Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Slap 2

I wanted to make another comment about the slap and share a little family history. 

Almost two years ago my middle sister was diagnosed with an early case of breast cancer.  They were able to remove the lump and save the breast.  She had radiation but I don't think there was any chemo.  At any rate, she didn't lose her hair. 

My youngest sister has just been diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer in a lump on the side of her neck.  She thought she had Bell's Palsy because of the drop on that side of her face but it turned out to be more.  Yesterday she had the eye sewn shut to try to save it because of the way the eyelids were hanging and not protecting the eye.  She will begin chemo and other treatments for the cancer in the very near future.  She will, no doubt, lose her hair during the treatment and she does not think being bald will be funny.  

My cousin has also been treated for breast cancer for 8 months now.  She has lost her long, dark, beautiful hair. 

I think every mention of the slap that I have read is totally negative about the actions of Will Smith.  None seem to have anything to say about Chris Rock publicly humiliating Jada P Smith.  Do you think she thought it was funny.  I bet she wanted to cry as everyone turned to look at her. 

Jada Pickett Smith did not have cancer but she had a disease she couldn't control and tried to act proud and well dressed while in the public eye.  

Why isn't what Chris Rock said about a woman's baldness on national TV the bigger wrong.  A slap is wrong but it was meant to let Chris Rock know what he said was wrong.  

I have heard the fear from these women in my family about how they will look when they lose their hair.  

Losing your hair is not funny.  It is not the way to entertain an audience.  I just can't stand that nobody is focusing on how rude Chris Rock was.  


  1. You're right and I agree that Chris Rock owes her an apology for that insensitive joke. I don't know if she has issued any kind of public statement about the situation yet, but she certainly should make her feelings know about it!

  2. I've seen Jada called worse things than G.I. Jane and it took a mild joke at the Oscars for Will Smith to supposedly stand up and defend his wife? Not buying it and not buying Chris supposedly being mean to Jada.

  3. It has always happened at the Oscars for the comedians to poke fun at the rich and glamorous. Most take it with the good humor of a roast. Will Smith laughed at first along with everyone else. I have seen lots of famous do the eye roll when the comics poked fun at them. In the past I have felt badly when celebrities were made fun of. Should it be? I don't think so either and perhaps this will change future behavior by the comics.
    Still what Will did was in no way right.

  4. I agree. The "joke" was hurtful and should have been challenged -- maybe not with a slap, but I do understand the immediate urge to shut that kind of rudeness down.

  5. I keep wondering if a comedian on shows like that need to get per-approval on the jokes he tells. Even if they don't it seems like someone in Rock's circle heard would have warned him not to go at Smith again. Those two have had bad blood between since 2016.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. The insensitivity of Rock towards a woman is lost in the drama of the slap. Then again, it is the way women’s issues get subsumed by male testosterone much of the time. Disgusting!

    Best wishes to your relatives regarding treatment.

  7. I'm so very sorry for what your sisters have gone through (and is currently going through)

    People can be so mean to each other, it doesn't make sense to me.

  8. A slap is not the answer, but I agree with Suz -- there's difference between funny and mean. And Chris Rock was just mean.

  9. I am so sorry about your family and all these health issues. I pray that they get well and no one, NO ONE LOSSES THEIR HAIR!!

    Who knew jADA had a disease? I thought she just rocked a shaved head from time to time because she's beautiful and she can. He didn't know.So like the rest of us who don't follow Jada we thought it was a fashion choice and then the joke was not mean one single bit.

    And let's say you are 100% correct and it was mean.
    What Will did was far worse. You don't go around hitting people because your feelings are hurt. My God, we could all do that daily.
    Oh poor me, they're making fun of my celiac disease and my inability to live and eat gluten.So I should people that hurt me like that?
    He was smug. It was all ego and show. She talks about her many lovers in public ad nauseaum to the point that I know about them all, maybe she should have told the world she had alopecia. Chris may have been wrong if he KNEW but Will was far worse and dispecible

  10. I completely agree with you. I live in Indiana and within the last couple of a weeks a lovely young lady in area took her own life because she could no longer stand the bullying from other students because she had lost her hair to alopecia. I condemn Chris Rock for his cruel remarks, not a joke. We need peer pressure to come to bear on these people who make a good living hurting and insulting others. His remark was not okay and it was not funny but it certainly enable the bullies. Shame on Chris Rock. (I have lost my hair to hair cancer treatment also and it was the hardest part of the experience.)