Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Quick Update

 Well, my new job is over.  The Boss tried switching and/or reassigning different responsibilities and I ended up with a job I absolutely didn't want.  Apparently, my displeasure was quite apparent, which I did not mean to show, but I was very nice when asked I told her this was not the job I applied for and not the type of job I wanted.  There was all kind of technical difficulties involved which is a big problem when everything is remote and there is no IT available. So, I am mostly glad.  I will miss the money. I forgot how much fun payday was, but now I don't have to worry about making too much money for the affordable living apartment I am in line for.  

So, on the way home from handing over my keys, I decided to drop my car off at the shop because the air condition I just had fixed wasn't cooling.  I take an Uber home across town for $30.  A little while after I get home, they call and tell me they ran a diagnostic and it was cooling to 64 or some such something.  So, I take another Uber back to the garage.  The young fella wanted to charge me for running a diagnostic, but the owner waived it.  It pays to be a repeat customer.  We discuss how it could be that it didn't cool for me.  Obviously, I do know how to work my own AC. Oh well, about froze me out on the way home so it must have been some kind of error on my part.  (insert: Me shaking my head) 

Then I notice as I am about to get on the freeway that my Empty light in on.  I always keep gas in my car and don't know how this happened either.  I take one of these paid expressways to go downtown and there is no getting off and on, so I'm clinching my shoulders and behind - that's how worried I was about running out of gas.  I make it to the first gas station I see and gas is $4.59 there.  Ouch.  The card reader is out but I have a $20 bill so I buy that much. One-half tank?  What?  I have a small tank too.  Oh well, I didn't run out in the middle of the expressway so I'll take it as a win.  

Man on man, what a day.  I had three of those midget candy bars when I got home! Ha. I'm afraid to go anywhere or do anything.  If I read my horoscope this morning, I am sure it said not to get out of bed today.  Having said that ....

Life is good if you roll with the punches. 

More later. 


  1. It’s too bad the job wasn’t what you signed up for. That was an expensive trip across town but at least the AC is okay. Take care.

  2. I've been reading how some employers are doing a bait and switch on job duties. Doesn't seem to be working for them as the employee just ups and leaves, so don't know why they even try it.

  3. Well, you had an exciting day! But you got home safe and sound -- no poorer for the a/c altho' like all of us, a lot poorer for the gasoline.

  4. Yowza, what a day! I hope tomorrow has no more surprises.

  5. So sorry about the job and if Boots is right, really not nice by the employers.
    The day was an adventure but at least your A/C is fine and you made it home. We have to enjoy the wins.

  6. Roll with the punches! Hope today is a better one with no punches.

  7. Barbara, I'm very glad you didn't run out of gas on the expressway. Also, that you had a twenty in your wallet. This is a good reminder to always carry some cash for emergencies. Something I'm not very good at remembering to do. But now, after reading your story, I have it on my to-do list to get some cash. Life is full of surprises. "Roll with the punches" is a good motto. xx