Monday, January 20, 2020

Are You Dehydrated?

This time of year we don't often worry about becoming dehydrated but there are many of us that don't drink enough water, even in the winter. 

We've all read about the importance of water, how our bodies are mostly water, and how much water we should drink each day.  I'm not going to go over this but I will say diabetics, cancer, and dementia patients can also have problems staying hydrated any time of the year. 

One of the diabetic sites I read had the suggestion to try these hydrating foods.  The article link is below the list. 

  1. cucumber
  2. applesauce
  3. carrots
  4. cottage cheese (with celery as a scooper) 
  5. popsicles
  6. watermelon 
  7. iceberg lettuce
  8. grapes
  9. yogurt
  10. broccoli
  11. jello 
  12. tomatoes and tomato sauce 
  13. oranges
  14. soup 
  15. cantaloupes
  16. strawberries and other berries 
  17. bell pepper 
  18. kiwi
I am perpetually dehydrated.  I drink very little in a day.  Even before I reached this glorious age of almost 70 with severe diabetes, my legs and arms were often showing the signs (read it as alligator skin) of dehydration.   

You know, of course, that coffee, tea, and coke do not count as substitutes for water.  I had a hard time teaching myself to drink water when I started trying to control my numbers.  Apparently, if there is not enough water your blood gets thick and your numbers go higher.  Come on.  Is there nothing that diabetes doesn't affect?  It doesn't feel like it.  

I have noticed on certain occasions that I wanted to each something wet.  Watermelon and cantaloupe come to mind so I was very interested to read this article about how I could add more liquid to my intake without grabbing another glass of water.  

Some of you may take a medicine that makes your mouth dry or some of you might be poor water drinkers like me.  This does seem like an easy way to saunter into good health. 

More later .... 


  1. I'm drinking water right now! I've never been a very good water drinker either, until about 5 years ago when I had to give up drinking Diet Coke. That's when water became my new best friend.

  2. I drink 8 glasses a day without any problem. Have done for many years now.

  3. I like water and drink my fair share. But I know a lot of seniors who've had serious issues from not drinking enough. I wasn't aware the water found in food can be figured into the equation.

  4. I find water much easier to drink if I put a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in it. Gets it down a lot faster. Thanks for the reminder. I'm not very good at keeping myself hydrated either. Have a great week!

  5. I drink water most of the day but I’d say not enough either, room temperature water is easier to drink I find, rather than icy cold from the fridge.

  6. I am a big water believer. When I ever start feeling a bit wonky, I start sipping on water if I have been negligent. Normally I keep a jug of water by my computer and sip on it as I work.
    Found another reason for water. It is hard for the technicians to draw your blood if dehydrated. I watched two nurses try to get blood out of a man. It was brutal. When he left I asked what the problem was. They both said, he was dehydrated.

  7. I'm usually very good about drinking water, but reading this today I realized I hadn't had anything other than coffee this morning. Thanks for the reminder. I do love cucumbers and watermelon as snacks though. Keep up the good work and learning more and more about how to help with your health.