Monday, March 16, 2020

Just Checking In

I was offline while the Grand Girls were here so I tried to catch up on my reading of your blogs this morning.  I did very little commenting because I am having a bit of brain fog today.  So please know that is the reason you have not had a response from me. 

I'm broke this month because I had a bit of a spending spree.  I bought several lightweight, sleeveless cotton shirts for our year-long Texas summer weather.  I was excited about wearing my new purchases but it looks like I won't be going anywhere to wear them for a while. 

I also bought myself some curtains for the front windows.  By the way, I have lived in this apartment a year now and renew my lease this month so I guess you could say it is working out well.  As I've told you many times, I love watching the sun come up or set, depending on my sleep schedule, through the trees across the boulevard.  I have vacillated on buying curtains since I moved here. 

Last week I received a coupon from World Market so when I was near I stopped in.  I was not looking for curtains, just for my $10 shopping credit, but saw some I couldn't live without.  So now I have curtains and they make me happy. 

Since I spent all my money on my new purchases, I cannot go out and binge on toilet paper. 

The weather has been lovely here.  I did a little work on my flower pots and have been able to leave the door cracked so Buddy could go on the balcony.  He loves the outside feeling and watching all the walkers but acts a fool.  I decided during this social isolation I would try to teach Buddy not to bark.  This involves me getting up and shaking a finger quite often but at least it will keep my hips well oiled. 

This will not be an easy task as many small dogs, like Buddy, are barkers but you are limited on what you can accomplish during a pandemic.  This may also be a good time to lengthen my walk time if we are not told to stay completely inside at some point.  I simply don't have the mental energy to panic and trust that I have raised my children to be responsible and care for their families.

For me and Buddy, we will try to be diligent.  Insulin has a shelf life and I have to get one of mine at Walmart.  I don't know what will happen if they close the store because their pharmacy does not have a drive-through and I save $100 by buying it there.  My other Insulin will be ready for renewal next week I think so I will have 90 days of that.  It sure would be nice if I could buy my insulin by mail but it has to be refrigerated.  Where is a drone when you need one?

More later ....


  1. our local Walmart Pharmacy is now doing delivery during this time. Yours may too. Hang in there, blogging is virus free!

  2. Welcome back online! In the coming month I suspect the blog community will b e our saving grace.

  3. I am glad you are doing well so far. Take care, Barbara.

  4. We went shopping for necessities two weeks ago before everybody went crazy and spent our budget for the month. Makes it easier to stay isolated when you're broke. I really don't think pharmacies will shut down. So you should be good. Stay safe and keep us advised.

  5. If the pharmacies shut down we are all in deep do do. Check to see if they are doing delivery like they do in Peg's town. If not suggest they should start. That would be perfect.

  6. Good luck with the stop barking training. You may want to try putting a few marbles, pebbles or pennies into an empty plastic water bottle that you can shake every time Buddy starts to bark. The theory is that the sudden noise will break the dog's concentration and they will eventually realize barking is a no-no. I keep them on the kitchen counter, next to my computer and recliner. So far it's working pretty good on Capo and my old knees appreciate the reduced up and downs.

  7. I think they will leave the stores open that have pharmacies in them. So I think you will be ok there. Stay safe.

  8. Sorry about the brain fog and the RX issue; I hope you get what you need.
    Good luck with Buddy. I'm trying to re-train Max (I've taken custody from oldest daughter) to not jump up on people. He's a small dog too and I think that he's trying to get 'close' to everyone. We will see how it goes.
    I'm so happy about your curtains. You should share a pic!
    Take care-Suz

  9. Hi, I just came across your blog and have been looking at some of your posts. I have a Prozac prescription which I get at my local Safeway pharmacy. I've been going into to get it. Most of the time I'm able to do so when I have to go grocery shopping, though not always. I was at the store on Memorial Day, neary forgetting about the holiday. This was the first legal since the lockdown began around the date of this post. Such holidays usually feel like another Sunday, but every day since mid-March has seemed like a holiday. And last Saturday barely felt like the 4th.