Sunday, December 11, 2022

Looks like a Shorts and Sandals kind of Christmas down here

Hi Again.  I just watched a Hallmark-type Christmas movie called The Noel Diary that was just so darn cute.  I never watch this type of movie, I am a mystery or police procedural kind of girl. Don't really know how this even got turned on but enjoyed watching it. My only  Christmasy movie so far.  Saving both versions of the Bishop's Wife for a special night in.   

Also watched two episodes of Harry and Megan.  In most of the British programs I've watched, there seem to be many mixed-race couples, especially in the soaps.  I didn't realize they had such a race issue over there.  I guess it is because he is a Royal.  

 I feel sorry that there has been so much negative press attacking her.  She seems like a nice person but who in the heck really knows.  I remember her from Suits long before Harry came around.  When you see the clips with the Paps stalking Diana it makes you wonder why they (the Royals) let that harassment go on.  I think it is because the English seem to be big-time readers of what we call the rag sheets.   

I don't like personal attacks. I don't like fake news.   

It's not a problem I can solve but it is one I can be an influencer in my little way and accept all races, religions, and gender choices, and show acceptance of any person's right to choose.  

I'm happy in this new apartment.  Buddy and I are keeping busy with our Buddy walks.  I found a big stick which I use to shepherd him when he wants to stop and bark.  So while we are walking, I started twirling this stick (at least to the extent of my ability) then it dawned on me that the Artist Grand Girl who is turning 13 this month might like twirling.  

I ordered her some batons for her birthday. Pack of four, so she would have extra to play with friends.  She sent me a picture of her trying to twirl. Such a time of change.  She is searching for what she wants to do and who she wants to be.  She is so amazing.  I just love her.  

Now, of course, I have to buy a real baton to keep up with her if she does get really interested.
I haven't been reading or writing much lately.  Hope you all forgive me.  My brain does not seem to be working at full capacity these days.

More later ...