Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hunkered Down

Anytime it is sweater weather here it might as well be -20.  Hahaha.  Little Buddy and I are hunkered down.

I covered my plants on the balcony but the wind blew the cover off and it's looking pretty sad.  Here is before.  

Memories.  Light the corners of my mind.  (The Way We Were) And, I'm afraid that's all that will be left.  

More later.  


  1. You’ve had it colder than we had earlier this week. Stay warm!

  2. That movie has always spoke to me. Can't wait to see what comes later.

  3. Buddy is so cute all snuggled up in his blankie!

  4. Loved the picture of Buddy peeking out from the blanket. Stay warm little guy and you too Mom.

  5. Oh my goodness; your poor plants. :(
    I'm with you and Buddy-nothing better than snuggling on a cold day.

  6. Forgot to add your blog to my roll. So I'm playing catch up. It gets down in the 50s at night and Skitz gets me up early to feed her and turn on the fireplace. She wont snuggle with me anymore but loves her warm fireplace.