Friday, January 7, 2022

 I didn't realize I haven't posted since that dark cloud was over my life. I'm glad to say it finally dissipated in time for me to get one heck of a cold/virus.  

My Grandson and I both got it from my daughter whose step-son had it.  Dang.  I should have stayed in lockdown but since Grandson is working at Olive Garden and bringing home all kind of bugs, I imagine, I thought I could sneak through.  No luck.  

He and I have been locked in this house, so to speak, since Christmas Day when it started with a sore throat, and I had to cancel Christmas Celebration with Grand Girls.  So, we rescheduled for New Year's but no, we were worse by then.  

Today I got up and made myself go to grocery store.  Even though I have been walking Buddy throughout most of this, I still needed to build up my strength.  

So, I'm glad to let you know that dark cloud did not suck me up like a tornado and send me to the of Land of Oz.  Hahaha.  Maybe this virus really was a bad trip to Oz.  

Other than that, Buddy also got sick.  He had this huge knot in his neck gland.  Luckily it started going down pretty quick.  He didn't eat for about two days when it started so I was giving him all kind of fruit and baby aspirin to help his sore throat.  He did loose a little and weight and looks really good.  I wish I could miss eating for two days and be back to my fighting weight.  Yeah, man.

Got word that the Son and girlfriend are getting married in Las Vegas on 02/22/2022.  I don't think I'll be going.  The exposure to Covid or other bugs is too great for me. Thank goodness for videos.  They don't have live stream, but we will get to see the video.  

In other news, I got an early Christmas gift from my other DIL.  Socks with a real picture of Buddy, not just a chihuahua in general.  How cute!

Perfect present for me. 

The new and improved Buddy.  

More later .... 


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Hello Again


Hello again.  There has been a dark cloud stuck over my head for several weeks now.  I'll share some of the highlights. 

The car key for my dear old car is the worst made car key in the world. I have replaced it at least three times now. I'm sure most of you have never replaced the fob on your car key.  Mine breaks right at the top so that the metal key comes away from the plastic fob.
In the past, I have gotten a whole new key made.  The price has now gotten up to about $200 so I decided to do what my son has been nagging me to do - order the replacement fob off the internet.  The price for a package of two fobs was $8.95 on eBay so I decided I could afford to try it and waste the money if it turned out not to work.  

In between the break and before ordering the eBay fob, I order a replacement fob from the hardware store for $50.  The fob never came and never came and finally, we found out that the hardware store never placed the order.  This wasted a good 10 days of not being able to drive because of the hardware store's mistake.  

So now the eBay key comes.  We, Grandson and I, put it together and but now the car won't start.  So we jump it, but the motor still won't catch.  So I call AAA who comes out and tells me the battery is great so it must be the starter.  The next day I call AAA for a tow and instead of taking it to my old shop, I let them take it to a highly rated shop near me.  

The day I put the car in the shop they could not get to it.  I discussed with them what they thought a rough estimate on a starter would be and he said $500 to $1000.  I laughed and said it better not be a $1000 to let him know that was not going to happen.  Unfortunately, the next morning they call me and said it is the starter and it will be $950. Now keep in mind I am living on social security in my new more expensive apartment.  Anyway, I tell him to go ahead because I have been stashing money away to move back to the other side of town to the now-being-built apartments my old manager will manage. 

I let my children know it is in the shop for $950.  My son, protecting his Mom, asks me for the number and calls the shop.  Son insists they are over-charging me and he can do it.  Well, he can do it but he doesn't really like to work on cars so I say no to that.  

Long story short after what seemed like forever the car is home and working fine.  The anxiety I felt over all that time did not release me all at once and I walked around with jangly nerves for a couple of more days.  

During this dark time, I had also been scheduled for a certain blood test that Medicare required before I could get my insulin pump approved. I had scheduled and canceled several appointments because my car wasn't running or because my blood sugar had fallen during the night and I had to eat something which meant I had not fasted all night.  The doctor and the healthcare company handling the insulin pump had been calling and emailing me about the hold-up.  It takes two days for an opening but I got there as soon as my car was back. 

Looking back it doesn't seem like it was all that bad but wait, there is more.  My old laptop died just before I moved here in October so I bought a new one at the end of October but while this dark cloud was dogging me, I spilled coffee on my brand new computer and killed it.  Yes, a dead motherboard and the keyboard ruined and it could be fixed for $750 but I only paid $350 for it. 

This time I did not hesitate and my first outing the day I picked up my car was to buy the same new computer.  Shit happens, that is just life.  

Whew.  I hope things are back to normal now. 

More later ... 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Couple of Wins

 I was notified Monday that I won a Planters Peanut Nutstologia Gift Box worth $200.  It did not say what was in it but I assume, other than a large can of Planters Peanuts, something like a baseball hat with PP emblem or possibly a stuffed Mr. Peanut. Since it is a take on nostalgia, who knows. 

The second prize was a bit unusual.  Buddy won a photo contest and a $100 Visa card from BarkWiki.  Not too bad, Buddy.

My poor cut finger is still killing me.  Yes, Shirley, I should have gotten that tetanus shot. You know that kind of stuff worries me. Because the cut was across the first bend/knuckle, every bend bothers it.  And, since this is a major contest time, I am doing my best to enter without using that finger. 

More later ...


Friday, December 3, 2021

A Small Injury

 This will be a short post as I have injured my right index finger and it is very hard to type without it. 

Of course, Buddy had to check out the smell of blood and bandage and ointment on the hand meant for scratching him.  

How did I manage to be so clumsy?  I slammed the iron gate to the front mailbox center on my finger.  Not sure how I managed that but I did. 

The cut is short but right at the first bend so I tried to apply plenty of bandages to remind me not to bend it and open the cut.  There is also a nice bruise on the other side of my finger.  

I think I could have used a stitch or two but I just couldn't muster a visit to a medical quick stop as I don't have a regular physician, just my endocrinologist.  

As a diabetic, I am particularly careful about injuries.  My diabetic BIL has had some awful happenings to his feet and I don't want anything cut out or off.  

Long story short, I won't be typing comments for a short while but I will be reading, so keep me informed.  

More later ... 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Comparison of Old and New Apartments

Tom's post "Is Your Home Retirement Ready" got me thinking about the difference between my apartment in a Senior Complex and this new apartment.  

First of all, this apartment is on the ground floor. Some seniors like the second floor because they think it is safer from break-ins.  I haven't had any fear about that.  After all, I have the guard dog, Buddy, that can hear a leaf drop.  Like me, however, he might not always have good hearing so those window clips are in place.  

I love walking straight out the door and not down two flights.  The last house I owned was a rancher and I think if I bought another house, which I will not, it would be one level.   

Handrails in the bathroom. I really do miss having them. I only used them for their intended purpose once and that was the time my knees just would not lift me out of the bathtub so I used the slanted handrail to wrench myself up hand over hand. I think they are worth the money, or if you are of the opinion, the unsightliness.

I love my patio which is larger than my balcony at the old place.  No more moving plants in and out.  I'm going to have my son staple heavy plastic around the frame when it gets cold - which is only three days in Texas.  I do miss having a yard though.  I think yard work was my only physical workout.  After the kids were out of the house I would change into my garden clothes when I got home from work and dig and rake and plan to my heart's content.  I've always been attracted to nature whether walking or photographing.  The weather is just right for both now. So I think I would lean toward having a yard with the hope that I could just hire a lawn boy when the time came. 

Speaking of walking, Buddy and I do quite a bit of walking around the complex.  We have our little trails we follow and he trots ahead of me with the pleasure of a plantation owner.  But we try different routes also.  He is starting to get used to having different people than the seniors at our old place.  Like his owner, he is not big on new people.  It is interesting to see him when he thinks he knows somebody.  Ears down and tail-a-wagging he goes running to meet them.  

Parking is fairly decent. There are three parking spaces very near my apartment and that is so nice to bring in the groceries.  Beats the heavy bags and two flights of stairs. 

Only the bedroom is carpeted here.  The vinyl flooring is nice but I forgot how much Buddy sheds.  I am kind of grossed-out thinking how much dog hair must have been in my old carpeted apartment. I have a few rubber-backed throw rugs by the doors now but the larger room rugs I purchased are too slippery - and yes I did forget to get the non-slip backing.  So rugs are on hold for now.  If the floors get too cold this winter I may reconsider. 

My kitchen cabinets are too high, as most are for me.  What is the answer to that?  Not too high but not too low so I have to bender over and dig in the back. Luckily I do not cook a lot so do not have much that I have to stand on the stool to reach.  

Since I fell again the other day while standing on the couch and nailing pictures up, I have come to accept that my days standing on ladders and couches are over.  I feel sure that kitchens will be redesigned for seniors in the coming years. 

So no to stairs, yes to lawn.  Yes to bathroom handrails, no to slippery rugs.  Door knobs, not sure yet. I've always had a lot of lamps but now they are all on.  All things I never took into consideration before.  

More later ... 

Friday, October 29, 2021

I'm so excited - Chocolate Time

 I am feeling so happy and contented that I'm scaring myself.  Hahaha. It is probably the Serotonin from the chocolate I've been sneaking.    

The apartment complex held a Dog Costume Contest (I couldn't find Buddy's) and gave Puppuccinos to the dogs that came by and a treat bag of candy for the adults.  So another increase in my Serotonin level as I enjoy the treat bag. 

Another new thing Bud is doing.  Sticking his tongue out, just barely.  He has never done this before and only started in recently.  Anybody had this experience - with their dog, I mean. 

In keeping with the Halloween theme.  This is my daughter's step-son several years ago.  I thought it was perfect.  

More later ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Old Dog - New Tricks

Buddy has taught himself a new trick.  I heard him whinning this morning and I couldn't see him from my post in my chair. Finally got up and he was sitting by the front door and wanted out.  Yes mam, I got my walking shoes on and off we went.  At the old apartment, he would wait by the kitchen door until I had some coffee and whine till he got his breakfast Beggin' Strip.  What is confusing is when he sits at my feet and whines. Breakfast or walk?  I ask him and he just licks his lips in reply.  I think that means either.  

Happenings:  I got an email from Mary Jane Kolassas explaining the "Pros and Cons of Retiring in a Nudist Community."  I haven't read it yet.  The laughter tears makes the print too blurry.  

Other Events:  I put a sheet on my new/old chair because Buddy seemed to like sitting in it.  

As you can see, Buddy didn't get the hang of what I was trying to accomplish.  

More later ...

Friday, October 22, 2021

Doctor's Visit and Dexcom Download

 I had to drive across town to my doctor's office to pick up my the insulin that had come in from the drug manufacturer.  I was just there on Tuesday for my regular visit but I won't complain when the price is free. Thank you and I'm glad to make the drive.  

Tuesday's doctor visit was the first visit since I got my Dexcom. The purpose of the Dexcom is to share the data the it collects with the doctor's office so she can keep a closer look on my numbers and when and why they change.  We had a little trouble getting the data to down load while I was there so I spent the next morning on the phone with a Dexcom tech setting up my laptop to dispense the data.  

I don't know if the phone app or the laptop started downloading but they got my info and she gave me a bunch of suggestions.  (Insert: Head spinning) She has started the process for ordering my insulin pump and said they were supposed to call me.  Oops, I'm not in the habit of answering my phone unless the ring tune is set to a song assigned to one of my (few) callers.  If it rings my general ring tone I just let it go to voice mail.  

Have you or your dear one been receiving 20 calls a day about Medicare registration.  Dang.  Give me a break.  

Speaking of which I have decided to downgrade my drug policy with the same company SilverScript/Aetna.  Since I am getting my insulin which was the big expense, from the manufacturer, I will not be spending that $100+ a month.  So I have changed from $70 a month with no deductible to $7 a month with a nearly $500 deductible.  

My plan is that if the drug company was to drop me or the program, I would be back to old school purchases of $100+ a month.  I'd rather take a beating than try to understand the drug policies.  I'm not sure when this happened.  I used to be the go-to person in my family if you have some tech issue or need research issue.  Don't know when I lost it.  Kinda sad.  

On my drive from the doctor's office, I stopped by the new apartments they are building that my old Manger will run.  They are in a good location so we will see what happens when the time comes up.  On my Tuesday visit to the doctor, I went by my old apartments and had coffee with my friend that lived next door.  

I've realized since I've moved that I miss those old folks.  Lady dog walkers like me.  Couple of old guys I would stop and chat with.  I don't think I ever made friends with neighbors like I did with these.  I'm not much of a friendly person or social butterfly but I'm glad to know I can still make friends.  

I have a new library that's very nice, can't wait to take the Grand Girls.  I forgot to ask if they have a meeting room and if it is open for use again.  My old library had closed their meeting room.  I hope to try again with the Online Contest Club to share my knowledge and love of computer sweepstakes. 

Buddy dragging his blanket around with the dental stick on it.

More later ...

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Not a lot to share.  I'm at the stage where I have to leave things sit for a little while to see if it is going to stay where I put them.  I was trying to hang a picture and fell off the couch, bounced off the coffee table and hit my head with a good smack on the floor.  I lay there, made sure I was ok but gave up hanging pictures.  I need a couple of nails on the patio for hanging baskets and one picture that I will probably hang by the time someone comes over to help.  Yes, I've learned my lesson. 

Buddy is really enjoying the floors.  He is dragging his blankets all over the place and burying his bones here, there and everywhere.  

My apartment is an older complex, not as old as my last, but it is pretty beat up in places.  However, living by the Leasing Office, everything is kept up to impress prospects.  My plants love it here and are growing like crazy.  

I've found my way around to several really nice shopping centers.  This old area I live in is surrounded my nice beautiful  home so after I get off my street I really enjoy going places.  I went to my third and nicest Kroger today.  I also found the branch of my Bank is the same center.  Going home though, I missed my turn but I knew another way to get home.  

The Grand Girls may come over this weekend.  I feel bad for my son because it is probably an hour drive one-way if he doesn't use the toll road.  

I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and she was happy with me except we couldn't get the Dexcom G6 to download all of my information, just a month's worth.  She is going to start working on the insulin pump order now.  

I'm feeling peaceful about this move.  However, my former next door neighbor told me that our old apartment manager is going to work for a new complex being built that is regular and senior apartments.  I don't know anything about them except they will be in the old neighborhood, more or less.  

I figured I'd get on the list and decide when the time comes if I want to go.  

More later ... 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Hot Tub and a Hot Toddy and I will be fine

 I told you my Chromebook died the week of the move.  That was awful.  Like when you put your car in the shop and you keep having the urge to go somewhere just because you can't. Luckily, I could read my email on my phone - I'm beginning to feel like we are way past the Jetson's, except for the flying cars.  

I bought a new HP Windows laptop.  This old dog is learning new tricks or reviving old ones with Windows.  The purchase was kind of a reckless decision on my part.  I walked into Target for something I needed for the new apartment and as I walked past the electronics I just made the decision I needed a new laptop and I needed it now.  Usually I research a purchase like that to death. Luck is on my side, I am quite pleased with the new HP. 

Did I tell you I knocked the big TV over and now it has lines and stripes across the screen.  I've still been watching it because I'm so tired in the evenings, I'm not really paying attention so who cares if there are lines.  I did get my smaller TV out and started reloading my favorite channels.  I hate user names and passwords.  I really want one for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I have only one more box to unpack.  Yahoo.  However, I will be culling out all the boxes and tubs we put on my closet shelf.  The storage around here is almost non-existent.   I don't have room for my kitchen items and I don't even have that many. Good thing I don't cook. 

I think I will feel like I really live here when I try to enter a room and know where the light switch is.  I'm still scratching empty walls.   

I did get most of the money promised from the Old Apartment Management.  By the last day, I thought the old Manager was going to cry.  Apparently she was as stressed by the Old Managements lack of organization as I was.  Anyway, I got the dog deposit.  Can I say it again $400.  You'd think I was keeping an elephant in my apartment for that money.  The Old Management also gave me the prorated rent for October at the new place and $1000 for the deposit.  Now they have a strange deposit policy here.  You can pay $1,000 as a refundable deposit or you can pay $20 extra a month for no deposit/no refund.  So I applied the $1000 to my November rent so now I won't be paying rent out of my pocket until December.  The Old Management is supposed to mail me the balance of the payout which is about $325.  Hopefully they will but I feel good about what they have done without it.  

Most importantly, Buddy also got a new leash.  

More later ...

Monday, October 11, 2021

I'm sooooo tired

The good news is that I am here.  The week of the move and the actual move were full of trials and tribulations.  The worst was (1) my laptop died, (2) Buddy's retractable leash died and (3) the new apartment management was just starting the make-ready of my new apartment about 30 minutes before the truck arrived.  I had to threaten to have all my possessions deposited on the grass if they did not let me move in as is.  

I was shown a supposedly comparable apartment when I toured the complex but my apartment is so different from it.  In fact, it is much cuter which was a pleasant surprise.  Buddy loves the cool flooring. 

I am downstairs, which I love, but on our walks Buddy keeps trying to go up the stairs like at our old apartment.  I have lovely views out my windows and, of course, I set my patio up first. 

I'm very happy I made the move and I will tell you more of the stories later on.  

 Until then ... 

Friday, October 1, 2021

It's Funny/Not Funny

 I always thought my bedroom was a nice size.  Yesterday I packed the craft/grandgirls closet which has more stuff than any other area.  I don't know why, but my boxes were not placed in any logical order after they were filled.  Consequently, there is a maze that is a little tricky if you have a big belly or can't see at night.  

Last night shortly after I got in bed I heard Buddy get up and he ran into a box in the dark.  Poor thing.  I heard the thud. I'm bad. I laughed.  I was worried about getting up in the night myself.  Luckily, I slept all night.  Sorry, Buddy. 

I won another contest last night for a $100 amazon gift card.  Something to look forward to for the new apartment.  

More later ...

Thursday, September 30, 2021

A Win and Another Quick Catchup

Well, the money situation from the Old Owners is still up in the air although it is looking good.  Move-in date for the new aparatment is October 7.  

I have all the appropriate vendors on standby - movers, electricity, cable, etc.  The new apartment wants money orders for the deposits which are supposed to be coming from Old Owner.  It looks like Old Owner's Manager has gotten the figures from new apartment and is working with the Corporate Office of Old Owners to get those money orders cut.  The deposits need to be in place 2-3 days before move-in.  So we'll see if they get the money to me in time to give to new apartments.  

Just so life wouldn't be dull, New Owners have decided to power wash everything which meant all of our plants, etc. had to be brought in off the porches. 

So now I have packed boxes, unpacked boxes, plants and furniture from the porch all over my house. 

And I mustn't forget all my love notes and pictures on the fridge to brighten my new apartment. 

I am feeling slightly less stressed, my chest tightens when a new snag pops up, but Buddy and I are walking a lot and I am entering a lot of contests to keep my mind busy.  

I had another win this week.  A pretty lap quilt from an author, Kate Lloyd.  I think it is meant for a wall hanging but I already have more pictures than I have wall space.  I will move all pictures to the new apartment and ... maybe ... whittle them down. 

My Dexcom G6 blood glucose reader is good for 10 days at a time.  It buzzed me last night to tell me I had to change today.  The Medicare supplier sends 3 transmitters at a time so when I change today it will be my last transmitter until the new shipment arrives.  Generally, this is not a problem but since I am probably moving in 7-8 days I'm not sure if the shipment will get here in time.  Worst case scenario, I will have to use old-school finger pricks, if I can find them in the boxes!! 

No, I'll put some supplies in my "open me first" box.  I already have a bar of soap and a towel and a nightgown, because I know, had dirty and tired I'll be that first night. 

I'm having trouble responding to Word Press blogs right now.  Not sure why but if your blog is on Word Press, please know I'm reading but can't respond. 

More later ...

Friday, September 24, 2021

We've got Boxes

Buddy sitting at the kitchen doorway whining for his breakfast.

I got a whole slew of boxes that were near me for free on Craigslist. 

I starting making my "Open Me First" list so I would have the things I really need in my car to unpack first.  

My son is going to look at a house in the country for me.  He is a bit of a snob but if he says it is safe enough then I'll change course from the apartment near my daughter to the house in the country.  Anybody sat "fresh eggs".  

If the house in the country does not work out, I have to pay all my deposits for the apartment on Saturday.  

I got a quote from the movers and when he asked if I wanted packers I thought about Margaret telling how efficient her packers were.  If there are extra funds I'm thinking about doing that too. 

I've talked with the old apartment manager and she is working on getting me the moving package money but didn't know exactly when since I am the first to file for the package. 

I contacted the Visa Card people that I won the contest from and they are working on it.  Will everybody quit working on it and get it done. 

I am rigid with anxiety.  So much is still up in the air but I'll just go take Buddy for an extra-long walk and see if that calms the nerves. 

More later ... 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Just a quick catchup. 

    I have put in an application for an apartment I like but cannot afford.  I will be house poor.  Move-in date 10/7 but they will give me until 10/21.  

    I notified my old apartment owners that I had been approved and wanted the money.  They said I am the first to apply for the moveout package and they still don't know how they are going to disburse the funds???? 

    I notified the new apartment owners that I would be moving between the 7th and 21st because I had to give 30 days notice so the 20th will be m-day at the latest.   However, I told them that if I didn't have the funds from the old owners I couldn't afford to move and will be staying for a while longer.  

    I am also on the waiting list for a brand new Senior apartment not that far from here.  I think half of my complex is on that waiting list. It is a smallish complex of 114 apartments and I am afraid I will be too far down the waiting list to get an apartment.  The price is much cheaper but I don't like hotel-looking apartments. 

    The apartment I have been approved is near my daughter and nearer my sister than I am here but further from my son by a good bit.  

    One thing irking-me-to-bits is the dog policy.  They are charging fees of $200-$600 deposit and monthly rent add-ons of $10-$25. 

    Deposits in general are outrageous also.  I don't know why I thought rents and deposits would be going down after Covid.  

    You can drive yourself crazy if you fight the system and I am determined to keep calm and "Keep on Trucking" if you remember this slogan from the 60s/70s. 

    Buddy is staying chill. 

More later ...




Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Few Gusts and a Little Rain

Yesterday the wind was blowing so hard when I walked Buddy in the afternoon that I gave in and moved half of my plants indoors and placed the others in a block on the porch that I hope will not move if the winds are storm force.  

That was the worst of it for my area, I think.  They closed schools and office buildings for today.  There is nothing worse than to have some type of terrible storm and your children are in school and you are at work and worried about getting to them.  

What happens though when everything seems to be prepped for the storm and it doesn't come this way, then next time the powers to be will hesitate before shutting everything down and that is when it will happen.  It's the old "Cry Wolf" theory except we've seen it go so wrong before. 

I'll wait until tomorrow to bring my plants back out.  Some of the pots are pretty heavy and I don't want to do it twice.  

On other fronts, I did get confirmation of my Visa win, so good to know it wasn't a trick.  Tomorrow I'll go look at the apartment complex I'm thinking will be my next home.  We'll see.  Looks good on paper. 

I haven't fixed my car yet.  It has stopped struggling to start.  My car is making me feel like I'm in the Eye of the Hurricane and all is quiet before hell breaks loose.  

I have been entering contests like crazy the last couple of days.  It really takes a lot of time because you have to read the contest description to see if it is something you want or are qualified to enter.  

I've seen a lot more contests where you have to use a receipt to enter or you can snail-mail your info in.  When I first started entering contests they were all mail-in.  You put your name, etc on a 3x5 card and mailed it to their address listed.  It was a time-consuming process. Much faster to type it in on the computer.  

More later ... 

Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Whirlwind of the Last Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been the best of times and the worst of times.  Here is what happened in not necessarily the correct order. 

*    My apartment manager notified us that the apartments had been sold and that we had to move out.  The good part is that they have given us 16 months to do so.  The Buyer has also offered us a moving package of $2,500 which they will pay to the Seller company but the Seller company hasn't figured out how they will get the funds to us?? Like before we move, or after?   

*    Just when I should be apartment hunting, the alternator has gone out in my car, at least that is my diagnosis.  I should be so lucky that it is only the battery.  And, remember, I just got the air conditioner fan fixed the week before that so, yeah, the pocketbook is very thin right now. 

*    Additional money woes include two large yearly renewals that hit my bank this month.  Darn, there goes my food money so borrowed from my daughter.  Hahaha.  Turn about feels funny. 

*    My contesting has taken a turn for the better.  

        I won a $500 visa gift card from my bank.  They usually send this kind of prize FedEx ground and I haven't been notified that it has been mailed yet. 

        Without being notified, I received a large box with perishable, dry ice, do not handle.  What have I bought now, I thought.  Turned out I won an Eggos contest for a  box of Honey Butter Chik'n & Waffles. Don't ask me what it is.  This prize goes to my daughter's step-son. 

        I won two more books and a dog toy.  The dog toy goes to my Son's big lab.  

*    I know. I know.  I should have bought a lotto ticket this week but more money problems.  I opened an email that appeared to be from CVS Pharmacy where I have a frequent buyer card.  It asked a couple of questions and you get a small prize for answering if you pay the postage.  Turns out it was a scam and they tried to run a $40 moisturizer on my card.  The bank caught it, texted me did I authorize, I said no, and they said ok we are canceling your debit card and get a new one.  Oh lordy.  Not only am I brokeish but I can't even pull out the few dollars I have.  So I went looking for my checkbook, just in case, and couldn't find it.  I know where I thought I put it, but it has been so long since I wrote a check, I just don't know. 

*    I did find an apartment locator that I really like and she helped me find some apartments in my price range.  I looked through all the online photos and found one out near my sister and one of my friends that is more than here but doable at the moment.  I figured if Margaret could buy a house online then I could rent an apartment that way too. Hahaha 

*    I don't want to sound greedy or unthankful but if I could just win that new car, I would be so so so thankful. 

Well, that's it for now .....

Monday, August 30, 2021

Be Prepared

 I ordered puppy pads, batteries, and toilet paper yesterday.  Heading to the grocery tomorrow.  New Orleans is as close as I want the Hurricanes to get but BE PREPARED.  That's all I have to say. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

You Just Never Know, Do You?

 Yesterday I opened the front door to find a package. I had won a book.  

Just when you think life has kicked you in the teeth, it tells you not to give up.  

More later ...