Wednesday, September 28, 2022

On the Move

 The move is finally near.  I pick up the keys tomorrow, my daughter and I move the plants and curtains this weekend, and the movers come on Tuesday.  

It was a long hard search for a new apartment.  All the senior complexes had waiting lists but I signed up for several and will stay on the lists in case a better offer awaits me.  

The apartment I settled on was nothing like what I started out looking for.  A totally different part of town but once I got there, I could see it would be the perfect location between two major highways.  Now I can visit my sister and friends off one highway and visit my Son or Daughter off the other highway.  Also, Son's office is very close so he can come by for lunch whenever he wants.  Also, during school breaks, it will be perfect for him to drop off and pick up Grand Girls.  Yes, there was a method in my madness.  

The apartment is very small, under 600 feet.  It is very similar, although laid out better, than the garage apartment that I loved so much, so I think I will be happy.  

It is also on the ground floor, which was another factor that made apartment shopping so difficult.  Now poor Buddy, nor poor me, will have to climb the stairs.  

Fresh paint and carpet always makes a place more inviting.  The complex looks nice from the street but you can tell its been around for a long time once you are inside.  For the price, it is just right.  And it is accidentally cheaper than I was looking for which is a miracle in this housing market.  

I had to get rid of my large couch which my son took for his garage/man cave and my new desk which my youngest Grand Girl inherited.  I have thrown away and donated so much.  When I took the donation to the place the young guy said "All this?"  Hahaha. Yes. 

The strangest part is the various odds and ends of furniture I am loath to get rid of.  I don't know why and I'm pretty sure they won't work in the new place but I'm having the hardest time packing them off the goodwill. 

I haven't been reading or posting for months it feels like but I was so sick of the internet after apartment searching that I could not do both.  Anyway, I will be back in the swing of things next week or so.