Friday, October 14, 2022

New Apartment

Buddy has never been a great lover of car rides.  Maybe because he is so small and cannot see out the window.  During the last few days of the move, he was getting anxious whenever I left so I started taking him when possible.  I think it made the new place seem more familiar after we made half a dozen trips back and forth to carry plants and lamps and he seems to have adjusted to car rides and the new apartment.

I'm in the new apartment and have mostly unpacked and put things in place.  It's fun/a a drag to find new favorite places - grocery, gas, hair, etc.  Speaking of which, I did get a fresh cut at Great Clips. 

Even though I found a lady by the old apartment I liked, her schedule had become sporadic so it was hard to plan a drive back there.  You know the problems of finding a new person.  On the day I tried this new lady at Great Clips my hair had freaked out and was sticking out all over.  I have never seen it like this.  An argumentive teenager. Consequently, I got the haircut from Hell but it's ok.  It will grow out. 

Buddy likes the new apartment too.  Lots of Hispanics and many (but not all) love a good chihuahua.  

I had to put together a 5-shelf metal shelf last night.  It was a struggle but I got it done.  Now I just have the (sigh) bedroom's small walk-in closet to finish.  

This apartment is like a dollhouse.  The layout is great but every room/closet is proportionately smaller than in a normal apartment.  I got rid of a lot before I moved and so much more after I got here.  I kept putting furniture outside with a free sign on it and one by one they were taken.  Only one printer table and one picture were left.  I was pretty pleased to recycle the things I did not want without having to pack them to Good Will.  

More later ... 


  1. There's nothing like a move to encourage downsizing! I hope you will be happy, healthy and free-spirited in your new apartment! Hugs to Buddy too. What a good doggy he is!

  2. It sounds like your are settling in nicely there. I wish you all the best in this new place!

  3. Downsizing by giving to others is the best way to get rid of stuff. I personally like a smaller place. Forces me to be more organized and less to clean. If Buddy's happy, that's the real stamp of appr9val. Enjoy your new home.

  4. Hope you and Buddy like the new place.

  5. Glad the move is over. The trips over with Buddy was a great way to get him used to the idea of his new digs! I hate finding new shopping spots etc...especially stylists! Good luck in your new home!

  6. Buddy is a cutie first of all!!! Your apartment sounds perfect for you two. Does Buddy have a window to look out of or a patio? You should try to sell your furniture instead of giving away. Facebook market place is where we sold a lot of our stuff when moving. A few hundred is better than nothing if not giving away to family.