Wednesday, March 25, 2020

So, what's new?

Things are not bad over here.  I have groceries and toilet paper and haven't been to the grocery store since I decided to hunker down, except for the time I made a late-night run for chocolate.  I always knew it would be chocolate that killed me one of these days.

The weather has been very pleasant and my walking numbers are up.  Buddy has been hanging out on the balcony and we are working on "no barking" but I think he is bored too. 

Our meal delivery only lasted four days.  I think their volunteers probably petered out.  I only got one meal out of it because of my insulin timing and it was roasted drumstick and potato with orange slices.  Tasted so nice.  I really appreciated it since I don't cook anymore and can't go out to restaurants now.  I  did hear about two local restaurants that were still serving but I just don't see the sense in risking that - says the woman who went out for chocolate. 

My oldest Grand Girl made me sign on to something called Marco Polo.  It is a chat line.  I usually send her pictures and texts to her phone anyway but this way it records a little video, I think, and you talk or send videos back and forth like a CB (remember those?).  So I've sent pictures of Buddy playing and the fish swimming.  They are not really at the conversation stage or so I thought until Grand Girl said she had a friend waiting to Chat so she would talk to me later.  I am being dragged into the future whether I want to or not.

I don't have any masks and don't have a sewing machine to make one but decided if I do need one I am going to cut up a puppy pad the size of a bandana and wear it.  I mean if nothing leaks through to my floor then it ought to protect me from an airborne virus. 

More later. ....

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Some Pleasant News

The day before yesterday the office sent a notice that the office would be closed and no maintenance except emergencies.  Of course, phone and email options are still available so everything should run smoothly. 

Then yesterday we got a notice that the organization supporting our apartments would be providing lunch for an undetermined time on Monday through Friday from 11 to 12 at one of the large patio areas. 

The area has tables, chairs and couches that were spread out to allow for social distancing.  I arrived at 11:00 and a few neighbors were already there.  Our craft counselor who works for the organization and was organizing the event told us that the food was delayed because they had such a large turn out at all the locations they support. 

I talked to a couple of my neighbors and then decided I would walk Buddy and come back.  When I came back lunch had still not arrived but I had to go home and eat because I had already taken my insulin. 

I know some of the people living here (55+ community) have health problems and some don't have cars. 

For some, this may be the one good meal they have.  I thought this was so kind in this time of unpleasantness. 

PS  I have worn the new shirts I bought.  I look really good watching TV.  Hahaha.

More later....

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Grocery Shopping

My check hit the bank this morning so I logged in to place a pick-up order at Kroger.  For whatever reason, and I can think of a few, they have discontinued drive-up orders, for today anyway.  So, I threw on a dress and ran to the market.  There were a lot of people but not that much more than normal.  There were large baskets in the check out line but then I don't know what size family they have or who they are shopping for. 

I was able to get toilet paper and paper towels but some of the strangest things were out.  I only eat the solid white albacore tuna and there was none, but there was regular tuna so I got what I could get.  I eat a lot of tuna for my protein so the better quality is important.

It went on like that.  I eat specific food over and over to keep my sugar level and to make it easier to keep my cabinet stocked.  Here were some surprises. 

Peanut Butter.  I only eat Jiff Crunchy.  None.  I was that much surprised since that is a Hurricane basic but there were other brands of Creamy available.  I didn't realize Jiff Crunchy was a favorite.

Cereal.  When I eat cereal I usually eat Honey Nut Cheerios.  None on the shelf.  Regular Cheerios and thousands of other brands - shelves were quite full - so I had to go for the knock-off Honey Nuts in a bag.  You know the kind I mean?

Milk.  I don't drink a lot of milk but when I do I drink 2%.  So, there was whole milk and 1% milk so I got the 1% to go with my fake Honey Nuts. 

I got two small bags of dog food but forgot puppy pads.  Duh.  I plan on walking a lot more but they are a necessity.  Always out for emergency needs.  No. 1 item on my next trip.

I bought Boost Glucose Control for sudden drops in sugar.  I usually drink Rich Chocolate which is palatable.  I bought two cartons but ended up with 1 Vanilla.  Yuck.  It may turn out to be ok but I generally don't like Vanilla drinks.  Oh well, time to learn. 

I needed garbage bags.  I usually buy Kroger brand with the pull string which holds up pretty well.  Not today.  I picked up the kind where you tie the flaps.  They may work just fine but I'm frustrated that in my haste to get through the store I ended up buying some of the wrong items. 

I spent more than I have ever spent in my life but I do not feel that I took more than I should.  I have heard that a few stores are having the first hour of the day for seniors only.  I think that is nice but I haven't heard Kroger is doing that.  I did see that the reduced hours are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Very reasonable for working people I think. 

I did talk to a couple of neighbors yesterday.  It seems we have all got cabin fever.  The schools are closed so the traffic is reduced significantly.  I've seen a lot of dog walkers I've never seen before.  I wonder if some of those people are working at home now. 

I looked at paperbacks in the grocery store but I have used the library for so long that I had sticker shock. 

Did you see this meme.  So funny. 

More later.....

Monday, March 16, 2020

Just Checking In

I was offline while the Grand Girls were here so I tried to catch up on my reading of your blogs this morning.  I did very little commenting because I am having a bit of brain fog today.  So please know that is the reason you have not had a response from me. 

I'm broke this month because I had a bit of a spending spree.  I bought several lightweight, sleeveless cotton shirts for our year-long Texas summer weather.  I was excited about wearing my new purchases but it looks like I won't be going anywhere to wear them for a while. 

I also bought myself some curtains for the front windows.  By the way, I have lived in this apartment a year now and renew my lease this month so I guess you could say it is working out well.  As I've told you many times, I love watching the sun come up or set, depending on my sleep schedule, through the trees across the boulevard.  I have vacillated on buying curtains since I moved here. 

Last week I received a coupon from World Market so when I was near I stopped in.  I was not looking for curtains, just for my $10 shopping credit, but saw some I couldn't live without.  So now I have curtains and they make me happy. 

Since I spent all my money on my new purchases, I cannot go out and binge on toilet paper. 

The weather has been lovely here.  I did a little work on my flower pots and have been able to leave the door cracked so Buddy could go on the balcony.  He loves the outside feeling and watching all the walkers but acts a fool.  I decided during this social isolation I would try to teach Buddy not to bark.  This involves me getting up and shaking a finger quite often but at least it will keep my hips well oiled. 

This will not be an easy task as many small dogs, like Buddy, are barkers but you are limited on what you can accomplish during a pandemic.  This may also be a good time to lengthen my walk time if we are not told to stay completely inside at some point.  I simply don't have the mental energy to panic and trust that I have raised my children to be responsible and care for their families.

For me and Buddy, we will try to be diligent.  Insulin has a shelf life and I have to get one of mine at Walmart.  I don't know what will happen if they close the store because their pharmacy does not have a drive-through and I save $100 by buying it there.  My other Insulin will be ready for renewal next week I think so I will have 90 days of that.  It sure would be nice if I could buy my insulin by mail but it has to be refrigerated.  Where is a drone when you need one?

More later ....

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Groceries, Coronavirus, David Duchovny and Spring Break

I placed my first order to be picked up from Kroger this afternoon.  I'm doing this partly to keep myself germ-free and partly because of my cough.  I have allergies almost year-round and am constantly sneezing and coughing.   There is something about recycled air in a store that causes me to cough frequently.  It doesn't seem to matter if it is a thrift store or high-end dress store, I still seem to cough.  I will try to stay at home and spare others the scare.  I would get tested but I have no other cold/flu systems.  Since it is possible I could still get exposed and I don't know what Medicare will end up paying, I'll save my test for when I have the flu symptoms. 

Speaking of, isn't it sad about Tom and Rita Hanks being exposed in Australia, assumably.  Apparently, Rita really had the flu symptoms.  American royalty so I'm sure they will get the best treatment. 

I'm surprised our President hasn't used the Mexicans, et al at the Border to reinforce his plans for the Wall.  Maybe he is doing something secretly we don't know about.  Once a liar, always a liar so who knows. 

I watched Aquarius (the tv show) with David Duchovny on Netflix.  I watched an episode or two when it was on in 2015 but I was not feeling it then.  Since watching Mindhunter and Ted Bundy programs, I guess I am a little more anesthetized.  I read the book Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi, the Manson prosecutor after it came out in 1974.  I have never been a true-crime book reader so I'm not sure why I read it except I guess to understand why but there is no explanation to crazy. 

By the way, Duchovny was Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton, received a Master of Arts in English Lit from Yale and started on his Ph.D. but never finished it.  Who knew?

This tv program was loosely based on real life.  Manson was portrayed in just the way I expected him to look and act.  David Duchovny played a fictitious police officer who ended up investigating the Tate murders.  The show was about the events of the times in all of its ugly glory and ended with the murders at the Tate house but not the arrests and trial.  I have never been particularly attracted to Duchovny.  He is a nice looking man but in this show, he was showing signs of aging in a most attractive way. 

I don't think I ever thought of this while I was dating at that age, but there is a stage where a man's jawline begins to soften a little and the area under his chin is a little looser and dare I say if you are looking up, the face as a whole tends to hang forward a little.  Well, Duchovny was about 55 in real life at the time of filming and darned if this old girl didn't flashback on the past and think - yeah, that was a good stage in man's life. 

And, of course, I loved the clothes and hairstyles of the times.  I loved the focus on politics and politicians as well. 

So watching this two series program was my relaxation, although it did cause me a lot of thinking, during a four-day spring break visit with the Grand Girls.   We did make salt dough ornaments and they had a lovely time.  We made our usual visit to the library on the day before they left so they weren't here long enough to read.  They spent one evening with my daughter and her adopted boy.  The youngest told me that the adopted boy told the Oldest girl he wanted to marry her but she told him no because she was too young (10)!  OMG, I'll have to keep my eyes open. 

Buddy and Youngest watching Video

It's hard to make salt dough without getting flour Somewhere


Or Everywhere

More later .....


Monday, March 2, 2020

Dick Tracy comics

Suz at BusyBeeSuz brought up Gravel Gertie and a funny story about her Grandmother.  I got to thinking about Sunday comics.  Remember when there was a big section, in color, devoted to age-old favorites and newly introduced characters.  I met Charlie Brown, Lil' Abner, and Dick Tracy there. 

I remember a character from Dick Tracy called Sparkle Plenty.  My youngest Grand Girl who is all arms and legs and movement loves pink and purple sparkly things and I often refer to her as Sparkle Plenty.  So, I decided to look up the backstory and found this amazing comic cover. 


Oh my goodness.  I forgot about B.O. Plenty and didn't know that is where I heard of Gravel Gertie until I read Suz post.  I do remember both of their drawings now that I've looked them up.  

Ok, confess.  Those of you with iphone watches - don't you feel like Dick Tracy when you talking on them?  Haha.  I confess everything comes around again.  

More later....