Saturday, March 16, 2024

Me and My Ozempic

 First, I am still having problems with my blog reader.  I tried working on it again but it wasn't an easy fix.  I'll research it further.  

I started taking Ozempic last week.  Yesterday, I took my second (once-a-week) shot. Here's my opinion so far. 

First, remember I am Type 1 and not Type 2 diabetic.  Type 1 no longer produces any insulin.  Type 2 still produces some insulin, and this drug is supposed to help increase that production, which is why it is recommended for Type 2. As a Type 1 whose insulin production can't be increased, it was recommended for me because of my weight.   

Side effects.  OMG, yes, I have the nausea side effect.  About the second day, I started feeling like I was pregnant.  How could I remember what pregnancy nausea felt like 50 years ago?  Because I had that gut-wrenching yellow bile nausea that came up every day.  I was sick most of the time with both of my pregnancies.  Hope this doesn't foretell how long the nausea will last.  

I read that just like pregnancy, crackers or soup in the morning, can help with Ozempic nausea. Crackers have never helped my nausea, but the ramen noodles have. I have also noticed my skin has gotten even drier (diabetes pulls the water into the blood stream to help it move along.) I hate putting on hand lotion but I'm doing it as well as drinking more water.  Ugh. 

What it feels like.  I feel long and lean like a ballerina. I don't know what that means because I certainly don't look it and can't tell any difference in my clothes. I'll have to research that and see if anyone else feels it.  I don't have any scales, so it will not be until my three-month doctor's appointment before I know the weight loss.   

Hunger.  For me, this is the most amazing part.  I am very rarely hungry now.  I feel full and satisfied most of the time.  I think this is why some people gain 3X the weight back.  Without this drug, people probably return to their previous eating habits. 

Otherwise: my daughter's lease on her apartment near me is up next month, and she and her girlfriend have rented a house with room for me.  My lease is not up until September, so considering my options.  

Buddy still will not go for long walks since the dog attack. Since I need to step up my exercise to offset any (more) saggy skin, I'm trying to figure out a new plan.  There is a park near the new house. I'll have to do a trial run and see if he will walk there with me.  

The Grand Girls did not come over for Spring Break (sob). Apparently, the neighborhood they moved into is full of kids, and my Son is enjoying them being outside. I knew it was coming, and I'm glad for them. I'm just sad my time with them is limited. 

I have not won any more contests and am only entering a few because I still feeling a little bit of burnout. 

More later ...


Monday, January 29, 2024


 WARNING:  Don't stand too close to me.  

Both my Blogspot and Bloglovin' are acting up. All comments on Blogger are going straight to moderation - not just you, Margaret.  I use Bloglovin' as my reader, and posts are not popping up for most of you.   I hate this.  I will take a nap and fix it when I get up.  Arrgh, I'm aggravated. 

I also lost one of the lenses in the glasses yesterday.  Don't know when or where.  How could I not notice? 

After the freeze killed most of my plants, I started emptying my flower pots today.   So sad, 

More later ...

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Dog Attack, Vertigo and No Wins

 So much has happened since Christmas.  This year, we all went to the "other relatives" house and planned a New Year's Day get-together. Well, between Christmas and New Year's, my sister's ex-father-in-law came down with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized, and then two in her family got a light case after spending Christmas with him.  So, New Year's was canceled.  Disappointing.

Then, a day or two into the New Year, when my son and DIL returned from his free trip to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve (thanks to Me winning the Mario Lopez contest), the whole family came down with some bad cough.  So again, no family get-together.  

I may be overly cautious when I stay away from as much sickness as possible, but it is how I live now.  

Shortly thereafter, I was walking Buddy one night.  Just strolling with him on a long lead.  I hear this grunt and look back, and a Husky who lives in a house bordering the apartments and who escapes frequently had Buddy off the ground and in his mouth.  I screamed such a blood-curdling scream that I scared myself.  He dropped Buddy, and I picked him up and ran to my daughter's apartment.  

We checked Buddy over, and there was one little puncture but no blood. So Buddy and I left her apartment with him on a long lead and headed for the mailboxes.  Almost to the mailbox, I heard another grunt, and the Husky had Buddy off the ground and in his mouth again. Again, I screamed what I thought was really loud and expected neighbors to come out with rifles loaded, but no.  I'm still pondering this. 

That is not the end.  Several nights later, Buddy and I had only gone about two apartments down the sidewalk when I saw the Husky.  The neighbors told me they thought three Huskies lived at that house.

The Husky came running towards us, not really looking like it wanted to attack, but after my previous encounters, I took no chance.  Since Buddy was on a long lead again, as I tried to pull him in and as the dog was advancing, I started twirling Buddy in the air (he wears a full harness).  

Buddy was looking at me like WTF as he circled through the sky, and the Husky was looking at the sight when a second Husky came running around the corner.  By that time, I had pulled Buddy into my arms, and I went running for my door.  

Of course, the door was locked, and I was fumbling with the key.  Finally, I get in and look at the dogs, who are still standing on the sidewalk, not trying to come onto my front patio.  Just looking, I would never have been afraid of them.  But then again, being overly confident around dogs can be hazardous to your health. 

I told the apartment manager, who told me she had already filed a report against the Huskies for killing cats.  So I called and reported the attacks to the City of Houston, who said they did not usually do anything about the dog-on-dog attacks, but after putting me on hold and reading the prior report, they seemed to take it a little more seriously. 

So now little Buddy has become a complete house dog. No multiple trips around the complex.  He no longer barks to go outside; he barks when he wants his puppy pad changed - which is every time.  Who knew a dog could be so particular. 

I have never heard from the City.  I have not seen the Huskies in my limited time outside. Once again, my life was spun out of control, and I have adapted to the change.  

My apartment manager bought me one of those loud screamers and I keep it on me when out of doors.  I was never scared of a dog before, but this one is taking some time to wear off.    

Vertigo is back with me with a vengeance. I sat up in bed too fast the other morning, fell, but luckily into the bed, and nearly threw up by the time I got to the bathroom.  Appointment with ENT on Feb. 26.  On to neurologist after if need be.  I know there are some exercises where you throw yourself around on the bed to get something back into place, but it makes me so nauseous I just can't do it. 

Finally, No Wins over the Christmas-New Year's contest period. I entered a kazillion contest, but then so did all the other contesters, and that is the name of the game.  You can't win if you don't enter, but even if you do enter, you still rarely win.  

More later ... 

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Won a Box of Eggos

Yes, Eggos.  Obviously, it wasn't the Grand Prize, but I'll take it. The Grand Girls love them. 

I bought myself a Christmas present.  I got my colors/seasons done by a young lady whose company was really fun.  

Buddy also got an early Christmas present - a new dog bed.  It is actually a cat bed but because he is so smallish, it fits him well.  

We were at Petco getting his dew claw clipped again and he did such a good job of guarding the checkout line that I thought a reward was in order.  

Here is a picture of the Grand Girls and their Dad at Thanksgiving at my sisters' house.  Christmas will be quiet for me, and we will all meet up again on New Year's Day for lunch at my sister's, except for the Son, who will be in my newly won contest of New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope the New Year brings peace and kindness worldwide. 

More later. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

You are not going to believe this

No, I didn't win the HGTV House or a new car, but I did win a trip in my Son's name to Las Vegas to see Post Malone on New Year's Eve with a flight and hotel room provided at the new (opening Dec. 16) Fountainbleau Hotel in Vegas. 

The award value comes in about $3,400, which, of course, he will have to pay taxes on. This surpasses the monetary value of the Rakuten win, and that was really great.  

For those of you, like me, who don't know who Post Malone is, he is a big thing in the young and the recording industry.  Bunch of #1 and Grammys. 

Since the Hotel is just opening, we are hoping he gets a room upgrade to a suite, but we're not greedy, and we'll take what we get.  

Guess I'll be babysitting New Year's Eve this year.  

Can you believe it?  I am so stoked.  I'll share pictures after the trip. 

More later ... 

Friday, November 10, 2023

Another thought

 If anyone uses Instagram and you would like me to notify you of contests I enter there, just let me know my Insta address is @love.sweeps. You can see on the circle highlights which contests I have entered if you're just curious. Rakuten is one I won off Insta. 

A Slew of Gifts

Yesterday, as the rain arrived, so did multiple packages from my Rakuten win. 

Boy oh boy did it feel like Christmas around here.  

I called my daughter to come over and see my prizes.  She left with the Electric Kettle and teas.  

My son came over at lunch and made off with the Roku speaker.  Apparently the Grand Girls like to put on YouTube and dance to the music.  Glad to share with them. 

My son, the skeptic, is finally starting to pay attention when I tell him I have entered a contest for him.  It is like the Lottery.  You have a hard time believing somebody will win and my old boss, the attorney, used to laugh as we bought Lottery tickets for the group.  However, once we started getting Lottery Winners as clients, he changed is mind too.  We had 3 lottery winner clients.  They made a believer of me.

Margaret asked about where I find these contests.  I use one main site that I have to pay for although they offer a free version at . The reason I use the pay version is so I can save my entries to know that I have entered a contest or if the contest is for daily entries, I can pull them up quickly.  I also like a free site at . 

But the most important thing about sweepstaking is to have a dedicated email for your sweeps only because it will fill up fast.  The other problem is, of course, your phone number. The majority of contests require a phone number but you can chose only those that do not.  If you have a landline you never use, this works great.  Just turn it off or unplug.  If you're like me and have only a cell then you are in for a lot of ringing.  My default ring tone is "Happy".  If that plays I am happy not to answer it.  All of my contacts, including professionals I use, have a different ring tone.  So any other song but Happy is someone I want to answer.  

I downloaded an app that makes ringtones from music. I can't remember the name of it but if anyone wants to know, just ask. 

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I like chilly weather and soft cuddly clothes.  Hot chocolate and Hot Apple Cider.  

That about ends this post.  Buddy says Hi from his snug little bed.

 More later ... 

Saturday, October 28, 2023

I just had to tell you

I couldn't wait to tell you.  I just got notified that I won a contest by Rakuten that I entered on X (Twitter).  This is my first win on X.  I was leery about entering on X/Twitter but there you go, not guts, no glory.  I'll just be really careful with their entries.  I think this contest is a winner-takes-all but I'll wait to hear more from them.  

Neat, huh?  

This top picture just popped up in my memories.  I had saved it two years ago to the day.  The second photo below is my daughter's new adoptee she has had about 6 months+.  If you believe in manifestation, you gotta know that is what I asked for and I never saw him before she adopted him.  

Hahaha.  That was the picture of Bowie, who has two different colored eyes, hence the name (David) Bowie, that I had to send my daughter while she was on vacation a couple of months ago when this happened and I guess Bowie got lonesome or bored.  

I went to the endocrinologist and dermatologist both on Thursday.  I had a rash all over my body again but the ones around my glucose pump and glucose monitor worried me the most.  Endo said there were people allergic to certain insulins but she hoped it wasn't that.  Dermatologist said her first guess would be that I was allergic to the tape on both types of equipment but she will do blood tests to see what she can narrow it down to.  She said I will probably need this Xolair drug this is a shot form only for $3,000 a month.  I applied for Patience Financial Assistance.  We'll see. 

More later ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Another Little Win

I am excited to share that I won another contest. It is a SIRUI 3T-R remote control tripod.  It's pretty fancy.  If you are interested, you can see it here too. 

I have been extra busy with my contesting lately.   Receiving a win always makes me extra determined to win that big one - preferrably a new car but cash enough to buy a new car is good too.  And let us not forget the HGTV new house.  I always think big.  Hahaha. 

There is always an increase in contests for the Holidays - I'd like to win a new Christmas tree this year.  There are also more sports activities like the Superbowl in Las Vegas - trying to win one of the many, many contests f.  Alor my Sonso entering New York travel contests for my daughter who loves Broadway. 

I have done well resisting the allure of the Halloween candy everywhere until I found Tootsie Rolls (the larger ones) at Kroger.  Margaret, I hope you're reading this and know I'm thinking about you with each bite I take.  

Margaret, I also found something about selecting whether you accept posts from cell phone during one of my deep dives on the internet.  I think you use your phone to comment so maybe that is why there is trouble on my end.  However, now I can't find it again.  I'll keep trying.

Also had Shirley on the mind when I watched the new The Walking Dead: Darryl Dixon.  I watched TWD for several years and then somehow slid out of the habit.  I saw a contest to win a trip to France to see the places that were filmed in this new series.  That piqued my curiosity and I decided I'd better watch the show so I'd know where I was going when I won the contest. Hahaha. Anyway, I like the storyline and loved all the French locations. 

I read the new Jo Nesbo book, The Night House, which is a stand alone, not a Harry Hole book.  Nesbo, in case you don't know, wrote the book, The Snowman, from which the movie was made.  I thought the movie was pretty close to the book and Michael Fassbinder made a perfect Harry Hole. 

Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian writer, among other things, and like many writers from Scandavanian countries, writes some pretty strange stuff.  So, this is not a suggesion unless you know you like his stuff.  Here is a link from Wikipedia about Nesbo. He is actually pretty interesting.

My Buddy is doing well.  I've had a cluster of kids move into my section of the apartments and they love him,  When we go outside to walk they run to be the first to pet him.  

And you can see he has learned to turn his head when I point my phone at him.  

More later ... 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Another Little Win

 I won another contest this week from Nest Bedding and EnviroKlenz which I entered through Instagram.  From Nest Bedding, I won a set of Bamboo sheets in my choice of size and color and laundry detergent from EnviroKlenz brand.  The sheets are supposed to be cool so I am excited to try them.  I'll let you know more when the arrive.  

More later ...

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Finally, another Win

 I finally won another contest last week.  It has been so long since I had a win but honestly, I cut back on my contesting this year what could I expect.  The prize from Calypso Lemonade is a pool float and other swag items.   The Grand Girls will put it to good use.  

Not much to share.  My son filled my car A/C and it is doing better.  However, the clunking in my rear passenger side is now in line to be fixed.  I took it to two repair shops yesterday and they were so full they couldn't fit me in for a couple of days.  I thought that was strange.  I'll try again next week.  

The Grand Girls start school Aug 9.  Their school district starts earlier and ends earlier than most.  I remember school starting after Labor Day but we didn't have air conditioning in schools back then.  Just those great big fans.  Bless my heart, don't know how I made it. 

Buddy and I are surviving the heat with the thermostat set as high as possible.  You can see in this pic that he has forsaken his (never to be seen without) blanket because the room is so warm.  

I confess to a guilty pleasure this week.  My daughter stopped at Shipley's Donuts and brought me a chocolate-filled donut.  I am still pumping insulin to get my numbers down.  My bad but I can't even tell you the last time I ate something so decadent.  

My flowers are doing well.  The Mandala leaves are starting to burn but they are still throwing out vines so they were a good investment. If they make it through the winter I might concentrate on them next year.  Sorry, I should have gotten closer to take the picture. 

We have had a lot of wasps this year.  I swear there is a memo out that tells them I have water available.  Hahaha.  They don't seem to want to harm me so I am glad to provide the water.  

Well, that catches you up.  

More later ... 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Appointment Scheduled and Weather Watching

  As Jean warned me, it takes a long time to get an appointment with a Specialist.  The appointment I did get with the Neurologist was not until December 20??? I am on the waiting list but I texted my doctor this info in hopes she will lean on the new doctor to get me in sooner.  

I've taken to reading the Weather Channel to have something instead of political maneuvering to read.  It's actually kind of interesting.  Who knew there were so many conditions (with a name) that affect the weather around us.  Today I was reading what the Weather Talking Heads had to say about El Nino and how it might affect this heat wave.  Of course, it is mostly Greek to me but if I keep reading it may start to make sense.  

I purchased a house in Louisiana from a soldier at the base there who was an Air Force Weather and Environment Sciences Officer.  I asked him one day if it was going to rain over the weekend as I would be driving to Houston.  He couldn't answer me without doing calculations, he said.  I thought no wonder the Weather Man on TV has trouble getting it right.  

Today I read a list of which years had the highest and lowest official tropical storms and hurricanes.  Turns out 2013 was the best at only 4.  It was back in the 60s that we had another year with only 4.  

Yes, I am pretty hurricane focused but having lived through several really big ones during my lifetime, I don't feel at all silly for being prepared or running like Hell if I think one is coming.  Hahaha. 

More later ... 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning ...

 I've been trying to post for a couple of weeks now but have little to share except my own medical fiasco.  I woke up one morning so dizzy I could not walk and fell on my way to the bathroom.  I went to the ER.  They could not diagnose the cause of the dizziness so referred me to a neurologist.  Of course, I did not schedule an appointment because I remember my Mother having Vertigo with her Type 2.  When I went to my endocrinologist she told me I had to go.  Hahaha.  Felt like a school girl who got caught by her teacher.

I haven't scheduled my appointment yet but I will.  (It's just to hot in my old car to be out during the day.) Maybe they will tell me why my brain has been so scattered.  If I'm lucky, and I'm sure I will be, she will tell me it's old age.  I can live with that.

The heat continues and the one good thing from this is that I've reset my internal thermostat.  I used to sleep with the AC on 65.  If it was any hotter I woke many times during the night and my sugar ran higher. 

I have gradually raised the inside temperature to 75 at night and 80 during the day.  I tried 85 yesterday and felt quite uncomfortable so back up to 80 today.  Of course, I sit with the fan blowing on me so that helps too.  I'm talking $300 bills which just annoys the #$#^ out of me. 

Here's how Buddy handles the heat - cooling his undercarriage on the tile floor.  


I'm thinking about trying this next.  

More later .... 

Friday, June 23, 2023



Yep, it's hot down here in Texas.  Is this the second or third week of the Heatwave, I can't remember anymore, however, it is supposed to be around for another week at least.  

I'm sitting in the dark with my A/C set on 80 and a fan blowing directly on me.  Buddy is down to only two walks a day and those are as fast as his bodily voids will allow.  

My prediction is a super duper Hurricane will come out of the Gulf this Hurricane Season because the water is so hot.  I heard they can boil crawfish right off the pier in Louisiana.  

I just finished drinking the bottled water I had squirreled away last Hurricane Season. I could have called it the preparation for this year if I had just waited a month.  LOL.

More later ... 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Catching up

 I know it's been forever since I posted.  Here are a few pictures to catch you up. 

First, Buddy Boy.  

I was doing a massive cleaning the other day.  I had put the dog beds outside to "air out" so Buddy had no bed or blankets to lay on.  Smart guy that he is, he jumped on the towels I had gathered up to wash after the Grand Girls stayed, and made himself a little bed.  

Speaking of Grand Girls, they've come over alone and together a couple of times.  Then last week, after the pool opened, they spent four days.  Since they are both under 16, I had to stay at the pool with them which was better than I hoped it might be.  I brought the new Jo Nesbo novel and settled in under the sunshade. 

My daughter did move into my complex and we're both enjoying it.  I was tasked with feeding her new rescue, Bowie, while she was out of town and there was a little accident.  

I sent her a text with a picture.  She took it well.  Anyone who has a big puppy knows they make big puppy mistakes. 

I've been enjoying my two aquariums.  I have one with guppies only (above) and the other with large Black Skirted Tetras.  I'll get a picture of them for next time. 

Also been doing a little planting and enjoying the sunshine my corner spot provides - until this heat wave.  My electric bill doubled this month.  Not happy about that.  

Now, however, the plants are getting too much heat and I will have to rearrange the area under the stairs to get some more of them into partial shade.  

That's about it, folks.  More later .... 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023



Buddy says our lives have been pretty boring over here.  

The Grand Girls came over for Spring Break.  Ok, so that wasn't so calm.  The great thing about this apartment complex is that it is about 5 minutes from my Son's work.  He can come over at lunch whenever he wants to get away from the office.  He can also chauffer the girls to my house and drop them off in the morning and pick them up after work or in a couple of days. Which is what we did and it worked perfectly.

She loves that Hot Glue Gun.  We made 3 different trips to Dollar Tree for various supplies for the two of them.  Super fun visit. 

Other good news, the Daughter may move into my apartment complex.  She came over and looked at a couple of places.  I would be so happy if she moved here.  I'm trying not to push her.  Ok, maybe a little nudge to choose my place. 

I've spent a lot of time recently buying plants and potting them.  I've also got new bird feeders and a bird bath.  I'll take pictures soon.  

More later ... 

Friday, February 17, 2023

Bruce Willis and Dementia

 This is difficult to talk about so I'm going to jump right in.  

For some time I have been concerned about my brain.  I have been a lifelong reader but it is very hard for me to read now.  It is not that I cannot comprehend what I am reading but it is hard for me to absorb it.  My brain doesn't feel right about understanding and saving the information.  

I did talk to my doctors over the years, and this has gotten slowly, slowly worse, but my doctor said essentially there are so many things that can go wrong with the brain besides dementia. Case in point is the lack of oxygen to the brain by diabetes.  

I really can't remember what I read about diabetes and the brain but just guessing I might be a prime candidate.  

My birthday is this week and I will be 73.  Shit!  Guess that is old enough for a lot of my brain and body to start falling apart. Ha. 

I've been meaning to explain why I don't read or respond as much anymore.  I can only say it makes my brain feel uncomfortable.  

I have both my doctor appointments in early March.  I will talk to them again, just to make sure they are watching out for me.  

I'm not going to fret over it although I would share the old saying, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my brain the most." 

Worst case scenario, I've got my guide dog. 

Hahaha.  Not Buddy but it looks and sounds like him.  

More later .... 

Monday, February 13, 2023

Oh Where Oh Where has Barbara been?

 Hi again.  Thanks Marie for giving me a nudge.  It has been quite a while but not much has been happening to write about.  

Buddy and I are doing well and still like the apartment. We've had some nice cool weather so the Grand Girls insisted we buy Buddy a new winter coat and some socks.  

They are still painting and improving the apartment complex, making me nervous after my old apartments were sold out from under us. 

My blood sugar is doing relatively well.  Although the other day I forgot to charge my insulin pump so it shut down and quit releasing insulin.  I \woke up with sky-high blood sugar.  Lesson learned.  Like an EV car, I can only run so far without plugging in.  

Buddy and I did go to a nearby dog park recently.  He was pretty good except his preference was to run up and down the fence line separating the little dogs and big dogs barking at all the big dogs and darned if they didn't come over to check him out.  

I haven't been entering any contests so no wins to report.  I did read a great book which I can recommend entitled Picture in the Sand by Peter Blauner.  It is set in 1950s Egypt during the time Cecil B DeMille was there filming The Ten Commandments.  

That's it for now.  More later .... 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Looks like a Shorts and Sandals kind of Christmas down here

Hi Again.  I just watched a Hallmark-type Christmas movie called The Noel Diary that was just so darn cute.  I never watch this type of movie, I am a mystery or police procedural kind of girl. Don't really know how this even got turned on but enjoyed watching it. My only  Christmasy movie so far.  Saving both versions of the Bishop's Wife for a special night in.   

Also watched two episodes of Harry and Megan.  In most of the British programs I've watched, there seem to be many mixed-race couples, especially in the soaps.  I didn't realize they had such a race issue over there.  I guess it is because he is a Royal.  

 I feel sorry that there has been so much negative press attacking her.  She seems like a nice person but who in the heck really knows.  I remember her from Suits long before Harry came around.  When you see the clips with the Paps stalking Diana it makes you wonder why they (the Royals) let that harassment go on.  I think it is because the English seem to be big-time readers of what we call the rag sheets.   

I don't like personal attacks. I don't like fake news.   

It's not a problem I can solve but it is one I can be an influencer in my little way and accept all races, religions, and gender choices, and show acceptance of any person's right to choose.  

I'm happy in this new apartment.  Buddy and I are keeping busy with our Buddy walks.  I found a big stick which I use to shepherd him when he wants to stop and bark.  So while we are walking, I started twirling this stick (at least to the extent of my ability) then it dawned on me that the Artist Grand Girl who is turning 13 this month might like twirling.  

I ordered her some batons for her birthday. Pack of four, so she would have extra to play with friends.  She sent me a picture of her trying to twirl. Such a time of change.  She is searching for what she wants to do and who she wants to be.  She is so amazing.  I just love her.  

Now, of course, I have to buy a real baton to keep up with her if she does get really interested.
I haven't been reading or writing much lately.  Hope you all forgive me.  My brain does not seem to be working at full capacity these days.

More later ...

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Shirley strikes again

A couple of weeks back Shirley posted a video of Pharrell Williams singing "Happy". I think everyone will admit this tune makes you want to tap your toe, if not get up and dance. It stuck in my head for a couple of days until I finally downloaded the song on my Ringtone Maker and now, you got it, I dance all the way to answer the phone.  

Snow White without his seven dwarfs.  

Things have been brilliant around here.  I had my eyes examined and they were great for a person with Type 1 Diabetes. I did have an increase in my reading prescription, enough to warrant a new pair of glasses.  

Surprisingly the price has not increased that much but still out of my pocket-change budget.  I started looking at glasses online.  Have you ever ordered online? 

The exciting part is you can now upload a photo of yourself on each glasses web page to see how they would look on you.  It seems you can get frames pretty inexpensively but the progressive lens is still up there in price.  

I did find one pair that I really liked and looked good on my facial photo but darn it, I can't remember what website it was.  Dadgum it. 

Does anybody have first-hand experience with any of these sites?  

More later.