Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Change to Comments

I've changed my comment mode to pop-up window.  I am getting lots of comments held on blogger for moderation and I am no longer notified like I used to be.  I've heard others of you comment on the same thing.  I've never used pop-up before so I'll just see how it goes.

My Christmas is going well aside from the fact that I am sleeping days again and that is causing so many problems. 

Since it is dark so early and Buddy's last walk is sometime between dusk and dark, I have made it an event to walk around and look at Christmas lights.  I love these old Victorian homes and the colored lights and decorations makes them even more special.  I've taken several selfies in front of the houses. None are good quality but I wanted to remember this so I would do it again next year.
I'll share one next time. 

Throwback: Youngest Grand wearing the pink wig
my daughter wore to the Pink Concert.

My youngest sister and her husband are coming to town on the 21st.  We are meeting at the Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood where we grew up.  My son and family will be out of town and several others are on standby.  It is a big noisy restaurant so it will be fun.  

I am truly enjoying this Holiday Season because I have made myself slow down and enjoy each little event as something special.  We get so used to big parties and large family celebrations that we sometimes forget to enjoy the little things.  I hope you are enjoying your big and little things. 

More later .... 


  1. Trying to slow down here, too. Wonder what's up with your notifications? Mine are working, so far. I hope it stays that way, but I will keep checking at the dashboard, just in case. Happy Tuesday, Barbara! Hope you can work out your days and nights! It's definitely more challenging with it getting dark so early.

  2. Sounds like a plan! Your granddaughter is a cutie ♥

  3. Glad you are enjoying your holiday events. This time of the year can be fun, can't it.

    I don't get the reasons why some people prefer the pop up comment box over the standard. I guess I should check it out sometime.

  4. YAY!! I can comment now. ;)
    Love the pic of your cutie with her pink hair.
    I would love to slow down and enjoy the little things MORE than the big things. It's just not in the cards when you're hosting....perhaps one day, I'll be on the other side of the parties.
    The get together with your peeps at the Mexican restaurant will be delightful. Enjoy!

  5. Nice to hear someone say they are enjoying the holidays.
    I couldn't use the other way so I had to go to pop up. Blogger is fickle.

  6. Hope this works out for you. I couldn't get comment moderation to work for me anymore so I have to keep an eye out for spammers.

  7. What an adorable photo of your granddaughter in that pink wig!

  8. We’ve had a great Christmas season so far. Hope it continues for you too!