Friday, May 1, 2020

Lost my Blogging Mojo

I confess.  I've lost my blogging mojo.  I'm still reading but about once or twice a week.  I have to say I feel pretty contented with my restricted life.  Most of it consists of walking Buddy, crafts and a little tv.  Sounds like everyone else so I'm not complaining.  Well mostly not.  I do miss my walkabouts.  They were different from my Buddy walks.  Walkabouts were going to stores were I could look and daydream while stretching my legs.  That I do miss.... a lot.

I locked my keys in the car this week.  There was quite a panic on my part.  I was about ready to break either a car window or a house window.  I had a spare car key in the house but I did not have a house key stashed outside.  I've ordered a hide-a-key for the car and I have a stash place on the porch now. 

I also had the unfortunate timing to get locked out of my apartment on a day the office was closed.  They are only open on Tuesday and Thursday except for special requested maintenance.  I called the answering service to see if he might be on the complex but they couldn't find him.  Another reason to panic over the keys I could see lying in the driver's seat.

I was rescued by a young policeman who stopped to mark a broken down car parked out front.  I asked him if he could help but he did not have any equipment.  He said he would see if a wreck was nearby that they would normally lend a hand (at that point I would have been glad to pay).  He ended up finding another police car who came by and did the trick.  The second set of police had two officers.  The second young officer was so nice but the other seemed a little put out.  In fact, he told me it would have cost me $60 for a tow driver to unlock. 

I didn't tell him that I let my AAA expire in January as I had never used it for several years.  Will definitely renew when my check comes in May. 

More later ...