Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Hot Tub and a Hot Toddy and I will be fine

 I told you my Chromebook died the week of the move.  That was awful.  Like when you put your car in the shop and you keep having the urge to go somewhere just because you can't. Luckily, I could read my email on my phone - I'm beginning to feel like we are way past the Jetson's, except for the flying cars.  

I bought a new HP Windows laptop.  This old dog is learning new tricks or reviving old ones with Windows.  The purchase was kind of a reckless decision on my part.  I walked into Target for something I needed for the new apartment and as I walked past the electronics I just made the decision I needed a new laptop and I needed it now.  Usually I research a purchase like that to death. Luck is on my side, I am quite pleased with the new HP. 

Did I tell you I knocked the big TV over and now it has lines and stripes across the screen.  I've still been watching it because I'm so tired in the evenings, I'm not really paying attention so who cares if there are lines.  I did get my smaller TV out and started reloading my favorite channels.  I hate user names and passwords.  I really want one for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I have only one more box to unpack.  Yahoo.  However, I will be culling out all the boxes and tubs we put on my closet shelf.  The storage around here is almost non-existent.   I don't have room for my kitchen items and I don't even have that many. Good thing I don't cook. 

I think I will feel like I really live here when I try to enter a room and know where the light switch is.  I'm still scratching empty walls.   

I did get most of the money promised from the Old Apartment Management.  By the last day, I thought the old Manager was going to cry.  Apparently she was as stressed by the Old Managements lack of organization as I was.  Anyway, I got the dog deposit.  Can I say it again $400.  You'd think I was keeping an elephant in my apartment for that money.  The Old Management also gave me the prorated rent for October at the new place and $1000 for the deposit.  Now they have a strange deposit policy here.  You can pay $1,000 as a refundable deposit or you can pay $20 extra a month for no deposit/no refund.  So I applied the $1000 to my November rent so now I won't be paying rent out of my pocket until December.  The Old Management is supposed to mail me the balance of the payout which is about $325.  Hopefully they will but I feel good about what they have done without it.  

Most importantly, Buddy also got a new leash.  

More later ...


  1. Sounds like things are going well and you're settling in! Lack of storage will encourage you to downsize and just keep necessities. There is never enough storage in apartments!

  2. HP is good. That's what I have, but Oh Noooo .... Not the TV. Is this a house, duplex or apartment complex? Do you have neighbors?

  3. Had to smile at you scratching the walls looking for light switches. Been there. So glad you have gotten most of your money. I thought that might be iffy but they came through. Enjoy that new lap top. Learning curve is never fun but hope you like the new bells and whistles.

  4. I hope you enjoy your new laptop; I don't know how long I could go without mine.
    I hear you on scratching empty walls looking for light switches.
    Yay on the new leash; I hope you and Buddy continue to settle in nicely.

  5. So many adventures for you! My goodness! Glad you got a new computer. Around now would be a good time to replace the tv if you decide to. Black Friday-type deals should be pretty numerous soon. Glad you also got some money back from the old place.