Thursday, March 12, 2020

Groceries, Coronavirus, David Duchovny and Spring Break

I placed my first order to be picked up from Kroger this afternoon.  I'm doing this partly to keep myself germ-free and partly because of my cough.  I have allergies almost year-round and am constantly sneezing and coughing.   There is something about recycled air in a store that causes me to cough frequently.  It doesn't seem to matter if it is a thrift store or high-end dress store, I still seem to cough.  I will try to stay at home and spare others the scare.  I would get tested but I have no other cold/flu systems.  Since it is possible I could still get exposed and I don't know what Medicare will end up paying, I'll save my test for when I have the flu symptoms. 

Speaking of, isn't it sad about Tom and Rita Hanks being exposed in Australia, assumably.  Apparently, Rita really had the flu symptoms.  American royalty so I'm sure they will get the best treatment. 

I'm surprised our President hasn't used the Mexicans, et al at the Border to reinforce his plans for the Wall.  Maybe he is doing something secretly we don't know about.  Once a liar, always a liar so who knows. 

I watched Aquarius (the tv show) with David Duchovny on Netflix.  I watched an episode or two when it was on in 2015 but I was not feeling it then.  Since watching Mindhunter and Ted Bundy programs, I guess I am a little more anesthetized.  I read the book Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi, the Manson prosecutor after it came out in 1974.  I have never been a true-crime book reader so I'm not sure why I read it except I guess to understand why but there is no explanation to crazy. 

By the way, Duchovny was Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton, received a Master of Arts in English Lit from Yale and started on his Ph.D. but never finished it.  Who knew?

This tv program was loosely based on real life.  Manson was portrayed in just the way I expected him to look and act.  David Duchovny played a fictitious police officer who ended up investigating the Tate murders.  The show was about the events of the times in all of its ugly glory and ended with the murders at the Tate house but not the arrests and trial.  I have never been particularly attracted to Duchovny.  He is a nice looking man but in this show, he was showing signs of aging in a most attractive way. 

I don't think I ever thought of this while I was dating at that age, but there is a stage where a man's jawline begins to soften a little and the area under his chin is a little looser and dare I say if you are looking up, the face as a whole tends to hang forward a little.  Well, Duchovny was about 55 in real life at the time of filming and darned if this old girl didn't flashback on the past and think - yeah, that was a good stage in man's life. 

And, of course, I loved the clothes and hairstyles of the times.  I loved the focus on politics and politicians as well. 

So watching this two series program was my relaxation, although it did cause me a lot of thinking, during a four-day spring break visit with the Grand Girls.   We did make salt dough ornaments and they had a lovely time.  We made our usual visit to the library on the day before they left so they weren't here long enough to read.  They spent one evening with my daughter and her adopted boy.  The youngest told me that the adopted boy told the Oldest girl he wanted to marry her but she told him no because she was too young (10)!  OMG, I'll have to keep my eyes open. 

Buddy and Youngest watching Video

It's hard to make salt dough without getting flour Somewhere


Or Everywhere

More later .....



  1. I think we will definitely be using the pick up ordering from our Kroger. Which is sad for me because I love wandering the grocery store aisles. I sneeze a lot with my allergies and with all the rain AZ has gotten this winter, the desert is in bloom.

  2. Barbara I knew that about Duchovny and when I learned it I too was surprised. I also have read a couple of his books. I think you made a great call to have your groceries delivered. Stay well.

  3. Young love, how cute the 10 year old says she is too young to marry. I am retired and of an age where I am supposed to stay away from crowds. Be well.

  4. I hope you can avoid that virus, Barbara. Stay safe!

  5. Your granddaughter have something in common. I also told the first boy who asked me to marry him that I was too young...only difference is I was 18. LOL

    Love that you're picking up your groceries partly because you don't want to scare other shoppers. I saw someone coughing in the store this week and gave her a very wide berth. She did scare me!

  6. Let us know how that Kroger pick up worked out. I may go to that from Walmart. Don't have a Kroger here. Yes, someone coughing now is down right scary. I will avoid whole aisles sometimes. Be glad when all this is over.

  7. Yes, you don't want to cough or sneeze in public these days, LOL! People will call the coronavirus police!

  8. We loved Mindhunters (have finished it now), so I think we will try Aquarius. You are a great source of entertainment leads! :)