Thursday, November 14, 2019

What is your best time of day?

Author Elizabeth Gilbert on time management:

“If you’ve reached a certain age then you know what works for you. You should know by this point in your life what time of day you’re 'good' — like what time of day is your brain at its best. Because the reality is we all get, maybe, two good hours a day where we actually feel awake and alert.

"And the big, important question is: Who currently gets that time from you. The best time from your brain every day—who or what currently gets that? And would you be willing to take it back so that it’s yours and then give the world the 'second-rate' version of you (which is the other 22 hours of the day)…"

This was a clip from  I couldn't find the link back to where he got it but you can find Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) at

As I've mentioned before, I am an avid audiobook listener.  I have Overdrive on my old phone.  I can access my library through Overdrive and listen to and place on hold any book that interests me for free.  I could also ebook it but I haven't gotten to that yet.

So back to the article.  I remember when I worked.  The starting time was usually 8 to 8:30.  Like the song, I would stumble to my desk and grab that cup of coffee before my brain kicked in (Working 9 to 5).  While I was drinking coffee, I would read my emails from the boss - as emails from him were either information to know or tasks to perform.  With that information in hand, I would review the work for the day and separate it into groupings and by 10:00 I was at peak performance.   I can still remember that feeling of being ready and really hitting it.  Such good memories.

My daughter sent me a picture of her cubicle from her new law office and it made me so nostalgic - but not nostalgic enough to go back to work.  Hahaha.

And just a little humor to close. 

More later ...


  1. I'd say my peak time is mid-morning to mid-afternoon. How I laughed at that meme you posted!

  2. I love LOVE that pink poodle outfit on the whatever dog that is. Made me laugh out loud.

    My peek hours seem to be changing as I age. It used to be midnight to 2:00 AM when I was the most creative but now I find it hard to even stay up that late. Now it seems to be 10:00 to noon.

  3. My best time now is mid morning but it used to be in the evening after supper.

    Gotta love the pink outfit.

  4. The dog is fantastic.
    This makes a lot of sense to me too-I'm a better version of myself early afternoon; after coffee and a few meals. :)

  5. Loved the poodle! And I'm not an early morning person....I'm a mid-morning person!

  6. I want a hat like that:)) My best time changes from day to day. Depends on how well I slept. I use to be a morning person but now I seem to do better mid afternoon but again, that varies.

  7. Don't think I have two good hours anymore. Maybe two minutes somewhere.

  8. I seem to hit my stride about 6pm. That's when I begin things like vacuuming the house. Which is not to the hub's liking when he is home and wanting to watch the news. :) Used to stay up all night, but I'm having to adjust that since I did that crazy thing and went back to full-time work at age 62 after years of part-timing. Still acclimating.