Monday, January 29, 2024


 WARNING:  Don't stand too close to me.  

Both my Blogspot and Bloglovin' are acting up. All comments on Blogger are going straight to moderation - not just you, Margaret.  I use Bloglovin' as my reader, and posts are not popping up for most of you.   I hate this.  I will take a nap and fix it when I get up.  Arrgh, I'm aggravated. 

I also lost one of the lenses in the glasses yesterday.  Don't know when or where.  How could I not notice? 

After the freeze killed most of my plants, I started emptying my flower pots today.   So sad, 

More later ...

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Dog Attack, Vertigo and No Wins

 So much has happened since Christmas.  This year, we all went to the "other relatives" house and planned a New Year's Day get-together. Well, between Christmas and New Year's, my sister's ex-father-in-law came down with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized, and then two in her family got a light case after spending Christmas with him.  So, New Year's was canceled.  Disappointing.

Then, a day or two into the New Year, when my son and DIL returned from his free trip to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve (thanks to Me winning the Mario Lopez contest), the whole family came down with some bad cough.  So again, no family get-together.  

I may be overly cautious when I stay away from as much sickness as possible, but it is how I live now.  

Shortly thereafter, I was walking Buddy one night.  Just strolling with him on a long lead.  I hear this grunt and look back, and a Husky who lives in a house bordering the apartments and who escapes frequently had Buddy off the ground and in his mouth.  I screamed such a blood-curdling scream that I scared myself.  He dropped Buddy, and I picked him up and ran to my daughter's apartment.  

We checked Buddy over, and there was one little puncture but no blood. So Buddy and I left her apartment with him on a long lead and headed for the mailboxes.  Almost to the mailbox, I heard another grunt, and the Husky had Buddy off the ground and in his mouth again. Again, I screamed what I thought was really loud and expected neighbors to come out with rifles loaded, but no.  I'm still pondering this. 

That is not the end.  Several nights later, Buddy and I had only gone about two apartments down the sidewalk when I saw the Husky.  The neighbors told me they thought three Huskies lived at that house.

The Husky came running towards us, not really looking like it wanted to attack, but after my previous encounters, I took no chance.  Since Buddy was on a long lead again, as I tried to pull him in and as the dog was advancing, I started twirling Buddy in the air (he wears a full harness).  

Buddy was looking at me like WTF as he circled through the sky, and the Husky was looking at the sight when a second Husky came running around the corner.  By that time, I had pulled Buddy into my arms, and I went running for my door.  

Of course, the door was locked, and I was fumbling with the key.  Finally, I get in and look at the dogs, who are still standing on the sidewalk, not trying to come onto my front patio.  Just looking, I would never have been afraid of them.  But then again, being overly confident around dogs can be hazardous to your health. 

I told the apartment manager, who told me she had already filed a report against the Huskies for killing cats.  So I called and reported the attacks to the City of Houston, who said they did not usually do anything about the dog-on-dog attacks, but after putting me on hold and reading the prior report, they seemed to take it a little more seriously. 

So now little Buddy has become a complete house dog. No multiple trips around the complex.  He no longer barks to go outside; he barks when he wants his puppy pad changed - which is every time.  Who knew a dog could be so particular. 

I have never heard from the City.  I have not seen the Huskies in my limited time outside. Once again, my life was spun out of control, and I have adapted to the change.  

My apartment manager bought me one of those loud screamers and I keep it on me when out of doors.  I was never scared of a dog before, but this one is taking some time to wear off.    

Vertigo is back with me with a vengeance. I sat up in bed too fast the other morning, fell, but luckily into the bed, and nearly threw up by the time I got to the bathroom.  Appointment with ENT on Feb. 26.  On to neurologist after if need be.  I know there are some exercises where you throw yourself around on the bed to get something back into place, but it makes me so nauseous I just can't do it. 

Finally, No Wins over the Christmas-New Year's contest period. I entered a kazillion contest, but then so did all the other contesters, and that is the name of the game.  You can't win if you don't enter, but even if you do enter, you still rarely win.  

More later ...