Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mid-Month Wrap Up


I am having a lovely quiet December so far.  The house is decorated with odds and ends of decorations I picked up from the Thrift store.  I knew my daughter would be out of town for Thanksgiving which is when we usually pull out the decorations and since we combined households, our decorations are boxed together and I didn't feel like taking that task on alone.  So I started gathering odds and ends at the Thrift store that were Very inexpensive and I ended up with a nice little collection of used decorations to go with the few new items I had purchased at Michaels and Joann's when they had good coupons going.  One of the great things about being retired is that you can go to Michaels or other stores in the middle of the day when there are just a few people.  

We are doing Family Christmas on January 4 which is when all the children will be back from other parents' houses and my Daughter's Partner's Son will moving in with them permanently.  

I've spent a bit of time reflecting on the changes going on in my family.  I feel like I'm living through the "empty nest syndrome" again.  I remember that strange feeling when each of my children left home.  I'm glad they have each found a partner, a family and happiness but I do feel like there is something missing from my life when I don't see or hear from them constantly.  Even the Grand Girls are seeing their Mother every other weekend since Son has taken her back to court for custody.  That used to be my time.  I purchased lots of crafts and books to share with them over Thanksgiving and Christmas but their time was booked up.  Of course, having more time with their Mom and the other weekends spent as a family unit with Dad and Girlfriend (I am going to start calling her DIL to make it simple) and her kids is a really good situation.  My son has always been the "let's grab up all the kids and do something" kind of person.  I'm sure I'll see the Girls more when the court battle is over and the holidays are behind us.  

The most negative thing in my life, and I have to confess I am quite worried, is the periodontal disease that is eating my gums away.  I did not know until recently that uncontrolled sugar in the saliva from diabetes makes gum disease quite serious.  I have avoided the dentist since Medicare does not pay for it but I'm running out of time.  I need to research and see if the periodontist might be covered.  Does anyone know?  Maybe since it is caused by the diabetes I can get some coverage.  You've got to be willing to research when it comes to diabetes.  

I have all the strangest ailments from diabetes!  I guess it is better than having heart or circulatory problems.  There is always a silver lining and that's mine.  

I hope you are all enjoying this mid-month December except for Margaret, Peggy, Peg who doesn't have a chance in H#%% of having fun.  We are all thinking of you Margaret. 

More later. 


  1. We’ve had some changes in our family the last few years as well but as always, with a daughter who’s a nurse, we have Christmas around her work schedule. This year, Christmas is the 27th. The day isn’t as important as the time together whenever we can have it. With age comes flexibility I’ve come to realize.

  2. Our kids are spread all over the country so Christmas is just Jim and I. Very quiet which we do enjoy. The kids will call but the grands are almost all grown. No little ones to get all excited.

  3. Changes in families are always harder around the holidays.

    I did not know about the teeth - diabetes connection!

  4. Even without kids the changes are loud. My family is all over now and it's not as much fun. But I bought a Xmas candle that smells exactly like a Xmas tree. The insurance adjuster came into my home and said I can smell your tree. I laughed and said, see all this damage in my house? No tree, it's a candle.
    I have a wreath on the door and a candle. But we had a good laugh about it last night. It will most certainly be a Xmas to remember but not for the reasons one would think. If one doesn't laugh and see the humor I would be under the bed crying. So I am choosing to see the humor in it all. We may hang garland from the rafters since the ceiling is open. (that was Rick's suggestion)
    As for dental. You may wish to look into AARP dental. That is what I have and it's pretty darn good (delta dental) I mean you can drop it after you get your teeth fixed. Just a thought.

  5. Did not know that about gums and diabetes. Good grief, I sure hope you can find out a way to get that covered. Perhaps since it is caused by the disease you have a case.
    Enjoy the times you do get to spend with family. Less frequent makes each one more precious.