Friday, June 23, 2023



Yep, it's hot down here in Texas.  Is this the second or third week of the Heatwave, I can't remember anymore, however, it is supposed to be around for another week at least.  

I'm sitting in the dark with my A/C set on 80 and a fan blowing directly on me.  Buddy is down to only two walks a day and those are as fast as his bodily voids will allow.  

My prediction is a super duper Hurricane will come out of the Gulf this Hurricane Season because the water is so hot.  I heard they can boil crawfish right off the pier in Louisiana.  

I just finished drinking the bottled water I had squirreled away last Hurricane Season. I could have called it the preparation for this year if I had just waited a month.  LOL.

More later ... 


  1. Our weather is just turned warm this week with temps in the 70s. Wish we could share these temps with you! Stay cool!

  2. Your heatwave is moving our way. Going to be 112 and up next week. So I will also be sitting in the dark, a/c set on 80 with fan blowing. I'm sure glad you haven't been in the tornadoes. Stay cool.

  3. We need rain up here in MI and people are complaining about the heat but it's nothing like you have down there. I don't complain until it's in the 90s and even then I probably won't run my AC.

  4. Stay safe. The weather channel predictions looked concerning.

  5. We're melting here in SWFL as well; not a fan of the heat!! Please don't mention the H word. 😜😳