Wednesday, April 6, 2022

This and That

 Hi.  Quick Check-in. 

My sister continues to get horrific warnings from her doctor.  I always wondered why all doctors seem to check the nodes under my ears.  Now I know.  That is where her cancer was.  They say it hasn't spread. Good news but the warnings she is getting are so severe.  The type of cancer she has is predominant in men but turns out she has a high level of testosterone which was the cause/amplifier of her cancer.  On the other hand, my other sister has a high level of estrogen which caused/amplified her breast cancer.  And I thought my diabetes was bad.  Appears there is no end to what your body can do to you. 

A bigish box arrived which contained my insulin pump, and I don't know what else.  I opened the box, looked at all the little boxes and closed it back up.  I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment yesterday, but she put it off until May because she had to get it set up with Tandem the pump maker.  I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about the pump so I am ok with going forward.  

I've had a couple of good days lately with my blood sugar.  It was like night and day how good I felt.  If this pump brings my numbers down and I feel that good again, I'm going to have to figure out how to act have a life again.  

Good thing I took up my ice dying again.  I've also read two books, one of which was 800 pages.  I have forgotten the joy of reading although I was pretty worthless as far as getting anything accomplished while I was lounging in my easy chair with my books.  LOL.  

Here are some of the better ice dye projects. 

Unfortunately, the t-shirts were Hanes men's Medium which don't fit my little Humpty Dumpty body.  So now I have to find someone to give them to.  Why did I buy that size?  No idea.  Just in a hurry to get something I could dye.  Yesterday I picked up a couple of women's sleeveless Ts that at least I could wear if they turned out well.  

Buddy is continuing to enjoy the nice weather and we are taking quite a few walks as I run from shady spot to shady spot.  Even though my sugar numbers have improved, my heat tolerance has not.  The heat is just starting so no use complaining yet. 

More later ...


  1. That Buddy is such a cutie.

    I hope all works out well for your sisters. It must be such a worry with two of them sick.

    The insulin pu p works well for several people I know. I pray you are among that number!

    You did a great job on the shirts. You should do some for yourself.

  2. well our endocrine system is our hormones right? thryoid is in this and it controls temps of body along with the others we know of as well as diabetes. So I get you. I do know right now the steroids are wreaking havoc on me because I am so cold and it's 80 degrees. Our bodies are amazing I just wish I understood it more.
    I love your shirts. I am certainly not a medium and I would never wear anything to show my upper arms. I do not wish to scare people!

  3. Sorry to hear the bad news about your sister's cancer. Wishing her all the best for a successful treatment.

    Glad you got your insulin pump! May it help regulate your blood sugars better and help you feel terrific!

    That purple/blue striped ice dye pattern is very attractive!

  4. So sorry about both your sisters. Hoping the treatments put them both in good health again.
    I have a friend with an insulin pump who does marvelously with it. Hoping the same for you. Glad to see you are back ice dying. Have fun with it.

  5. Ice dying looks fun and your projects turned out well.