Friday, December 3, 2021

A Small Injury

 This will be a short post as I have injured my right index finger and it is very hard to type without it. 

Of course, Buddy had to check out the smell of blood and bandage and ointment on the hand meant for scratching him.  

How did I manage to be so clumsy?  I slammed the iron gate to the front mailbox center on my finger.  Not sure how I managed that but I did. 

The cut is short but right at the first bend so I tried to apply plenty of bandages to remind me not to bend it and open the cut.  There is also a nice bruise on the other side of my finger.  

I think I could have used a stitch or two but I just couldn't muster a visit to a medical quick stop as I don't have a regular physician, just my endocrinologist.  

As a diabetic, I am particularly careful about injuries.  My diabetic BIL has had some awful happenings to his feet and I don't want anything cut out or off.  

Long story short, I won't be typing comments for a short while but I will be reading, so keep me informed.  

More later ... 


  1. Ouch! I hope it heals quickly. Awkward spot for an injury.

  2. That sounds painful. Hope you heal quickly, Barbara.

  3. "Iron gate" ... you may need a tetanus shot. Better safe than sorry.

  4. Take good care of that finger. Buddy needs all the scratches he can get.

  5. Stay off the key board and just heal lady.

  6. Oh no. I'm so very sorry! I hope you heal quickly. Take care.