Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Few Gusts and a Little Rain

Yesterday the wind was blowing so hard when I walked Buddy in the afternoon that I gave in and moved half of my plants indoors and placed the others in a block on the porch that I hope will not move if the winds are storm force.  

That was the worst of it for my area, I think.  They closed schools and office buildings for today.  There is nothing worse than to have some type of terrible storm and your children are in school and you are at work and worried about getting to them.  

What happens though when everything seems to be prepped for the storm and it doesn't come this way, then next time the powers to be will hesitate before shutting everything down and that is when it will happen.  It's the old "Cry Wolf" theory except we've seen it go so wrong before. 

I'll wait until tomorrow to bring my plants back out.  Some of the pots are pretty heavy and I don't want to do it twice.  

On other fronts, I did get confirmation of my Visa win, so good to know it wasn't a trick.  Tomorrow I'll go look at the apartment complex I'm thinking will be my next home.  We'll see.  Looks good on paper. 

I haven't fixed my car yet.  It has stopped struggling to start.  My car is making me feel like I'm in the Eye of the Hurricane and all is quiet before hell breaks loose.  

I have been entering contests like crazy the last couple of days.  It really takes a lot of time because you have to read the contest description to see if it is something you want or are qualified to enter.  

I've seen a lot more contests where you have to use a receipt to enter or you can snail-mail your info in.  When I first started entering contests they were all mail-in.  You put your name, etc on a 3x5 card and mailed it to their address listed.  It was a time-consuming process. Much faster to type it in on the computer.  

More later ... 


  1. I thought of you when I heard of the hurricane. Glad it didn’t amount to much!

  2. Good luck with the apartment complex -- I hope it's as good "in real life" as it is on paper!

  3. I'm glad to hear it wasn't horrendous at your place. I was worried about that. Hope you like the apartment so that would be another thing off your list.

  4. I hope the apartment situation resolves quickly and well. Stay safe.

  5. Happy to hear it was all okay, hurricane wise, that is. Contests? Hmm...

  6. I'm glad it wasn't a bad storm. It's always hard for the gulf states to figure out who'll be hit. Congrats on the Visa gc win! Glad it's legit. I wonder if stores still hire secret shoppers or restaurants still hire secret diners these days? That would be a fun job for free stuff if they still do that. Not sure where you'd look for such a thing. Take care, Barbara!

  7. I’m glad the storm missed you, mostly anyway, but I was hoping to hear … you won a car! A $500 Visa card is pretty great though. I do hope you find an apartment you really like and that the move isn’t too hard. I sure would hate to think of moving and I’m hoping I never have to do it again!