Monday, December 30, 2019

The Two Popes and Holiday Calm

I watched The Two Popes on Netflix today.  First, let me say I am not Catholic so my views on this movie and the Catholic doctrine are simply those of a movie watcher. 

I thought the acting, the script, and the movie, in general, were great.  There couldn't have been two better actors chosen.  The idea I got was that the Old Pope was strictly by the book and the New Pope was we have to come around to the world our people are living in.  From my view, it seems the Catholic Church has been struggling with that for a long time.  In fact, from my view, it seems the whole world is struggling with this and I believe many of the ideas espoused by the New Pope were absolutely on point.  However, it was a movie and I don't know how much of the dialogue was close to the actual words or thoughts of each priest.  I'll just say I really enjoyed it. 

I have an appointment with the endocrinologist tomorrow.  Happy New Year's Eve to me.  She had her office barraging me with phone calls to come in.  I only agreed because I was almost out of insulin and knew she would not refill it without my coming in.  Hahaha.  I'm getting really tired of these doctors not refilling my medicine unless I come in.  My GP upped one of my prescriptions and wouldn't refill this month so I'm just going to take the stash of drugs I had from before she upped my prescription.  I'm sure you are going through something similar.  If politicians want to complain about the cost of Medicare than they should tell the physicians not to force us to come in every three months and bill Medicare a small fortune.  I appreciate the hell out of Medicare but I wouldn't go in so often if I was paying for it so I don't want to waste Medicare's money either. 

Aside from the doctors' offices nagging me, I have had a calm and enjoyable Christmas - mostly at home and mostly alone.  The main reason for that is, of course, my sleep schedule.  Not too many friends and family awake to talk to at 3:00 in the morning!  I have New Year's Day at my Sister's and then Girl's Christmas that weekend.  I hope to be awake for both of those events.  My son and daughter are buying me new glasses for my Christmas present, but again my eye doctor is not open at 3:00 in the morning.  I'll get it done soon I hope. 

More later.....


  1. My doctor doesn't want to see me that often...just twice a year. I think when someone is diabetic, things can change quickly and they need to stay on top of it. That's my theory anyway because my husband and I had the same doctor and he was diabetic and had to go in more often than me.

  2. I was raised Catholic but I rebelled. I am not fond of the church on many many levels. Because of that I thought this was a movie that would make me angry so I didn't watch.
    Our insurance in this country makes me as mad as the Catholic church! I have to see a specialist. There are 3 in my area in this field. NONE even take insurance or medicare. So this is $795 out of pocket for 1 HOUR. How do they think real people afford this? Skip groceries and utilities? It all angers me so. How nice to get new glasses for Xmas. I'm up at 3am so give me a call. :-) I'm am either reading or watching something silly on TV. The other night was Designing Women and just laughing like a fool in the dark at 3am. :-)

  3. The good thing about seeing your doc on New Years Eve is that you won't have to pay the deductible for 2020. I was upset that my pulmonologist cancelled my appt today so I will have to pay the deductible in February. Phooey.
    Kind of grateful that I don't have to see my doctor for refills. If I am out they just call his office and they refill the Rx.
    Have a fine New Year.

  4. Our doctors will give us prescriptions for a year if our health is stable. I dread when the year is up! Good luck with your doctor!

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  5. I'd like to see that movie too. Thanks for the recommendation and good review you gave it! And good luck at the endocrinologist tomorrow!

  6. I haven't watched the Two Popes yet; I'll have to check it out.
    It's crazy how the Dr.'s always want to see you-they must love you a lot. ;)
    Happy 2020. Wishing you all the best!