Monday, July 26, 2021

Me and My Dexcom g6

Last night I had to change the sensor on my Dexcom 6 for the first time.     

This involves pulling the whole mechanism off my body similar to an extra large bandaid.  

Look how small that wire is. It is a lot smaller than the instrument you use to test your blood on the self-held monitor. 

Then you break the edge of the holder to remove the transmitter (gray part) which tells you your reading

and insert in a new contraption on your belly like this.

Finished product.  (Not my belly - I wish it was)

I was so proud of myself.  The unknown can really be scary but now that I've done it twice and seen that tiny, tiny wire that goes under my skin, I'm ready to brave the insulin pump.  

The alarm is still going off at night but this gadget has taught me to get up and take a shot without totally disrupting my sleep.  This has controlled those extremely high morning readings.  Yipee.  

Other than that, I killed the new little portable washing machine I bought by overfilling the wash barrel with too much water which I  think leaked into the motor and killed it.  They specifically warn you not to do this.  Oops.  I'm trying to decide whether to buy another one after my son takes it apart and confirms the death. 

More later ....


Monday, July 12, 2021

A little rain and a nice book

 We've had lots of nice, light rain around here.  I've always liked rain if I was inside and snuggled on the couch with a good book and cup of hot chocolate (says the diabetic).  

Today we did the Buddy walk while a light drizzle fell on us.  There was a time when Buddy would not go out if rain touched his back. But no longer.  That means when the urge hits, we go, and if I'm lucky, there is an umbrella left on the balcony.  

I read a new book yesterday and today titled The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins.  I love books with book or library in the title.  I was such an avid reader as a child.  Those words warm my heart.  

I think this book would be called Contemporary Fiction.  I don't usually read this type of book. I usually prefer Historical Fiction, Mystery, or Suspense.  The book includes a librarian, a work-it-to-the -bone businesswoman, a wounded child whose mother died and a loved one with Alzheimer's.  When you add it all together and stir it up, you get a feel-good book.  

More later ....

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Life just keeps going on as I hide in my apartment

The Grand Girls came over this weekend.  I didn't have time to plan a not-too-hot, affordable adventure with them so we just stayed around the house.   

I read a book yesterday titled Revival Season by Monica West. I really enjoyed it but I'll let you look it up to see if it is something you would enjoy.  

As you know, I listen to recorded books every night as I am going to sleep.  I was an avid reader since early childhood but in adulthood, my eyesight got so bad I did not enjoy reading anymore and became an avid listener of recorded books.  

Now that my hearing is so bad (having lost one of my hearing aids) I thought I would try reading again.  I'm glad I picked a book I enjoyed so much as I spent the whole day reading and now have awakened my love of printed books.  

I would like to progress to Kindle as so many downloads, including library, are available but I don't have one so I'll have to watch for a sale.

I feel like Medusa with the head of snakes, sometimes.  Only my snakes are things that interest me but have no common ground except they come from my head.  

I started on my felt Christmas ornaments but my scissors wouldn't cut the felt so I had to buy some good ones. So while waiting for the scissors to arrive I read a book and now my pile of ornament-making stuff sits on the table making a mess while I search for a new book to read. 

Oh, and I did watch Ophelia on Netflix, starring Daisey Ridley of Star Wars fame.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Ok, enough.  More later ....