Friday, September 24, 2021

We've got Boxes

Buddy sitting at the kitchen doorway whining for his breakfast.

I got a whole slew of boxes that were near me for free on Craigslist. 

I starting making my "Open Me First" list so I would have the things I really need in my car to unpack first.  

My son is going to look at a house in the country for me.  He is a bit of a snob but if he says it is safe enough then I'll change course from the apartment near my daughter to the house in the country.  Anybody sat "fresh eggs".  

If the house in the country does not work out, I have to pay all my deposits for the apartment on Saturday.  

I got a quote from the movers and when he asked if I wanted packers I thought about Margaret telling how efficient her packers were.  If there are extra funds I'm thinking about doing that too. 

I've talked with the old apartment manager and she is working on getting me the moving package money but didn't know exactly when since I am the first to file for the package. 

I contacted the Visa Card people that I won the contest from and they are working on it.  Will everybody quit working on it and get it done. 

I am rigid with anxiety.  So much is still up in the air but I'll just go take Buddy for an extra-long walk and see if that calms the nerves. 

More later ... 


  1. This is a big moment for you as you prepare to move, and where to move. Best wishes to you.

  2. Dogs are good stress busters since they have no idea what the fuss is and just want to have fun. For a little while, let Buddy lead.
    I'm leaning for the house in the country but like you, hope all those working on your money just do it.

  3. Good idea to go for a walk when you feel stressed. It helps me! Hope it works out well for you, Barbara.

  4. Hope you land safely and happily. But relax, take a breath, it usually all works out.

  5. Not fun to pack and move under any circumstance, but especially stressful under you're. Stay strong. It will all come together and Buddy will help ground you when you feel lost.

  6. I hope you have an answer soon...the not knowing where you are going is horrible. Big hugs to both of you!

  7. It's hard to be in the middle of so many changes and unknowns. Hoping and praying things work out for you!