Friday, August 28, 2020

Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me

 So glad to report the hurricane came nowhere near us.  Not a drop of rain or windy breeze.  I was thoroughly prepared, or at least as good as I could be, but when you face that strong of a hurricane I don't know what would have happened.  I'm glad to be safe and I really am sorry for those that suffered through it.  

Nothing much to tell.  Swept the balcony and moved all of my plants back outside.  Worked up such a sweat I had to take an afternoon nap.  

So did Buddy.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Checking in with My Kids and the RNC

Continuing to get prepared - just in case.  I filled up my car and got cash.  I texted my kids and their spouses reminded them that when the electricity goes off, there is a good chance that ATM and Bank links will go down which means you can't buy gas, or check into a hotel, let alone wash your clothes, or keep the freezer from melting.  

My previous experience has been that if you fill the bathtub with water, you will be able to flush the toilet.  Also placing milk jugs of water in the freezer will keep items cool for a while and then you can also use those jugs to drink, bathe or flush after it stops keeping the freezer cool.  

My friend around the corner has already brought her small stuff in.  She has a lot of those really big tree size pots.  I think they are probably to heavy to move except for maybe pushing them up against the wall.  In fact there are a lot of plants around here in those really big pots.  My first hurricane living here so I'll have to see what all happens. 

I've been considering what I will do with my plants.  I really don't want to lose my ferns so I'll bring them in but the rest I may just dump in the front flower bed and then repot what I can find that is still alive when this is over.  

I'm not panicking but I'd like to have a few plans in place to choose from.  You remember the pictures I shared of Hurricane Harvey?  Well I'm still in the same general area.  In fact, anywhere can be a flood zone when the rain clouds stall out over you. 

Still wishing I had a battery operated fan.  Going to look into that for next year.  

I watched part of the RNC Convention.  I missed most of it but I did see Tim Scott, black Senator from South Carolina.  He gave a great speech and I believe we will see more of him in politics.  However, even though I respected the person, I did not agree with what he saw in this president.

I read this, and I think it to be true.  Republicans and Democrats do not see the last four years in the same way.  Many Republicans that think DT has done a good job.  We know he has kept a good portion of his base and I guess that is why.  We just see it differently.

I think it is similar to an accident with 12 witnesses.  Police say that 12 witnesses often give 12 different descriptions of the perpretator.  Some descriptions might be similar but others can be total opposites.  

I think that is what is happening.  We are each digesting what we see and hear differently.  

But enough of politics, I will continue to watch the RNC because I want to know what they are thinking and what they see. I also expect a greater televised event and that interests me.  

And finally, my Buddy.  The idiot has learned how to crawl under the couch from the backside but cannot get out the front so I have to go and pick a corner of the couch out so he can get out.  Next time I'll get a picture.  Appears I am not the only one who has gained weight during the virus!

More later....

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness

If anyone is still watching the news (I'm not) you probably heard about the two tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico.  Since I wasn't paying attention it snuck up on me when I saw a blurb with the path pointing to Houston last night.  

Well, it is not actually headed to Houston right now but those of us in the know still get prepared anyway.  So this evening I headed to Walmart and picked up extra insulin, puppy pads, and water.  

I like to buy the Kroger brand of small water bottles.  I don't drink very fast and the little ones will stay cool until I finish if I am lucky.  I placed a pick-up order at Kroger last night for tonight.  I was notified that they did not have any little bottles and did I want the regular size.  No thanks.  

While I was at Walmart I saw people with carts loaded with water, diapers, and toilet paper.  I didn't need diapers but decided I would buy extra puppy pads.  I meant to get toilet paper too but forgot.  That's ok, I still have enough, I hope.  

Walmart didn't have small bottles of water so I went ahead and got two cases of regular size.   I passed the yarn aisle on the way to check-out so I bought two skeins of that really big yarn.  That will give me something to do if the electricity goes off.  

I forgot to fill up the car but will do that tomorrow.  During a real hurricane when people are trying to evacuate filling stations often run out of gas and sitting on the freeway in a traffic jam can also burn up extra fuel.  

Don't know that I would evacuate.  I'm on the second story so not worried about flooding.  My bathroom is in the middle of the apartment and has no window so I feel ok with hiding in there.  

My plants will all have to come in off the balcony and that will be a drag but I do have a big plastic sheet to put on the floor.  

I could always go to either of my children's' houses but I'd rather sit it out in the quiet of my own home.  I was thinking this morning that, horror of horrors, my coffee pot would be out if the electricity goes, which it almost always does.  Wish I could get a small contraption like I have for my phone to plug my coffee pot into.  

I'm not really worried at this point.  Anything can happen as a tropical storm travels, including dying a quiet death.  

I hope no one heard me wishing it would swing around and head for DC.  Would love to see the RNC hurt.  Anger begets anger.  Sorry/Not Sorry.  

More later ... 

Friday, August 21, 2020

We can only be hopeful for the future

I did manage to watch bits and pieces of the entire Convention.  There were a few snags but I think it went pretty well.  My favorites were Elizabeth Warren and the former Surgeon General.  Lots of little blurbs from everyday people which was nice.  All in all, I think I liked it better than the adult-themed pep rally that is the norm for Conventions.  I did miss the balloon drop but that is all I missed about it.  I only watched it to see what it would be like and I'm sure most people who watched had already made up their mind like I have.  I don't think they really convince anybody who is undecided so it was a lot of money for what.  Personally, I think they should do away with the electoral college and just have the popular vote but there is so much I don't know about politics that my opinion and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee - but not at Starbucks.

The next couple of months are going to be awful.  He will stir up so much anger and hatred.  Then if he is re-elected he will go after every person who spoke against him and make all the little people pay.  I really feel hopeless about the whole thing.  But, life goes on, and if I'm lucky, I'll hear be able to miss most of the rhetoric until it is over.   

I do have a new TV option to keep me busy.  I had to renew my Xfinity internet connection.  They don't want you to have just internet so they wrap a package up that is cheaper than the internet alone (which is still too much for a retired lady).  Last package I had they gave me a few tv channels which I never watched and didn't plug in the box.  I have a Roku TV and although Roku offers some free channel I usually watch Netflix or Prime Video.  

This time they gave me a cable box but call it a flexbox that carries Peacock.  I don't know all the ins and outs yet but I was able to start watching Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.  It is set in beautiful Montana (or at least says it is) and the sky, trees, rolling hills, and mountains are to die for.  If I were a young thing I'd be packing my bags, it calls my name so strongly.  

I'll give you my opinion of Peacock after I've given it a good test.  

That's about all I know.  

More later ....

Monday, August 17, 2020

Of course I watched the Democratic Convention

Actually, I don't usually watch televised programs like the debates, etc., but I was kinda curious to see the platform and staging they would use.  I thought it was pretty good.  I'll try to watch Biden's part tomorrow if I can remember.  I forgot tonight and got in during the middle.  I'm curious to see what Trump's platform and staging will be like.  He should still have some good connections to the film industry and could have a really good program (politics aside) but if he tries to take charge then it may be like everything else he mismanages.   

I had intended to mail in my vote but now I'm not so sure.  If I have to I'll vote in person but really did not want to stand in those lines with all those people.  

Oh, by the way, my favorite line from Day 1 of the Convention was Beto - he said that we are the calvary (as in no one else is going to save us).  For me, that was motivating.  

Elsewhere around the campus:  My daughter and her girlfriend got married early this month.  Of course, the Church was closed and it was a big rigamarole to make appointments to get license from the courthouse and then schedule an appointment with JP.  It was just a small affair.  There could only be 6 people so it was the two of them, their/her son, Daughter's best friend and her son, who is my daughter's godchild, and then my Grandson who was the family representative.  The pictures with the face masks are hilarious.  They all wore fancy tennis shoes with their fancy clothes.  Yes, that is my daughter's sense of humor.  Daughter wore a cute islet white sundress and they celebrated with a fancy cake and fake champagne.  All in all, it was a very cute wedding.  

Well, I haven't won any contest since I last posted.  I'm sure that million-dollar prize is just around the corner though.  

I'm still spending my days entering sweepstakes, painting rocks, and canvas panels and trying to clean out the extra/girls' closet.  It is mostly neat and organized but I am having trouble getting rid of some of my craft/junk things.  You know the feeling?  "But I might want it someday."  Yeah, like not in the past 5 years but someday I might.   

Well, that's about it.  Stay safe. 

More later .....

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I can't believe it myself

There was a lot of frantic activity in the #Sweepstaking World over the last month because of an unusually large number of #sweepstakes that expired on July 31.  I entered so many #sweeps that I was sure I would win at least one.  

July 31st was on a Friday so I waited impatiently Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  While waiting on Monday and Tuesday I started planning my next post wailing that I had not won one #sweepstakes out of what felt like thousands of entries I had made.  

Then when you least expect it... I sat down to check my mail and write my post and Whammo - I got a winning email.  I won a Maker's Mark #sweepstakes and the prize was ...

One video projector, one projector screen, one branded bluetooth speaker, two branded blankets, two branded chairs, one branded cooler and one branded bar tool kit

Like the Quaker Chewy #sweeps I won, there was paperwork to fill out and send in.  By the way, I still have not received the prize for this but did receive an email saying they received my paperwork and it was fine.  I don't remember what the prize was but I'm sure the Grands will love it.  

And today I won another one!  It has something to do with Minecraft the computer game.  I sent a copy of the email to my daughter and asked her to explain what I won.  I remember the young men in our family played in these contests years ago but name recognition is about all I remember.  

I fell like a "professional" now.  Did you ever see The Contest Winner of Defiance, Ohio with Julianne Moore?  I may have to see if that is available anywhere on cable.  

I've entered several contests with automobiles as the prize.  Hahaha.  Well, I wouldn't say no if they picked me!

More later ....