Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Slap Heard Round the World

 I think I am the only person that thinks this and it is alright for you to disagree with me.  

Of course, I am talking about Will Smith and Chris Rock.  What Chris Rock said about Jada being bald was a rude comment. If I had the same ailment and lost all my hair like she did, I would have been mortified.    

We have become so mean.  Do you laugh at cripples? Do you snort at stammers? Don't be mean was one of the many things my mother said to me and my sisters when we argued.    

Trump took it to the inth degree calling people names when they didn't agree with him.  Cow. Pocahontas. And to any more to name.  

Jada was trying her best to handle her disease with style and courage. I do not know much about Chris Rock.  I do not know much about Jada Pickett Smith. My opinion is based solely on manners.  

Well what kind of manners did Will Smith show.  Not good manners.  We never hit, my mother also said.  So Chris Rock was rude to Jada and Will was pissed.  

The whole world, well a good many people, heard Chris make fun of Jada's bald head.  If it were you and your problem would you want a joke broadcast near and far with other people repeating GI Jane 2.  No. 

l just think it is time we quit making fun of each other. If Will Smith had been my husband and did that, I think I would be proud of him standing up for me.  Embarrassed but glad.

Everything I have read bashed Will Smith but I'm glad he protected his wife's honor.  Now you have permission to bash me!


  1. I both agree up to a point and disagree up to a point, LOL!

    I agree that Chris Rock's "joke" was in bad taste, insensitive and insulting, and should not have been made. But I disagree with Will Smith's actions on two grounds: (1) physical violence is never an appropriate reaction and sets a very bad example to kids (and everyone else) about how to handle insults, and (2) in this modern day and age, women do not "need" their husbands or anyone else to "defend their honour." Jada Pinkett Smith was the insulted, injured party and it was both her right and her responsibility to communicate her negative feelings about it to Chris Rock. Will Smith's role should have simply been to support her reaction, not to demonstrate his poor boundaries by reacting "for her."

    However, suggestions on social media that Will Smith should lose his Oscar over this is inappropriate. (I know you haven't suggested this, but there's lots of talk about it on the internet and elsewhere). The Academy has given out/not retracted many, many Oscars over the years to people whose behaviour is deplorable on any number of serious grounds -- e.g. an Oscar to Roman Polanski who is a fugitive in Europe to escape a statutory rape charge in the USA. If Roman Polanski can keep his Oscar, certainly Will Smith should too.

  2. Good thoughts, Debra. I have added a second post on why this has affected me so strongly.

  3. Will Smith's violent action is a poor thing he modeled for children and for all of us. It makes it seem like if you hear smack talk/insults about a loved one the right response is to hit the person. If Chris Rock had fought back that would have been even worse, a big brawl. I could imagine Will or his wife walking on stage and yelling at Chris. That would be a better response and nonviolent. Just my two cents.

  4. I might be one of the few people who didn't see this. I thought it was staged. I agree with Debra that hitting someone isn't the answer to an insult. But I also think Chris should shut his mouth; not everything should be a joke. Right?

  5. I was not watching the Oscars, but have watched Youtube replay and conversation about it. I have, for a long time, been disgusted by what passes for humor. When children see television put-downs and comebacks, there is never an emotional response shown, just canned laughter. So they don't see that in real life, feelings get hurt. I hope that what happened is an opportunity for open debate at school, at church, and at the family dinner table.

    On another note, I have to say that I don't like it when my husband orders in a restaurant for me, I don't like it when he apologizes for me, and I do not like it when he rushes to my defense before I have had time to think through how *I* want to defend myself. Ms Pinkett Smith was not being physically attacked, she had a joke made at her expense, and I am confidant that she has the intelligence and chutzpah to respond in her own way and in her own time. But her husband denied her that with a moment of male temper. If I were her, I would be angry and disappointed with both Chris Rock and my own husband.