Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dumb Things I Have Done Recently

There is a gremlin in my computer and I keep losing things I have typed.  First an Alien and then a Gremlin, time to call Ghost Busters! This all fits in with the comedy of errors happening to me. 

-  You know that I listen to my tv through blue-tooth headphones.  I have more trouble hearing in rooms with hard floors, not carpet, or high ceilings.  Since I prefer hardwood floors this has been a real conundrum.  I do have carpet now but have continued to use my headphones to protect my neighbors from loud tv.  So when I set off to do chores the other day I still had my headphones on.  I got in my car. Drove around to the laundry.  I started loading my clothes in the washer and the headphones feel off on the floor when I bent over. Luckily there was no one else in the laundry to see this. I had also taken a bag of garbage to the container earlier that morning.  I can't don't know if I had them on then also. 

- No, that is not the only dumb move.  When I backed out of the non-parking place I had pulled in to by the laundry,  I thought I was ever so clever being able to pull in and then back my little Honda out between two telephone/utility poles.  When I walked back to my car after my last errand I saw scratched paint and then a long line of yellow paint on my bumper.  The pole I thought I had cleverly out-maneuvered was the winner in that little test.  My car is a 2006 and looks like it has been rode hard and put up wet, as we say in Texas, so a little yellow didn't really ruin it, but it hurt my feelings anyway. 

- I ordered my new glasses this week.  I wasn't particularly impressed with Warby Parker because I am used to the practice of having all these measurements taken when the order is placed.  They do not do that whole process there and I asked why.  Why did I even ask why when I knew it felt wrong and I was not going to be satisfied with the answer?  Then I remembered buying some glasses at Costco and they also did not perform the whole process and yet I was pleased with their glasses.  So, I placed my order based on their happiness guarantee.  We'll see.  I am not afraid of going back.  Hopefully, it will not be counted as one of those dumb things. 

- I buy most of my bread from the Bread Store that is near my house.  I forget which brand it is but I think Sunbeam.  The shelves were low on stock and my eyes wandered to the next shelf with Nature's Own bread.  With carb count in mind, I found that one variety had a few carbs less than the white bread I had been buying (I know.  I know.)  So I picked up a loaf of Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat with 2x the fiber.  See where I am going?  I do like the taste of the bread but I did not realize what 2x the fiber would do to my digestion.  Let's just say I'm pretty clean these days.

I'll end here before all of the above disappears .....


  1. I didn't know they have stores that just sell bread! Sorry about the yellow scratch on your car.

  2. Great adventures Barbara. We all have them. Hope the glasses are a perfect fit.

  3. Sounds like you've had "one of those" weeks!

  4. Oh my goodness! We all do dumb things ; you’re in good company. The car scratch is a bad one and I’ve done that one too! I hope the eyeglass situation is a good one for you. I’m sorry that I giggled over your extra fiber issue-you live and learn. Xo

  5. OMG this cracked me up. I walked the dog again wearing my headset. People wave and think I'm walking the dog on a Bluetooth headphone and I'm just an idiot who walked out the door wearing them. Went to the carpet store with them around my neck yesterday. I was asked what those were. I was so embarrassed. So you are not alone here. I don't get how they can make them fit your face without all the measuring. My pair from Costco they measured so that confuses me about online ordering. And lastly Rick uses that phrase all the time, ridden hard and put away wet. I did not know it was a Texas thing since he is a northerner who has never lived in Texas. But the phrase always makes me laugh. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Haha! You're a nut. So many adventures. I hope your new glasses please you!

  7. Let's see. I note on your door to go out that says, HEADPHONES??.
    Sorry your car has turned yellow. I have a similar one that could hide the mark pretty well.
    Also have never heard of a bread store.I buy Natures Own but haven't seen the double fiber one. Bet that kept you busy.