Monday, June 15, 2020

This, That and the Other

Life over here has been covid normal.  Staying home mostly.  Grocery store has been about my only outing.  My endocrinologist even refilled my insulin without going in.  That was a shocker and one appointment I would have had to keep if she had insisted.

Buddy has been under the weather the last couple of days.  Not sure if it is his belly or back but he walks all tightened up.  He hasn't even wanted to go outside for a few days and then he waits for me to carry him down the stairs if we go outside - and normally he hates to be carried.  We walked about 2/3rds of the way around the block.  He was walking very slow and then a short time after he did his business he waited to be carried.  I felt him all over and he doesn't react as if in any pain.  I'll have to take him to vet as soon as I get my next check.  Why is life always about waiting for your next check? 

My sleep has been on its regular around the clock rotation.  It does seem like I'm sleeping a little longer each night.  I thought you were supposed to sleep less when you are older?  

My gum disease from the diabetes has become pretty bad, as in serious gum recession.  I've put that on the list of urgent things to take care of.  Darn it all.  I think my mother was right - it is not always fun to being an adult.  

I've been spending the majority of my free time entering online sweepstakes.  I won a ring (costume jewelry)  in one contest and a couple of books for myself and the Grand Girls in both print and kindle.  The great thing about is that you can have more than one address so when I enter for a children's book I use their address and the book goes straight to them.  Neat.

I also won 3rd place on  My prize was $100 off a Garden Tower (see picture below).  Unfortunately, the Garden Towers run about $300 so the balance was beyond my means so I had to pass.  My wins amounts to an hourly rate of about 02 cents an hour for my invested time!  Ha.

Here is a picture of the Garden Tower.  It is actually a pretty neat pot.  

I started a new blog at which is just about sweeps.  I'm not sure if I will keep it up.  I was searching for other blogs to hook up with and most of them I found had not been posted on since 2015 or 2016.  That is kind of odd for a great number of people to drop out then.  However, I also drop in and out of contesting and have noticed that the sweeps out there are not as great or as many as there used to be when I was last contesting so maybe that is the reason.

I got a coupon from the place where I get my oil changed but I doubt I've driven 50 miles since this virus started.  I've topped off my gas once just to use the gas coupon you get from Kroger.  I need to top it off again just in case I have to run from the zombies or any other virus that might attack us.  Hahaha.

I can't think of anything else I can share.  Life is so dreadfully mundane - and that's not too bad.

More later ....


  1. Barbara I laughed when you said you had won $100 but the item was $300. I would have felt the same as you did! I'm worried about Buddy. I hope he will be okay. I am tired of being in the house but when I go out people annoy the hell out of me so maybe it's best I stay inside. :-)

  2. Just a thought but maybe Buddy could benefit from some additional fiber in his diet. Like us, dogs sometimes get ""backed up" especially as they get older. Steamed yams or canned pumpkin (not the pie mix) mixed in with his regular dog food works great for my aging Yorkie mix. I freeze the pumpkin and/or yams in a ice cube tray, pop them out when frozen and store in a zip lock bag to have on hand when needed. Even if it doesn't "cure" his problem he'll no doubt enjoy the special flavor added to his food.

  3. I hope Buddy is better very soon or that you can get him to a vet. It must be very worrying for you.

  4. Wow, I've never known anyone who actually won stuff like that. Nice hobby if if pays off like that.

    Poor Buddy. He really does need to see the vet if he doesn't pull out of whatever is going on soon.

  5. I sure hop you can find out what is wrong with Buddy. Poor little fellow. If they could only talk.
    Congrats on your wins. That tower is cool but that is a lot of money.
    Stay safe.

  6. Poor Buddy. I think I would give the vet a call. They may be very understanding about waiting for the next check, and let you pay in installments. I'm sure they wouldn't want Buddy to be waiting in pain.

  7. It is good to hear that all is well with you!

  8. Hugs to Buddy! I hope he feels better soon.

  9. Glad to see you back! Hope your blogging mojo came back. Btw, my blog address has changed. Just saw that you link to my old address. (Follow my profile link to see where I am now)

    Poor Buddy! I agree with the other commenter. I'm sure the vet would work with you on a payment plan so Buddy could get right in. Hope it's nothing to worry about. 🙏

  10. I'm unfamiliar with the sweetstakes contests; sounds like a good distraction even if you're not making a ton.
    Poor Buddy; I hope he's feeling better soon. I wonder if he has a pinched nerve?
    Your Mom was right, it's not always fun. I pray you get your gums looked at before it becomes worse. Thanks for your visit; I always love hearing from you.