Friday, November 10, 2023

Another thought

 If anyone uses Instagram and you would like me to notify you of contests I enter there, just let me know my Insta address is @love.sweeps. You can see on the circle highlights which contests I have entered if you're just curious. Rakuten is one I won off Insta. 

A Slew of Gifts

Yesterday, as the rain arrived, so did multiple packages from my Rakuten win. 

Boy oh boy did it feel like Christmas around here.  

I called my daughter to come over and see my prizes.  She left with the Electric Kettle and teas.  

My son came over at lunch and made off with the Roku speaker.  Apparently the Grand Girls like to put on YouTube and dance to the music.  Glad to share with them. 

My son, the skeptic, is finally starting to pay attention when I tell him I have entered a contest for him.  It is like the Lottery.  You have a hard time believing somebody will win and my old boss, the attorney, used to laugh as we bought Lottery tickets for the group.  However, once we started getting Lottery Winners as clients, he changed is mind too.  We had 3 lottery winner clients.  They made a believer of me.

Margaret asked about where I find these contests.  I use one main site that I have to pay for although they offer a free version at . The reason I use the pay version is so I can save my entries to know that I have entered a contest or if the contest is for daily entries, I can pull them up quickly.  I also like a free site at . 

But the most important thing about sweepstaking is to have a dedicated email for your sweeps only because it will fill up fast.  The other problem is, of course, your phone number. The majority of contests require a phone number but you can chose only those that do not.  If you have a landline you never use, this works great.  Just turn it off or unplug.  If you're like me and have only a cell then you are in for a lot of ringing.  My default ring tone is "Happy".  If that plays I am happy not to answer it.  All of my contacts, including professionals I use, have a different ring tone.  So any other song but Happy is someone I want to answer.  

I downloaded an app that makes ringtones from music. I can't remember the name of it but if anyone wants to know, just ask. 

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I like chilly weather and soft cuddly clothes.  Hot chocolate and Hot Apple Cider.  

That about ends this post.  Buddy says Hi from his snug little bed.

 More later ...