Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Sad Part about Entering Contests

This post is going to sound sad and a little pathetic.  I've confessed before that I have this optimistic streak, which I guess is really a blessing, but it also means I fall harder when I don't find success.  

After watching the YouTube about repairing my radiator/AC fan I felt much more confident about handling the matter.  When you own a 2006 Honda Civic with only 85,000 original miles, you have to balance the age of the car verses the limited mileage. 

I have two financial problems at the moment - my teeth and my car. Either will probably cost more than I have left out of my SS check. Normally, I count myself very lucky to be able to live a comfortable life on SS.  But when you add on biggies like teeth and cars, it stretches the budget further than it will go.  

I have vacillated between which is more important and which I will be able to see to financial completion.   I just made the phone call to my long-time auto garage where I should have taken it in the first place.  'Yes, bring it in,' and I made an appointment for tomorrow.  

Then I flipped tabs to read my email and learned I did not win two of the big contests I had hoped for.  The one I really, really wanted was a big truck and a camping trailer. I really felt a pain in my heart.  I had wanted that so much.  Silly, I know.  I one in a zillion chance.  Then I read that I did not win the HGTV house giveaway.  

You are probably thinking that you know you wouldn't win so you wouldn't have even entered.   My sister always tells me that and I say but you've got to try.  'No, said she. I have no luck.' I do the same with my daughter.  'She says send me a link' but I know she never enters. My mother used to find my wins so amazing like I had written a best seller. 

Right this minute I am feeling really sad.  Feeling the loss.  This morning I was feeling great about the day.  Did it make the loss feel worse? I don't know.  I know that in an hour, or a day or a couple of days, it will be just another couple of contests I didn't win but today it feels sad. 

I don't have anyone that feels the way I do about contests. I am going to start a "Meet-Up" type of group when this covid finally gives us a break. I've found two places that have meeting rooms.  So, until then I'll just share the ups and downs of contesting with you if it doesn't bore you to death.  

More later ...    


  1. I buy a lottery ticket every week and day dream about what I could do with the money. But it never happens. I too have teeth that are falling apart but I have a truck payment so my mouth is out of luck. It just never ends and gets so discouraging some days. But we keep plugging along and try to enjoy what comes along.

  2. Too bad there aren't any contests to win dental work or auto repairs! Those would be enticing right about now, wouldn't they? So long as it's not costing you money to enter those contests, what's the harm? Like the old saying goes, "you can't win without a ticket." And SOMEBODY has to win! Just keep the long, long odds in mind as well! Wishing you good luck!

  3. Entering contests is a chance to win but you can't really loss something you never had to begin with. Sorry you're feeling sad. We have so much going on in the world it's hard sometimes to keep our moods up at times.

  4. Hope springs eternal. I don't enter contests but, like Jim and Sandie, I buy a lottery ticket. Like the saying goes, you can't win if you don't try. That includes trying for a truck, trailer, house. You just never know when it will be your turn.

  5. Dear Simple and Friends, entered a monthly word search contest in the local paper, shortly after my husband passed. In hopes to win a $25 food coupon - things were rather tight. After two years, and $25 in postage, gave it up. Hadn't won, even once. Thing$ are better, no longer am "food insecure" - talk about a white-washed word.

  6. I imagine not winning the contests, especially when you have to choose between the car repairs or your teeth, is devastating. I hope you feel better about it all soon, Barbara. Having the car fixed will help maybe?

  7. You have done quite well in the past winning contests so keep on going. As long as it costs no more than a stamp or a few minutes of your tine--go for it. Someone has to win.
    Hope the car repair goes well and painlessly.

  8. Too bad I can't send the hubs over to Houston to help you out. He's so good with cars. Then the two of you could commiserate over dental woes. He is trying to get his taken care of before he retires...not that the insurance seems to have been of much help on his troubles.

    Sending wishes for a good winning streak for ya!

  9. ps: Have you tried the UTHealth School of Dentistry?