Thursday, July 20, 2023

Appointment Scheduled and Weather Watching

  As Jean warned me, it takes a long time to get an appointment with a Specialist.  The appointment I did get with the Neurologist was not until December 20??? I am on the waiting list but I texted my doctor this info in hopes she will lean on the new doctor to get me in sooner.  

I've taken to reading the Weather Channel to have something instead of political maneuvering to read.  It's actually kind of interesting.  Who knew there were so many conditions (with a name) that affect the weather around us.  Today I was reading what the Weather Talking Heads had to say about El Nino and how it might affect this heat wave.  Of course, it is mostly Greek to me but if I keep reading it may start to make sense.  

I purchased a house in Louisiana from a soldier at the base there who was an Air Force Weather and Environment Sciences Officer.  I asked him one day if it was going to rain over the weekend as I would be driving to Houston.  He couldn't answer me without doing calculations, he said.  I thought no wonder the Weather Man on TV has trouble getting it right.  

Today I read a list of which years had the highest and lowest official tropical storms and hurricanes.  Turns out 2013 was the best at only 4.  It was back in the 60s that we had another year with only 4.  

Yes, I am pretty hurricane focused but having lived through several really big ones during my lifetime, I don't feel at all silly for being prepared or running like Hell if I think one is coming.  Hahaha. 

More later ... 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning ...

 I've been trying to post for a couple of weeks now but have little to share except my own medical fiasco.  I woke up one morning so dizzy I could not walk and fell on my way to the bathroom.  I went to the ER.  They could not diagnose the cause of the dizziness so referred me to a neurologist.  Of course, I did not schedule an appointment because I remember my Mother having Vertigo with her Type 2.  When I went to my endocrinologist she told me I had to go.  Hahaha.  Felt like a school girl who got caught by her teacher.

I haven't scheduled my appointment yet but I will.  (It's just to hot in my old car to be out during the day.) Maybe they will tell me why my brain has been so scattered.  If I'm lucky, and I'm sure I will be, she will tell me it's old age.  I can live with that.

The heat continues and the one good thing from this is that I've reset my internal thermostat.  I used to sleep with the AC on 65.  If it was any hotter I woke many times during the night and my sugar ran higher. 

I have gradually raised the inside temperature to 75 at night and 80 during the day.  I tried 85 yesterday and felt quite uncomfortable so back up to 80 today.  Of course, I sit with the fan blowing on me so that helps too.  I'm talking $300 bills which just annoys the #$#^ out of me. 

Here's how Buddy handles the heat - cooling his undercarriage on the tile floor.  


I'm thinking about trying this next.  

More later ....