Friday, November 22, 2019

Hey folks.  Just checking in.  A cold front is on its way and the wind is blowing beautiful leaves all over the place.  It looks like an animated scene you'd see on the internet as the leaves toss and turn in the wind.  It was lovely.  I'm still in shorts.  Been so for a couple of days.  But the long pants are out of storage until next Spring as the cold temps will come and go until then. 

Big plans for Thanksgiving at Son's house.  My Sister and her crew who usually host most holidays will be coming as well as DIL's mother who I have not met.  Grandson, who I have not seen since he got his own apartment will be there!  So excited to see him.  Grand Girls will be home for Thanksgiving but gone for Christmas.  DIL's sons are the opposite and I think DIL is planning an after Christmas Christmas for when the girls get home. 

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with the young female doctor I like so I could get my happy pills refilled.  I have issues with anxiety, startle response and claustrophobia.  Ever been stuck in traffic and had claustrophobia?  You want to jump out of the car and run down the road like Godzilla is coming after you.  She said my blood pressure was high again and upped my medicine again.  My sugar was pretty decent for me the last couple of days but my energy was really dragging.  I didn't even think to check my blood pressure.  What do you do if your blood pressure is high?  It is not like sugar levels where you can take a shot to bring it down.  Brother, life sure is complicated sometimes. 

Has anyone watched Mandalorian on the new Disney plus channel?  I won't spoil it for anyone but I thought it was excellent if you are a Star Wars fan. 

I read this when the last cold front came through recently.  I thought the early winter was all in my mind but I guess not. 
With clouds and rain Thursday, we managed to only hit 48° for a high temperature. That was the third consecutive day of Houston not getting above 50°. When is the last time that occurred in November? That would be November 27 to 30, 1952.
1952 was a long time ago.  Just look on a drop-down menu.  It's way down there.  Hahaha.

More later ...


  1. We too are having a very cold fall. I dread thinking about what winter will bring. it's in the 50's right now but raining so it feels far worse. Another reason for hot cocoa with a splash of peppermint schnapps. I love a peppermint patty (wink wink)

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot of fun events coming up.

    I have high blood pressure too but other than be diligent about taking my meds regularly and watching my salt intake I try not to worry about it.

  3. My blood pressure is always up in the doctor’s office. Exercise, and watching salt intake always help it though.

  4. You're going to enjoy that great big family Thanksgiving, I bet! Have fun!

  5. I don't have a blood pressure problem but I check it twice a day since I am always high at the doctors office. I really watch my salt intake also. Don 't want the Dr's reading to become the right one.
    Have fun with your family for Thanksgiving.

  6. My blood pressure has been up a bit for the past several months. Last week doc added a new pill to my regimen. :( As for claustrophobia in traffic, when I was adjusting to a difficult life event I suffered it terribly! Picking up the kids from school was unbearable with all the parents double parking and trapping me throat felt like it was swelling closed, and I couldn't breath. I went to the doctor thinking it was allergies, but while waiting in the exam room I read a poster about anxiety, and by the time she made it into the room I was crying hysterically! Never suffered it while moving, but stop-and-go traffic definitely makes me uneasy.

  7. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it will be wonderful; full of family!!
    I do not have issues with claustrophobia, but I sypathize with anyone who does.
    Stay warm and enjoy all your people.

  8. I swear I commented on this a few days ago. Wishing you a beautiful thanksgiving with all your family. It will be cold, but warm with love. Right?
    I sympathize with you about the anxiety/clausto feelings. I hope the RX's help!!
    Have a great holiday!