Tuesday, October 25, 2022

I Voted

 Early voting started yesterday, I think, and I made it to the polls around lunchtime.  Since I'm in a new part of town I had a new voting place.  It was a newly remodeled Hotel very near the house and I really appreciate the convenience.  The hotel was glittery, glam, and shining everywhere.  It had a stream for floating around the pool and then a smallish pool inside that.  It would be fun to take the Grand Girls and spend one night next summer.  

As for voting, OMG.  Harris County, Texas had 104 separate contests to vote for.  It took two legal pages to print out your results and then you took it to another scanner to enter the results.  My fingers don't have enough electric charge in them so I often have to push selections more than once.  Luckily I didn't have to push all 104 selections twice. 

We have a hot race here between the current governor Greg Abbott (I'm sure you've heard of some of his hard-nosed tactics) and Beto O'Rourke (the more liberal contender).  I don't think Beto has a chance except if enough people find Abbott too right-wing.  So just like I voted against Trump and not for Hillary, I voted against Abbott and not for Beto.  That is American politics these days for me.  

I also went by the YMCA to find out what senior classes they had and what membership entails.  That dadgum Shirley makes me feel guilty every time I see her exercise pictures.  I know that is what I should be doing but that devil on my shoulders has not gotten with the program.  

They are doing major gussy-up chores around the Apartment Complex.  New shingles, pressure washing bricks, sanding any peeling on staircases.  Things that really should be done to keep the apartment looking good but honestly I did not see a problem until they started the water blasting and then Whoa.  It looks so much better.  

Since they sold the Senior Apartments out from under us, I am nervous when I see being done.  Rent is so expensive here, as I am sure it is everywhere and I really don't want to have to move again because of the price of rent.   The lady above me has lived here 15 years.  I guess that is a pretty good reference.  I intend to stay here for quite a while, "If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise." 

I lost Buddy's sweaters about 2 moves ago so I had to think of something when the cold front blew in.  I purchased a large sweatshirt from the resale store, cut off the arm, snipped here and there ..... and Buddy has a new sweater.  

More later ...  

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

All is Well

I love this picture of Buddy.  The youngest Grand Girl kept trying to put doll clothes on him, much to his chagrin.  

Things are great here at the new apartment.  For all practical purposes, everything is in place.  Still waiting on a couple of wicker baskets I ordered online.  Hope they are the right size.  

Speaking of online ordering, I ordered new heavier drapes for the living room from Target because the sun is so bright in the mornings.  I miss the crisp look of the sheers but I think they will make sense to keep the temperature of the living room balanced.  Anyway, the story is that I ordered two packages of the same curtains from Target.  The box arrived with two different curtains, one the right curtains and the other not even close.  I took the wrong set back to the store but apparently not only were they the wrong curtain but they had been charged to another account.  The young girl took a little bit to figure out how to credit everything since we did not have the other account number but she thought she got it all straightened out.  I'll have to look the credit card statement over carefully when it comes (online).  

Further speaking of which, I read that they are going to curtail return policies at some stores.  I am the Queen of returns.  If it doesn't fit, the color, size or texture is wrong, back it goes.  With clothing stores, it is their fault for having crappy little dressing rooms.  For kitchen and household items, I am guilty of buying the same thing I already have.  Since I barely cook and then it is only for one, two of most items is a waste on me.    My sisters never return and when we were younger and all living near we would trade clothes from time to time.  My youngest sister often shared clothes that still had the tag on it because she refused to do returns. 

The good news on that sister is her cancer is in remission and she is scheduled to have three surgeries to replace the veins/nerves on the side of her face.  She really suffers from her face sagging and she says that her hair is coming back totally different but she won't share a picture of it yet.    

My other sister took me to a resale shop in her part of town this week.  I think it is run by a church because it had a lot of stuff that appealed to me - grandmother pieces.  I got this burnt umber vase that I LOVE and it was a steal.  Makes me so happy.  Now if I could just afford fresh flowers.  Hahaha.

I've started entering Contests again.  I had been on such a dry streak and the prizes were kind of pitiful for a while so I just took a vacation from entering.  The prizes are starting to pick up and by next month there should be a lot ending on December 31.  We'll see.  

It's Chilly in Texas.  I even put on a sweater to walk Buddy.  Of course, I still had shorts on. Haven't pulled winter out and probably won't until after January.  My retired lifestyle rarely requires long sleeves or long pants.  Yes, I have become that person.  Stripes and plaids are next.

More later ...

Friday, October 14, 2022

New Apartment

Buddy has never been a great lover of car rides.  Maybe because he is so small and cannot see out the window.  During the last few days of the move, he was getting anxious whenever I left so I started taking him when possible.  I think it made the new place seem more familiar after we made half a dozen trips back and forth to carry plants and lamps and he seems to have adjusted to car rides and the new apartment.

I'm in the new apartment and have mostly unpacked and put things in place.  It's fun/a a drag to find new favorite places - grocery, gas, hair, etc.  Speaking of which, I did get a fresh cut at Great Clips. 

Even though I found a lady by the old apartment I liked, her schedule had become sporadic so it was hard to plan a drive back there.  You know the problems of finding a new person.  On the day I tried this new lady at Great Clips my hair had freaked out and was sticking out all over.  I have never seen it like this.  An argumentive teenager. Consequently, I got the haircut from Hell but it's ok.  It will grow out. 

Buddy likes the new apartment too.  Lots of Hispanics and many (but not all) love a good chihuahua.  

I had to put together a 5-shelf metal shelf last night.  It was a struggle but I got it done.  Now I just have the (sigh) bedroom's small walk-in closet to finish.  

This apartment is like a dollhouse.  The layout is great but every room/closet is proportionately smaller than in a normal apartment.  I got rid of a lot before I moved and so much more after I got here.  I kept putting furniture outside with a free sign on it and one by one they were taken.  Only one printer table and one picture were left.  I was pretty pleased to recycle the things I did not want without having to pack them to Good Will.  

More later ...