Saturday, August 22, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness

If anyone is still watching the news (I'm not) you probably heard about the two tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico.  Since I wasn't paying attention it snuck up on me when I saw a blurb with the path pointing to Houston last night.  

Well, it is not actually headed to Houston right now but those of us in the know still get prepared anyway.  So this evening I headed to Walmart and picked up extra insulin, puppy pads, and water.  

I like to buy the Kroger brand of small water bottles.  I don't drink very fast and the little ones will stay cool until I finish if I am lucky.  I placed a pick-up order at Kroger last night for tonight.  I was notified that they did not have any little bottles and did I want the regular size.  No thanks.  

While I was at Walmart I saw people with carts loaded with water, diapers, and toilet paper.  I didn't need diapers but decided I would buy extra puppy pads.  I meant to get toilet paper too but forgot.  That's ok, I still have enough, I hope.  

Walmart didn't have small bottles of water so I went ahead and got two cases of regular size.   I passed the yarn aisle on the way to check-out so I bought two skeins of that really big yarn.  That will give me something to do if the electricity goes off.  

I forgot to fill up the car but will do that tomorrow.  During a real hurricane when people are trying to evacuate filling stations often run out of gas and sitting on the freeway in a traffic jam can also burn up extra fuel.  

Don't know that I would evacuate.  I'm on the second story so not worried about flooding.  My bathroom is in the middle of the apartment and has no window so I feel ok with hiding in there.  

My plants will all have to come in off the balcony and that will be a drag but I do have a big plastic sheet to put on the floor.  

I could always go to either of my children's' houses but I'd rather sit it out in the quiet of my own home.  I was thinking this morning that, horror of horrors, my coffee pot would be out if the electricity goes, which it almost always does.  Wish I could get a small contraption like I have for my phone to plug my coffee pot into.  

I'm not really worried at this point.  Anything can happen as a tropical storm travels, including dying a quiet death.  

I hope no one heard me wishing it would swing around and head for DC.  Would love to see the RNC hurt.  Anger begets anger.  Sorry/Not Sorry.  

More later ... 


  1. You are a pro at prep for hurricanes. Good luck Barbara. You’ll be ready though.

  2. Hope it misses ... EVERYONE! No one needs hurricane anxiety in the midst of everything else.
    Have you considered getting an insulated cup for your water? The metal thermal ones we have keep ice in the cup of water all day — in South Carolina. Got ours on Amazon.
    Hope your TP holds out. :-)

  3. Hope you stay safe and the storm weakens as it comes on shore. Being prepared has got to help with stress. Fingers crossed as I watch the weather this week.

  4. The Gulf seems to be a target this year. Glad you are prepared. Stay safe.

  5. It doesn't sound like a bad one, but you're smart to be prepared anyway.

  6. Be safe...if it came to DC with my luck mango mussolini would be in Florida at his resort and it would just hit my house!

    1. Since there are two potential hurricanes, we'll send one to DC and one to FL. We're bound to catch him at one of those places.