Sunday, August 15, 2021

Just call me the Internet Mechanic


I watched this really great YouTube video on my car fan problem. No, I don't know how to fix it but if I had $50,000 worth of tools that he had, I think I could have followed the video and tried.  

At least I understand what the problem is now and it is no longer as intimidating.  I feel much better.  There is still the problem of how much this bad boy will cost me but that is another demon to face. 

I researched auto electrical shops and found one I want to try. I'll drive over there and talk to them soon. 

In other news, the Grand Girls started school last Wednesday.  Third and Sixth grade. I called my Son to have them come over for one last fling but I missed the cutoff date.  I told him to sign me up for the first school holiday.  

I ordered a new book on watercolor. While I may do a lot of crafts, drawing, painting and watercolor don't come easy for me.  I watch the Little Artist Grand Girl draw and it is amazing to me who has to copy someone else and that might not even be good.  Talent is talent. It is a gift that I didn't get but it is ok, I'm a heck of a dog walker. Hahaha.

More later ...


  1. Good luck with the mechanic. At least you know what the problem is, so no need to be jacked around with the mechanic trying this that the other.

  2. Good luck with the fan. It’s good to understand the problem.

  3. always good to understand the problem with autos before finding someone to fix it.

    I have up on water colors. I like mediums you can redo over and over as many times as it takes to get what you want. Watercolor papers are not forgiving enough. Hope you have better luck.

  4. Isn't it amazing what we can learn on the Internet. I'm sure there is a video out there that would guide me through an appendectomy. Well maybe not. Still it is good you know the problem and you won't let a mechanic try to convince you to replace the engine.

  5. You are a sleuth. I hope the mechanic goes easy on you, at least you know what you NEED to have done going in.

    I hope the girls had a great school year.

    I took some watercolor classes many, many years ago at the local community center. I LOVED it so much, but I really need to follow along with someone to do it well.

  6. I love searching YouTube for helpful videos. My husband is a great mechanic, actually went to school for it, has saved us tons over the years. Our son never was all that interested in helping/learning while he was growing up, but he has fixed his car many, many times by following YouTube help. ... I let school start sneak up on me too. :(