Thursday, April 28, 2022

Baseball Sweepstake

  Bud Light Perfect Draft Sweepstakes New

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For a chance to win enter the Bud Light Perfect Draft Sweepstakes. Grand Prize (1 total): Winner will receive $15,000,000.00. Prize to prize to be awarded via a $300,000 payment per year for fifty (50) years. Approximate Retail Value 9s $15,000,000.00.

First Prize - Drawing 1 – Drawing 26 (1 prize per Drawing; see Rule #4): Each winner will receive one of the following prizes (to be determined by Sponsor, in Sponsor’s sole discretion): One (1) jersey; one (1) cooler; one (1) t-shirt; one (1) neon; or one (1) coozie. ARV is up to $571.00.

Second Prize – Drawing 27 – Drawing 32 (1 per Drawing; see Rule #4): Each winner will receive one (1) $100.00 NFL gift card. ARV is $100.00.

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Limit: 1 Per Person
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Ok Baseball Fans, go for it.  
Just do a search for 
Bud Light Perfect Draft Sweepstake 
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Let's have some winners. 

Friday, April 8, 2022

Luna, the Grand Dog


This is my daughter's new dog, Luna.  I think she is Shepherd and Border Collie.  She was rehomed on Craig's list by a young couple and she is super sweet.  She reminds me of my border collie, Daiquari Dog.  Yes, there is a story behind the name that I'll share sometime.  He was the best dog and I think of him often.  In the meantime, there is Good Old Buddy to keep me company.  

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Baseball Fans

 I know some of you are big Baseball fans, so this contest is for you.  It says the Grand Prize is $100,000 and it is put on at  Sounds like it should be legit.  Go for it - and my fee is only 10%.  LOL. 

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Enter the MLB Opening Day Pick 'em Contest for a chance to win. ODPE features one (1) Grand Prize, as set forth below. Only one (1) prize will be awarded, subject to the below requirements. IF NO ELIGIBLE ENTRANT ACHIEVES A SCORE OF AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120), NO PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED. The “Grand Prize” is one hundred thousand U.S. dollars (100,000). Approximate Retail Value of the Grand Prize: USD$100,000. The Grand Prize will be awarded in the form of a check in U.S. dollars as one (1) lump sum.

Restrictions: 18+ US
Limit: 1 Per Person
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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

This and That

 Hi.  Quick Check-in. 

My sister continues to get horrific warnings from her doctor.  I always wondered why all doctors seem to check the nodes under my ears.  Now I know.  That is where her cancer was.  They say it hasn't spread. Good news but the warnings she is getting are so severe.  The type of cancer she has is predominant in men but turns out she has a high level of testosterone which was the cause/amplifier of her cancer.  On the other hand, my other sister has a high level of estrogen which caused/amplified her breast cancer.  And I thought my diabetes was bad.  Appears there is no end to what your body can do to you. 

A bigish box arrived which contained my insulin pump, and I don't know what else.  I opened the box, looked at all the little boxes and closed it back up.  I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment yesterday, but she put it off until May because she had to get it set up with Tandem the pump maker.  I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about the pump so I am ok with going forward.  

I've had a couple of good days lately with my blood sugar.  It was like night and day how good I felt.  If this pump brings my numbers down and I feel that good again, I'm going to have to figure out how to act have a life again.  

Good thing I took up my ice dying again.  I've also read two books, one of which was 800 pages.  I have forgotten the joy of reading although I was pretty worthless as far as getting anything accomplished while I was lounging in my easy chair with my books.  LOL.  

Here are some of the better ice dye projects. 

Unfortunately, the t-shirts were Hanes men's Medium which don't fit my little Humpty Dumpty body.  So now I have to find someone to give them to.  Why did I buy that size?  No idea.  Just in a hurry to get something I could dye.  Yesterday I picked up a couple of women's sleeveless Ts that at least I could wear if they turned out well.  

Buddy is continuing to enjoy the nice weather and we are taking quite a few walks as I run from shady spot to shady spot.  Even though my sugar numbers have improved, my heat tolerance has not.  The heat is just starting so no use complaining yet. 

More later ...