Friday, June 23, 2023



Yep, it's hot down here in Texas.  Is this the second or third week of the Heatwave, I can't remember anymore, however, it is supposed to be around for another week at least.  

I'm sitting in the dark with my A/C set on 80 and a fan blowing directly on me.  Buddy is down to only two walks a day and those are as fast as his bodily voids will allow.  

My prediction is a super duper Hurricane will come out of the Gulf this Hurricane Season because the water is so hot.  I heard they can boil crawfish right off the pier in Louisiana.  

I just finished drinking the bottled water I had squirreled away last Hurricane Season. I could have called it the preparation for this year if I had just waited a month.  LOL.

More later ... 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Catching up

 I know it's been forever since I posted.  Here are a few pictures to catch you up. 

First, Buddy Boy.  

I was doing a massive cleaning the other day.  I had put the dog beds outside to "air out" so Buddy had no bed or blankets to lay on.  Smart guy that he is, he jumped on the towels I had gathered up to wash after the Grand Girls stayed, and made himself a little bed.  

Speaking of Grand Girls, they've come over alone and together a couple of times.  Then last week, after the pool opened, they spent four days.  Since they are both under 16, I had to stay at the pool with them which was better than I hoped it might be.  I brought the new Jo Nesbo novel and settled in under the sunshade. 

My daughter did move into my complex and we're both enjoying it.  I was tasked with feeding her new rescue, Bowie, while she was out of town and there was a little accident.  

I sent her a text with a picture.  She took it well.  Anyone who has a big puppy knows they make big puppy mistakes. 

I've been enjoying my two aquariums.  I have one with guppies only (above) and the other with large Black Skirted Tetras.  I'll get a picture of them for next time. 

Also been doing a little planting and enjoying the sunshine my corner spot provides - until this heat wave.  My electric bill doubled this month.  Not happy about that.  

Now, however, the plants are getting too much heat and I will have to rearrange the area under the stairs to get some more of them into partial shade.  

That's about it, folks.  More later ....