Saturday, March 20, 2021

Can't find my Mojo

My life is just so boring - floods and freezes excluded - that I have lost my blogging mojo again.  

One interesting thing:  Have you heard that Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for Texas governor?  I have sworn off voting for anyone that ever had anything to do with Entertainment after the last guy who would be king or should I say, dictator.  Anyway, I have read about things McConaughey has said or done that are affirmative and constructive changes that need to be made for Texas so I would cautiously consider it.  At least he can make a complete sentence.  Ha.  Did you see the article where Trump said Biden used words people couldn't understand.  Speak for yourself hillbilly with the gold-plated toilet. 

I lost all my plants during the freeze because I didn't bring them inside.  I was ready to repot the planters on my balcony anyway so I just dumped them and started over.  Apparently, Mother Nature and the gardening industry were not synchronized and there has been a shortage of good plants available. 

I could only find enough Sweet Potatoe Vine (does not grow sweet potatoes) to plant three planters and I will have to figure out something for the fourth planter.  Note the rocks that I painted during one of my nothing better to do phases.   I also bought a new fern to sit next to my big fern. I use them to block the foot traffic from my view through one of my front windows.  

I think I've mentioned the art displays that are put up and down the blvd.  This one is close to me.  Not really sure what it is.  It is three-sided. Dragonfly? Butterfly?  Who knows.  

I bought this Costway portable washing machine.  It is about thigh-high on my 5'3" frame.  It washes on the left side and spin-dries on the right.  There is a drain hose on the left side you can't see which is why it sits in the tub when being used.  The frame is built with a raised platform on the bottom. It is more work than a regular washing machine but so far I prefer it to dragging my clothes to the laundry room.  I have since put cord-holders on the right side so the cord is held in place. 

My doctor's office has been helping me apply for assistance from the drug companies for my insulin.  The process is nearly finished after hours on hold.  I'll give you a report on that when I get the results from two different drug companies.  

And last but not least, my Buddy Boy enjoying a sunny day with the front door open.  


More later .... 



  1. Yeah, this is the time of year when you have to be careful about putting/leaving plants outside. It seems so nice today; then tomorrow it freezes! I'm with you on not voting for people from the entertainment industry for political office.

  2. Good luck with the insulin assistance! And how blissfully happy Buddy looks in his puddle of sunshine!

  3. Barbara, I hope the doctor does help with the insulin assistance.

    It must have been miserable for you and Buddy during the deep freeze not being able to get outside. He looks content enough now for sure. I am glad all is well.

  4. I keep telling myself that boring is a good thing because we are still healthy. Sure hope you get the help with your insulin. And since I don't garden or have any plants, no great words of advice to impart. But I love that art thingie.

  5. I absolutely love sweet potato vines, especially the red ones.

    Matthew is more than an entertainer and I would not be afraid to vote for him. He's got a head on his shoulders, a heart in his chest, a hard worker and is a smart guy.

    Cute little washing machine!

  6. Well those big words are difficult for trump supporters, they aren't exactly Mensa materical.
    I love the photo of Buddy. I'd do that too if I could!
    Barbara that washer/dryer combo is a godsend to me. I'd take that over lugging my laundry up and down steps! Good for you.

  7. Paul the Apostle was well versed in intellectual acrobatics - pharisees had to be; they had to know AND be able to memorize alot of stuff in order to make that grade - along the lines of having earned a doctorate in a for real curriculum). When Paul fell off his ride, on that road to Damascus, he (at the very least - in light of eternity being very real) came to the realization that dropping (the latest) $3k words was more fluff than anything else. When he spoke to people, he made sure to use words that everyday people could grasp. Uhm, it's called respect for other people - even hillbillies (yeah, how 'bout that).