Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Answering Machines

Remember when answering machines first came out and we all hated to hear our own voices on the thing?  That is kind of how I feel about this video chatting.  I'm quite sure I don't look like the woman saying my words.  Can I get an avatar instead?


I tried to put wrinkles, sags and more white hair.  Darn, it wouldn't let me. Hahahaha.  Guess I'll just have to go like my 30 yo self. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Not a lot to say.

I broke down and order some washable facemasks from Etsy.  I had hoped that disposable masks would eventually find the way back to the shelves but then I would have to go to the store(s) without a mask to see.  I couldn't find any disposable you could buy online and with pollen as bad as it is down here, I should probably wear one on high bloom days. 

Anyway, glad to support a home-store.  The masks I bought are made of white dotted cotton and have a pocket for inserts.  I bought 2 and figured I could wash them in the sink with lots of bleach and the white material wouldn't fade much.  Speaking of, I guess I need to order more bleach.  I keep it on hand for cleaning but only buy the smallish bottles.   If I can find a large one, it won't go bad if this "thing" should happen to end before the bleach does.

Life has been so boring. I signed on for a free week of Starz and watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  I had wanted to see it but had negative feelings about the fact they used the Sharon Tate murder story.  Turns out, I loved the ending and wish it had been true for that poor group of friends. 

I have washed so much TV that I may never watch it again after we are released.  I have watched parts of the worst programs I've ever seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  The fact that they cancel shows I love and spend the money making these awful programs astounds me.  I know there are all kinds of different tastes out there but I have to seriously worry about the people that like some of these programs.  Hahaha.  They'd probably laugh at my choices too.

Other than the need to make a grocery trip, everything is fine.  My sleep is back to rotating around the clock.  No problem.  It's not like it prevents me from going anywhere.  Buddy and I take our two walks a day.  No long walks.  Only had one person walk next to me on the sidewalk and she was talking on her phone and probably (hopefully) didn't realize she wasn't distancing.  I usually go to the street (luckily we have those extra-wide streets with bike lanes) if I see someone else on the sidewalk and they do not look like they are going to distance themself.   Since she was coming up behind me I expected her to move to the street.  Ha. I wish I could teach Buddy to growl on command. 

More later ...