I got home! Ha. I'm afraid to go anywhere or do anything.  If I read my horoscope this morning, I am sure it said not to get out of bed today.  Having said that ....

Life is good if you roll with the punches. 

More later. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Mostly Pictures

 I've been so busy and worn out with the new job.  Remember me who couldn't sleep and/or couldn't get up in the mornings.  Well, I've finally got a schedule again. Here is my office set up for my first day. Neat and simple. 

Here is how I pushed everything together and out of the way on Friday. 

 I have borrowed every flat service I could find around my house.  The desk I ordered arrived in a box from Target yesterday.  It is a humongous box.  I tried to bribe one maintenance man to put it together for me, but he wasn't up for it.  My daughter and I will assemble Sunday.  

Of course, Buddy has been working hard too. 

The first thing I did when I got my first paycheck is buy groceries.  With food so expensive I have only bought what I absolutely needed. This week I did a top up.  It may not look like much but for a single person that was a whole lot of items. 

My insulin pump has been doing great with minor issues from it and my Glucose Monitor.  So many little boxes to tick to get everything working together but it is heaven when it does.  I never thought I could feel this good again.  

My little sister is still suffering with her chemo.  It is so hard to believe the suffering until it affects your family. 

My middle sister had a frozen turkey she had to cook so we had an almost Thanksgiving dinner last weekend.  She sent me home with lots of leftovers and so I made Turkey and Sausage soup with 15 beans in the slow cooker.  Remember me who didn't cook - well this is not really cooking, but it threw together so well.  Yum on me. 

I'm going to try to catch up on my blog reading this weekend.  I'm about 3 weeks behind. So, you may get short answers - but then I usually do that anyway. 

Now you are caught up and since I now have a functioning brain with my pump and a good amount of energy, I hope to have some life experiences outside of this apartment to share with you soon. 

More later ...

Monday, May 2, 2022

My Pump, My Job, My Energy

 Yes, sexy picture I know.  I have been a bit busy.  I got my insulin pump about two weeks ago.  AMAZING.  It tells you all kinds of things.  So, the first little while, I was looking at the little computer every time it beeped.  Now I'm used to it and hardly have to check.  It is an amazing product.  The biggest problem I have is not letting the clip come loose from my clothing and dropping the computer to the ground.  I'll tell you more later, just a quick share.  And, my numbers are really good now.  

Other good things.  I got a call from my old apartment manager to confirm that I am still on the list for the new apartments they are building.  The good and the bad: They will not have senior priced apartments but all apartments will be income restricted so I will still qualify.  I took a drive by them again the other day.  I can't say I love their look.  As my friend from the old apartments said, they will be like the housing projects you see on tv or maybe a hotel/motel with straight rows of front doors.  I'm judging it before it is even finished so I really should wait to see before I comment.  The truth is I will get such a good price for the area that I can't complain.  

However, here is the kicker, I also got a new job last week.  The new job will throw me over the income levels but the apartments won't be ready until around the first of the year so I will have to figure out what to do then.  Truth is I can afford to live in those apartments with just my SSA pay check so I'll face that decision when the time comes. 

New job: Well, it is for a single divorce attorney who plans to expand her firm.  The Texas courts are still on Zoom (which I didn't even know) so she is running her office remotely even though she does have an office downtown. The way I understand it is that there are three divisions of the work.  One lady answers all the phone calls and schedules new appointments. Another lady does all the document production. And I will connect everybody's work and all incoming documents to the data management system.  

I will work from home and since I've never done that, can't imagine how much easier it will be with no drive downtown in peak traffic.  

My energy level since wearing the pump has increased so much.  Buddy and I have been walking so much more to burn off my excess energy.   If I can't think of a chore I want to do, we just go for another little walk.  I feel like my old, pre-diabetic self.  It is incredible.  I never thought I would feel that way again.  

More later...