Saturday, October 28, 2023

I just had to tell you

I couldn't wait to tell you.  I just got notified that I won a contest by Rakuten that I entered on X (Twitter).  This is my first win on X.  I was leery about entering on X/Twitter but there you go, not guts, no glory.  I'll just be really careful with their entries.  I think this contest is a winner-takes-all but I'll wait to hear more from them.  

Neat, huh?  

This top picture just popped up in my memories.  I had saved it two years ago to the day.  The second photo below is my daughter's new adoptee she has had about 6 months+.  If you believe in manifestation, you gotta know that is what I asked for and I never saw him before she adopted him.  

Hahaha.  That was the picture of Bowie, who has two different colored eyes, hence the name (David) Bowie, that I had to send my daughter while she was on vacation a couple of months ago when this happened and I guess Bowie got lonesome or bored.  

I went to the endocrinologist and dermatologist both on Thursday.  I had a rash all over my body again but the ones around my glucose pump and glucose monitor worried me the most.  Endo said there were people allergic to certain insulins but she hoped it wasn't that.  Dermatologist said her first guess would be that I was allergic to the tape on both types of equipment but she will do blood tests to see what she can narrow it down to.  She said I will probably need this Xolair drug this is a shot form only for $3,000 a month.  I applied for Patience Financial Assistance.  We'll see. 

More later ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Another Little Win

I am excited to share that I won another contest. It is a SIRUI 3T-R remote control tripod.  It's pretty fancy.  If you are interested, you can see it here too. 

I have been extra busy with my contesting lately.   Receiving a win always makes me extra determined to win that big one - preferrably a new car but cash enough to buy a new car is good too.  And let us not forget the HGTV new house.  I always think big.  Hahaha. 

There is always an increase in contests for the Holidays - I'd like to win a new Christmas tree this year.  There are also more sports activities like the Superbowl in Las Vegas - trying to win one of the many, many contests f.  Alor my Sonso entering New York travel contests for my daughter who loves Broadway. 

I have done well resisting the allure of the Halloween candy everywhere until I found Tootsie Rolls (the larger ones) at Kroger.  Margaret, I hope you're reading this and know I'm thinking about you with each bite I take.  

Margaret, I also found something about selecting whether you accept posts from cell phone during one of my deep dives on the internet.  I think you use your phone to comment so maybe that is why there is trouble on my end.  However, now I can't find it again.  I'll keep trying.

Also had Shirley on the mind when I watched the new The Walking Dead: Darryl Dixon.  I watched TWD for several years and then somehow slid out of the habit.  I saw a contest to win a trip to France to see the places that were filmed in this new series.  That piqued my curiosity and I decided I'd better watch the show so I'd know where I was going when I won the contest. Hahaha. Anyway, I like the storyline and loved all the French locations. 

I read the new Jo Nesbo book, The Night House, which is a stand alone, not a Harry Hole book.  Nesbo, in case you don't know, wrote the book, The Snowman, from which the movie was made.  I thought the movie was pretty close to the book and Michael Fassbinder made a perfect Harry Hole. 

Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian writer, among other things, and like many writers from Scandavanian countries, writes some pretty strange stuff.  So, this is not a suggesion unless you know you like his stuff.  Here is a link from Wikipedia about Nesbo. He is actually pretty interesting.

My Buddy is doing well.  I've had a cluster of kids move into my section of the apartments and they love him,  When we go outside to walk they run to be the first to pet him.  

And you can see he has learned to turn his head when I point my phone at him.  

More later ...