Friday, January 7, 2022

 I didn't realize I haven't posted since that dark cloud was over my life. I'm glad to say it finally dissipated in time for me to get one heck of a cold/virus.  

My Grandson and I both got it from my daughter whose step-son had it.  Dang.  I should have stayed in lockdown but since Grandson is working at Olive Garden and bringing home all kind of bugs, I imagine, I thought I could sneak through.  No luck.  

He and I have been locked in this house, so to speak, since Christmas Day when it started with a sore throat, and I had to cancel Christmas Celebration with Grand Girls.  So, we rescheduled for New Year's but no, we were worse by then.  

Today I got up and made myself go to grocery store.  Even though I have been walking Buddy throughout most of this, I still needed to build up my strength.  

So, I'm glad to let you know that dark cloud did not suck me up like a tornado and send me to the of Land of Oz.  Hahaha.  Maybe this virus really was a bad trip to Oz.  

Other than that, Buddy also got sick.  He had this huge knot in his neck gland.  Luckily it started going down pretty quick.  He didn't eat for about two days when it started so I was giving him all kind of fruit and baby aspirin to help his sore throat.  He did loose a little and weight and looks really good.  I wish I could miss eating for two days and be back to my fighting weight.  Yeah, man.

Got word that the Son and girlfriend are getting married in Las Vegas on 02/22/2022.  I don't think I'll be going.  The exposure to Covid or other bugs is too great for me. Thank goodness for videos.  They don't have live stream, but we will get to see the video.  

In other news, I got an early Christmas gift from my other DIL.  Socks with a real picture of Buddy, not just a chihuahua in general.  How cute!

Perfect present for me. 

The new and improved Buddy.  

More later ....