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Just another Baby Boomer - retired legal assistant, Nana, lazy gardener, sporadic reader, voracious Pinner and enthusiastic Blogger. I like to post about the important things in my life: retirement, frugal living, a simple lifestyle, reading, gardening, travel, hobbies, crafts, DIY, keeping well, and keeping my body parts moving, enjoying music from the Woodstock era, products and pricing that meets my needs, my dog Buddy, and, most of all, the Grandkids.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how Matthew McC's political ambition pans out. It's obvious there is way more to him than being a fun loving, former bongo playing movie star but whether or not he can/will "suck up" to the high dollar political supporters remains to be seen. If you haven't already done so check out his book "Green Lights".

    Unfortunately our Lowe's garden center is fully stocked which makes it really hard for me to stick to my resolution to limit how much I spend to replace the plants that didn't survive the recent freeze.