Monday, February 22, 2021

Just Checking In


Just checking in.  Yep.  It was a mess down here.  Coldest darn weather I've ever lived through.  I was lucky and kept my power on and was able to cook and keep icebox items fresh.  I did run very low on groceries. I ate some very creative meals - which I do not intend to ever repeat.  

My water was off for three days but I had lots of bottled water to drink so no problem there.  However, as many hurricanes as I have lived through, I did not remember to fill my tub with water.  Just absolutely forgot about it until too late.  It was nasty to have no water for the toilet.  After the first break of sunshine, I went out and scooped water out of the street and broke off icicles to fill the toilet. I still have leaves and dirt that are sneaking through from the tank to the toilet bowl. Ha.  That is a sight that will scare you.  

Lots of funny comments to share about our dear Texas elected officials.  I'll be back with you soon.