Thursday, April 2, 2020

Not a lot to say.

I broke down and order some washable facemasks from Etsy.  I had hoped that disposable masks would eventually find the way back to the shelves but then I would have to go to the store(s) without a mask to see.  I couldn't find any disposable you could buy online and with pollen as bad as it is down here, I should probably wear one on high bloom days. 

Anyway, glad to support a home-store.  The masks I bought are made of white dotted cotton and have a pocket for inserts.  I bought 2 and figured I could wash them in the sink with lots of bleach and the white material wouldn't fade much.  Speaking of, I guess I need to order more bleach.  I keep it on hand for cleaning but only buy the smallish bottles.   If I can find a large one, it won't go bad if this "thing" should happen to end before the bleach does.

Life has been so boring. I signed on for a free week of Starz and watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  I had wanted to see it but had negative feelings about the fact they used the Sharon Tate murder story.  Turns out, I loved the ending and wish it had been true for that poor group of friends. 

I have washed so much TV that I may never watch it again after we are released.  I have watched parts of the worst programs I've ever seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  The fact that they cancel shows I love and spend the money making these awful programs astounds me.  I know there are all kinds of different tastes out there but I have to seriously worry about the people that like some of these programs.  Hahaha.  They'd probably laugh at my choices too.

Other than the need to make a grocery trip, everything is fine.  My sleep is back to rotating around the clock.  No problem.  It's not like it prevents me from going anywhere.  Buddy and I take our two walks a day.  No long walks.  Only had one person walk next to me on the sidewalk and she was talking on her phone and probably (hopefully) didn't realize she wasn't distancing.  I usually go to the street (luckily we have those extra-wide streets with bike lanes) if I see someone else on the sidewalk and they do not look like they are going to distance themself.   Since she was coming up behind me I expected her to move to the street.  Ha. I wish I could teach Buddy to growl on command. 

More later ...


  1. Oh I like your idea of teaching Buddy to growl on command, that would be cute for my friendly little dog. He loves people. Like you we go on two short walks a day and no one has come too close to me yet. You were smart to buy two washable face masks. I have some on order, ha ha. Will they actually arrive is anybody's guess. Do you have Britbox and AcornTV, they are loaded with excellent British shows. One is $5 and one is $6 a month.

  2. Yes, I do have Acorn and Britbox. I watch those channels so often that I anxiously wait for Sundays to see what is new. I guess filming is shutdown all over the world. It will be forever before we get new episodes of all our regular tv series.

  3. I've wanted to see Once upon a Time, too. Thanks for reminding me.

    I just ordered a homemade mask too. Which I could find toilet paper that easily. I even looked on about price gouging. Now I know where all the hoarders are at. I bought a travels bidet instead.

  4. It sounds like you are doing well in spite of boredom! Take care Barbara.

  5. I took advantage of "Once upon a time" freebie also and will get around to seeing it soon. With Starz and Showtime free periods I have a bunch of movies to watch.
    I got 2 masks from Etsy also. I like that they are washable.

  6. There are so many different types of tv entertainment; some I find interesting and some to darn stupid. But we are also very different types of people with varying intellect.
    We found some needed supplies this weekend at our local Ace hardware store; you might want to look there for bleach. Take care

  7. Our family has been going for walks pretty regularly, and we don't assume people will distance so if we see someone coming our way we move over 6 feet, which sometimes means moving into the street. Better to be proactive. Take care of yourself, Barbara. I'm glad you have Buddy. Hugs, Nancy

  8. Some are ignoring the Social Distancing and I've learned to distance them with my Eyes. My Granddaughter thinks it's hysterical, she knows The Look all too well, I communicate quite effectively with the Crazy Eye locking in to someone else's Eyes! *Winks* I'm not a TV person so except for the need I feel to keep updated on the Pandemic, which keeps getting so much more grim perhaps I shouldn't watch at all... that's the scope of the boob tube being a form of entertainment during Lock Down. We just bought a new property and moved in Feb 1st, dodging the bullet just barely to beat the virus hell that played out shortly thereafter! I couldn't even imagine if we'd been smack in the midst of a Big Move right now, Lord have Mercy!