Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Updates on this and that

Dexcom G6 update. Last week my sensor, the part that goes in my body, came loose during the night.  The adhesive on one side didn't hold and it was just hanging there when I woke up.  Luckily, I had one more sensor so I just put it on and called Dexcom and the distributor Dexcom assigned me to.  

It was kind of funny because I wasn't quite with it, as is the case many mornings.  When I called I had to explain what happened and was transferred several times.  Long story short, I got free replacements from Dexcom with a package of overlays, which are adhesive circles you put over your sensor to give it extra staying power.  It was really my fault.  I forget I have it and then when I pull my pants down (TMI) my long nails often hit it.  Live and learn.  

I talked to my sister Sunday night.  She was telling me about moving her youngest son into an apartment for college. Her youngest son and my first grandchild were six months apart.  Hahaha.  I started young, she started late. 

Anyway bittersweet story.  Then the next day I get a text from her and her husband's son and wife are expecting the first grandbaby.  Her good vibes rubbed off on me. I was so happy for the next few days.  Then I told my daughter and she felt the same way.  Family can bring so much happiness.  

I haven't done anything about my car yet.  We have been having lots of rain lately, not sure if a blow-through from tropical storms or just rain.  It did remind me that it is time to start Hurricane preparedness.  September is when I like to start stocking up on bottled water, toilet paper, and puppy pads.  Just one extra purchase each time I go to the store should do it.  

If you'll remember, I thought I killed my little washing machine when I overfilled it.  I'm glad to report it is working again.  I had a big washday scheduled with all the sheeting, towels, and blankets which I lugged to the laundry room.  That was all it took to remind me how glad I am to get my little washing machine going again. 

I've been working on some craft projects for my daughter's Halloween mantle. I went to Joann's for the glitter card stock I needed.  So.much.fun.  I wanted to buy so many decorations but I don't really decorate anymore except for changing the pillows on my couch. I really have too many pillows now, not counting the holiday-themed cushion covers.  That's about the extent of my holiday decorating aside from a few knick-knacks to entertain the Grand Girls.  

More later. 


  1. Free replacements is a good thing. I dont think it matters if you are functioning in the morning or not. You would still have to be transferred and explain your situation over and over and over. Nice to be able to do laundry at home.

  2. Glad the washing machine is okay. Such a convenience to have your own.

    I see ads for those diabetes sensors. They look convenient. It’s good to hear the replacements were free.

  3. Do you have to wear this where you have it so you don't get your nails caught in it? Could you put it on your arm? I know nothing about these so I'm sorry if that is a dumb question.
    I love that you stock up prior to hurricane season.So smart.
    And Barbara there is nothing better than having a washer and dryer in your unit working again!!

  4. Having to haul large batches of laundry to the laundry room is horrible! I feel for you. I once had a very bad experience in a Houston apartment laundry room. I love holiday decorating, but tired of all the 'stuff' to keep track of. At one time I planned to go to just (or at least mainly) holiday throw pillows. I was going to make going to have just a few pillows, but make reversible covers for them. I still think that's a good idea...I should get on that! :)

  5. I hated going to a laundry room the year we lived in an apartment. your little washer is just the ticket.

  6. Not sure where you live but we keep a full kit of hurricane supplies at the ready starting in August, too. And then hope we will not need them this time! We have had a really rainy summer and sooooo much humidity here in coastal South Carolina. Your crafts sound fun. I had to give up my craft room for a guest room this month and I’m loathe to drag stuff out and make a big mess again. I hope the urge will be irresistible at some point as I have things to finish!

  7. So glad you fixed your washer! I bet you felt a great sense of accomplishment afterward!

    Also glad that Dexcom took care of you!