Monday, May 30, 2022

You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips

Yep.  Righteous Brothers and Top Gun, in case you didn't snap to that right away.  I went to see the new Top Gun movie on Sunday of Memorial Weekend.  It was fitting and appropriate.  I'm neither big on nor dislike Tom Cruise.  I did rewatch Top Gun (I) in preparation for (II).  (I) has withheld the test of time I thought.  The chemistry between Cruise and Kelly McGillis was probably the best on-screen chemistry I have seen Cruise have.  In the new Top Gun Jennifer Connelly is the female interest.  Both are kind of natural looking women and Jennifer looked good.  Somehow her eyebrows were toned down.  Meow but I just had to make that comment.  They have always bothered me. 

I really enjoyed all the flight scenes, which was most of the movie, and to see how the air force has advanced since I haven't really kept up with the armed forces as a whole.  I enjoyed this movie as much as the first.  

One of the interesting parts about going to this movie is that I went with my daughter and her Meet Up Group.  At the urging of her wife, Daughter started her own movie group, and we were joined by three ladies and a man, so 7 in total, and went to a nearby place for lunch afterwards.  It was a very enjoyable experience and it made me realize that I might need to get out more since I am feeling better.  I am looking for other groups I might like.  

Someone parked in the parking space closest to my apartment and hasn't moved all weekend.  It really irritates me.  I like assigned parking spaces.  I guess it's part of the repetitiveness in life I enjoy.  Or maybe I'm getting to the gripey old lady stage. 

I picked up a boogie board (do they still call them that) in anticipation of going in the pool.  There is a lot of action around the pool area - kids in the day and adults at night.  I like that ladies of all sizes show up in their suits.  Makes me feel comfortable in my body too. 

My new patient assistance insulin came in for my pump use.  So thankful to have a doctor that knew about such things.  I have a bunch of novolog insulin (common for both Type 1 and 2, I think).  I would like to share this insulin since I received it for free but don't know how to reach out.  You can't advertise over facebook or free sites, I don't think and I don't know anyone else who needs it.  Any ideas to find someone in need.  This stuff is quite expensive and I hate for it to go to waste. 

More later ... 


  1. I don't mind Tom Cruise in movies either. He's a very good actor at what he does. He may be a jerk in real life but that's his business. I never did see the first Top Gun movie, so I'm unlikely to bother seeing the second one either.

  2. We plan to see the second Top Gun movie. Love the action!

    Hope you find a local group for some social interaction. I think we are all Rusty at social interaction after these last few years!

  3. What an interesting concept. Book clubs have been around for years, why not a movie group?
    That movie has really gotten the good hype. I saw the first one and will probably catch this one eventually. Glad you had a good time.

  4. We've never seen the first Top Gun either. My daughter and s-i-l saw the original and went to see the sequel this weekend, and both really enjoyed it.

    Try Googling "where can I donate unused diabetic supplies near me." Or maybe your doctor or pharmacist might know of a place that would/could accept it. If all else fails, you could try a veterinarian clinic, as pets get diabetes too.

  5. I have not or will not see this. Too macho pilot stuff for me. Lived it and not fond of it. I also despise Tom Cruise. Like Clint Eastwood he is the same in every movie. I mean Clint does not have range and neither does Tom. (tom hanks yes, tom cruise, LOL)
    He is always playing a Smug, arrogant,whatever just as he appears in real life to me. So not a fan. I am so glad you enjoyed it though and I think a movie club sounds like fun!

  6. The two movies I want to see in a theater are the new Top Gun and the new Downton Abbey. I saw Tom Cruise on TV interviewed at the Silver Jubilee celebrations and he looks remarkably young and fit. Nice you went out and about with a group.