Monday, August 17, 2020

Of course I watched the Democratic Convention

Actually, I don't usually watch televised programs like the debates, etc., but I was kinda curious to see the platform and staging they would use.  I thought it was pretty good.  I'll try to watch Biden's part tomorrow if I can remember.  I forgot tonight and got in during the middle.  I'm curious to see what Trump's platform and staging will be like.  He should still have some good connections to the film industry and could have a really good program (politics aside) but if he tries to take charge then it may be like everything else he mismanages.   

I had intended to mail in my vote but now I'm not so sure.  If I have to I'll vote in person but really did not want to stand in those lines with all those people.  

Oh, by the way, my favorite line from Day 1 of the Convention was Beto - he said that we are the calvary (as in no one else is going to save us).  For me, that was motivating.  

Elsewhere around the campus:  My daughter and her girlfriend got married early this month.  Of course, the Church was closed and it was a big rigamarole to make appointments to get license from the courthouse and then schedule an appointment with JP.  It was just a small affair.  There could only be 6 people so it was the two of them, their/her son, Daughter's best friend and her son, who is my daughter's godchild, and then my Grandson who was the family representative.  The pictures with the face masks are hilarious.  They all wore fancy tennis shoes with their fancy clothes.  Yes, that is my daughter's sense of humor.  Daughter wore a cute islet white sundress and they celebrated with a fancy cake and fake champagne.  All in all, it was a very cute wedding.  

Well, I haven't won any contest since I last posted.  I'm sure that million-dollar prize is just around the corner though.  

I'm still spending my days entering sweepstakes, painting rocks, and canvas panels and trying to clean out the extra/girls' closet.  It is mostly neat and organized but I am having trouble getting rid of some of my craft/junk things.  You know the feeling?  "But I might want it someday."  Yeah, like not in the past 5 years but someday I might.   

Well, that's about it.  Stay safe. 

More later .....


  1. Love the sneakers and congrats to your daughter. I did not watch last night. Just couldn't do it. Won't watch Trump either.

  2. I always get a mail-in ballot then take it to drop box at the county clerk's office. Check out if that's a convenient chose for you. Mrs Obama was awesome last night. If you didn't see her speech it's worth finding it online.

    Congratulation to your daughter!

  3. see my post for how to effectively vote by mail. :-)
    and that "I might want it someday" is my down fall!!!

  4. Congrats to the happy couple! That's a classic Covid wedding photo alright!

  5. Now that is a wedding picture to treasure. So glad they could pull it off. All the important people were there.
    Didn't watch the convention but am getting the cliff notes from the news. I felt they would only be preaching to the choir to me.

  6. Congratulations to the happy couple. It will be a ceremony and occasion to remember for more than the usual reason. Life and love go on even in these terrible times.

    I am glad all is well with you Barbara! Take care.

  7. I love the wedding shoes! Her dress was pretty as well. My nieces wedding was supposed to be in Sept. She is now getting married at the court house on Friday. They only allow 4 so we are waiting for the reception and fun stuff for next year. Congrats.

  8. I'm already used ot voting by mail, as an absentee voter.

  9. I haven't watched the convention yet, but I plan to. I did get my mail-in ballot