Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Water Aerobics - Well Sort Of

I bought a blowup float the other day to go with my recently purchased boogie board.  Since the pools here are pretty empty during the day, I thought I would do a little water aerobics.  I have taken water aerobics several times at the Y and have enjoyed it.  For me, it is a good workout.  So off I trotted today with my big float, my book and a good attitude.  

The water was just right.  The float - kind of crazy - it kept tipping over - so I had to put my book aside where it wouldn't get wet.  The deepest part in the big pool is about 5 feet and at 5'3" it was just right.  

I disconnected my insulin pump before I left the house, and my glucose monitor can take about 30 mins of water (I don't have to take it off when I shower).  

After I figured out that I could not float and read unless I wanted to buy the book, I decided to start on the water aerobics.  I couldn't remember any of the exercises I had learned, so I jumped up and down, side to side, legs kicking forward or backward, arms waving up or down or side to side.  I figured any moves that caused water resistance would work.  I didn't want to go crazy and hurt myself or outstay my monitor's ability to withstand water, so I picked up and walked back after about 20-30 mins.  

Not much exercise but a good first step.  Now I know that (1) the water was not too cold and (2) there probably won't be anyone else there at noon.  So, Nana in her bright pink bathing suit can bring it on.

I gave myself a Big Atta Boy for making a start and now I'm ready to lay down with my book and take a wee nap.  I love that about water.  I've always wanted a nap after swimming. 

Not real exciting but that's it for now ....